SMALL - Telemetry SMALL - Radio
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Some Drifter shots from various cams and pov's.

This plane has quickly become one of my favorites. Small safe form factor make urban flying alot of fun. And with my latest mods she will hand launch with ease. Great plane.

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$365 not 100 percent sure if i want to sell. if u meet the price most likely will sell.

this is what my t4 has.
motor&esc: novak 17.5, and novak gtb with fan and on off switch
servo: Hitec 625mg will throw in a extra 625mg in for free
battery: venom 6 cell nimh 3300mah
tires: proline whole shot x2, proline kingpins x2, proline roadhawgs x4, proline the edge x4
radio: redcat radio. originaly from rs10xt and matching receiver.
aluminum shock bodies
titanium links
rpm bumper
aluminum servo horn
new aluminum esc fan (needs to be installed)

150+ screws
50+ nuts
1 assembled extra transmission
1 assembled diff
around 10 pinion gears for motor not transmission
NIB 81 t kimbrough spur gear
NIB rebuild kit for 4 shocks
servo savers
1 ride height gauge
5 a arms
3 bodies

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Since getting my Saito twin cylinder engines I have been flying them on the Value Hobby Easy Stik. That was always intended to be my test bed verification airplane for these engines. However one might always stay on the Stik as it is a sweet combination. My intention all along was to build an airplane for one of these engines. I had to access the power, reliability, and flight times for these engines and that was the role of the Easy Stik. Once I felt comfortable with the engines I set out to find a suitable airframe. I did not want to do the typical Cub that you would find one of these engines in.

After some research I decided on the Fred Reese Cloud Dancer 60. I already had the plans for it. I bought them back in the late nineties and reduced them for my first scratch build; a 40 size Cloud Dancer. That was one of the best flying airplanes I have ever owned. A fellow modeler and RCG member, Balsaworkbench, provided me with some very nice laser cut parts and all I had to do was buy the remainder of the wood.

I started this build on Saturday August 1st, yesterday. I began with the tail feathers. They are a simple frame structure and took no time at all to complete. I moved on to the fuselage after that and got 90% of it completed yesterday as well.

Today I began on the wing and as of now have about 90% of the wing panels completed also.

This is a very standard and easy model to build and there are no special instructions, techniques, or materials...Continue Reading
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Just received a new charger for the Phantom 3 series. This charger provides 17.5v @ 4a per lead. It also allows you to charge the Transmitter at the same time. I was surprised by the units size. It's about 2 1/2 of the Pro Chargers. So it's not going to be this big brick to pack along on your trips.

When you first plug it in you will notice that it does not have a power LED. At first I thought I might have received a bad unit since it makes absolutely no noise until you start putting a load on the device.

It has a variable speed fan that keeps the charger cool. This fan isn't the quietest fan when at full speed but does an excellent job at keeping the device cool under full load. This is the important part, heat kills electronics.

It's a little slower than the pro's charger. It charges at about the same rate as the advanced. But remember you are charging 3 batteries at a time. I would like to see them maybe do a 6amp output per lead. This would bring charge times down to about an hour for all 3 packs versus the current 80mins.

Overall for $75 it's a solid buy and would recommend it to ANYONE that wants to charge more than one pack at a time.

Input: 110-240V
Output: 17.5V 12A; 17.5V 4A Per Lead.
Charging time: around 80 minutes for charging 3 batteries at the same time.
Charging 1 battery takes 80 minutes as well.
Plug type: USA plug, other countries will be USA plug+travel adapter.
Note: Please keep dry when charging.

Size: 17.5*12*4.7cm(L*W*H)
Package weight: 920g

Available @
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Lot's of multi's
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My setup:

Tricopter v3 with Naze32 3S setup
D2830-11 1000kv Brushless Motors
HQ Prop 9x5 E Carbon Composite Props
ZIPPY Compact 4000mAh 3S 25C Lipo
TGY-210DMH Metal gear Coreless Digital Servo
RC Man Child 30Amp SimonK ESCs

Flew like a dream after the Yaw was trimmed. GoPro footage from the second flight (didn't turn it on with the 1st flight) was smooth with no jello. Will post the video once I get it uploaded.
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Solar RC cars at Technolac in Bourget-Le-Lac (France)
Same solar car as in 2014 except some minor modifications
Now the solar panel is dismounted easily with 5 screws
The residual car body can run alone with the(a) battery

This year we ran on 100% solar (no propulsion battery)
but to avoid to stay stopped under a tree shade, I installed a Scorpion guard (Rx 5V under a small lithium battery)

The first day (saturday), rapidly we were the race leader , but we observed from time to time an erratic radio-link 2.4GHz failure for 1 - 2 seconds. One radio-down period was very hard as the car collided a tree at around 30 km/h.
The solar module was strongly destroyed at the front.
Then our speed was reduced by two (only 15 km/h) and we went down in ranking at the end of 2 hours.
Saturday night I repaired the solar module, changing 4 solar cells.

Sunday morning again 2 hours of racing.
Full speed again, we were going up in the ranking, unfortunately after around one hour, our car was destroyed when an adverse assistant walked on our car during a traffic jam-stop between 3 cars. He said "sorry I didn't see you, my apolodgies""
We were obliged to abandon.
Finally we are finishing at rank 9 on 22 qualified cars (on 37 registered)
Pilot was Olivier (excellent amateur driver)
Pictures : first day before and after the "tree collision"
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Flew the Moswey 4 and Hall Cherokee at the Columbia Aerotow this last weekend. The temp was hot at 105F on Friday with clear skies but not quite as hot Saturday due to a smokey overcast that came in around 9:00am due to a fire up north. This keep the flying height to around 1400ft.
Columbia Aerotow 2015 (6 min 15 sec)

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This morning I had a great time flying both my micro Cubs, the UMX Carbon Cub SS "Fireball" as well as my custom Hobbyzone Sport Cub S "Icarus" with the 2S Brushless Conversion. Calm 3-4 mph winds provided a great comparison between the two as I was able to put them through the same aerial maneuvers with no interference. Below I've describe my feelings of flying them both back to back:

Eflite UMX Carbon Cub SS "Fireball"
Transmitter: Spektrum DX6
Battery: Hyperion 2S 240mAh 25C
Prop: Eflite Yak/Pitts Prop 5.75x2.5
Timer: 6 Minutes

Flying this plane, I noticed her rigid mechanical tendencies through turns and maneuvers. She flies very scale with the Yak/Pitts Prop combination as the Prop does tend to slow her down significantly. She definitely does feel more comfortable in the slower flight speeds with this Prop, though every now and then, I had to adjust her to pitch up slightly as she seemed to want to fly straight into anything you point her into especially "terra firma". Her straight wing with strut reinforcements make her very rigid with no flex in the wings during flight. With that being said, you do have to focus more on her as she tends to fly more stable at faster speeds and will tend to tip a wing in a different direction at times with the suggestion of any gust. Rolls, Loops, Hammerheads, Immelmans, and Knife Edges were precise and snappy, and she seemed very comfortable in Inverted.. Not one of my strongest...Continue Reading
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... Not much. I've been taking it apart and learning a lot about debugging individual parts.

I've established that the ESC's are all fine, although one motor starts up with a little bit of stutter, and this one just gives an awkward resistance. Took a short video to illustrate it powering up. Anyone with suggestions here?

Motor stutter check (0 min 47 sec)

This stuttering was seen on two ESCs, and I resoldered it twice on both incase my soldering was somehow bad.

I have emailed Oversky asking for a refund or preferably sending replacements, and their service so far has been to ignore me after a brief first contact.... So I'm not positive about ordering replacement motors at my cost from them.

Some quick tips:

Those using Cleanflight, you can now flash ESC settings and the like using your FC - that's a convenience!
If you have multiple ESC's on a Power distribution board, you can use the one ground, and a seperate signal cable fine for ESC programming.

Some people have used an XT60 -> aligator clips to power the ESC when needed. Clever idea, wish I thought of that earlier (although the power may be too great from a 3S Battery).
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I have been looking for a bench PSU for my chargers for a while and my modified 300W PSU with a lightbulb on the 5v rail to keep the 12v side in check has really been playing up so Last week i purchased the HobbyKing 540W 30A PSU

Spec is 13.8 to 18V at 30A so its pretty beefy and should give me enough power to charge everything iv got, it has duel post outputs and an pot on one side to just voltage.

On the other is Main in and power switch

...Continue Reading
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hey guys, what is your favourite drone?
my favourite drone is skyquad X-450, waterproof, light, GPS.
attached are pics of it.

MVI 2235 (0 min 46 sec)

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Estes Proto-X SLT - Yard Day Flight [Fuji HS25EXR] (2 min 42 sec)

Testing out flying the Estes Proto-X SLT at night to see if it is easier to see what I'm doing.

Video Source: Fuji FinePix HS25exr
Audio Source: Fuji FinePix HS25exr
Music Source: piezoelectric - antitune [harmonium - 2013]
Video Editing: Serif MoviePlus X6
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Or more accurately, drive and dump?

Frustration abounding with the ECX Beatbox 1/35 truck I purchased last Christmas for my grandson.

Back when I bought the truck, the hobby shop told me that no parts were available.

This being Horizon Hobby, I thought that rather unusual and hoped some parts would be in the pipeline before long. Right?


The onboard li-po will no longer take a charge; the truck has been sitting idle for a few months. Online searches turned up nothing and neither did a call to Horizon.

For the very first time, Horizon Hobby's peerless customer service turned up absolutely zilch on a current product.

So, the truck is about to go under the screwdriver, as it were. I'll find a li-po somewhere.

If anyone has a suggestion, I'm certainly up for one.
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Been reading up on the different PID controllers. Wow. Lots of info. My next move is to switch over to PID controller 5. Aka Harakiri. Made a few slight adjustments and I'm gonna take it out for a test flight tomorrow, weather permitting.
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Ok, so I found some examples of PID settings on a discussion board and plugged them in to CleanFlight. Just looking for a place to start. Unfortunately, things didn't work out so well! She took off, and despite flying in horizon mode, it didn't self-level! Needless to say, it crashed. Hit the ground pretty hard but thankfully I only broke some props.
I went back to the drawing board and reset the PID values. Took it out today, and it just seems hard to fly. It tends to drift off, despite trimming. It gains elevation almost uncontrollably. I practically have to cut the throttle completely to bring it back. I'm sure the answer to fixing this is in the PID settings. Does anyone out there have any advice on where I might start? I want it to be a bit more responsive, and to not friggin take off like it does! Lol. When I push up on the right stick, it almost nose dives. Is that normal? I should point out that I am a pretty new pilot. I mean, I bought a Dromida quad a couple months ago to practice so I've logged some time on that. So I have a familiarity with flight mechanics. But this thing is a loose cannon!
Any info or advice would help me a great deal!! Happy flying!
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Just purchased a 17" Atomik Barbwire for my son. The 1st charge all 3 lights turned green. After running battery down stuck back on charger and light 1 and 3 stayed red and Light to never came on. Anyone seen this?
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We had another glider tow last weekend and along with my T31, I took the 2m glass ship out for a few more flights before packing away .
First flight good .Second flight got off the high start round 400ft and did a right turn then a left turn and that is how it stayed untill contact with the ground.Didnt matter what I did there was no responce.What a horrible feeling.
A nice neat spiral all the way down.Dam there goes my plane for the slope fest in September.[46 days time]..Anway we walked over to what was to be the wreckage and surprising very little damage.
Tail feathers off and connectors bent.Wings all good ,but the connector was bent at round 40 degs,battery way out in the paddock and the radio all out and on the ground.Fuse damaged around the wing mounts and down one side.
Spent the next week repairing the fuse and on thursday night after work repainted it[41 days to go]
Friday and Saturday nights assembled all back together with new radio gear.Now all ready for the trip.
Turned out the RX packed a very big sad..Has been a very good radio ,but now in the bin.
Glider will now be packed away and the next fights will be from MT Borah at the Manila slope fest in Australia in September .[39 days time]
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A plane with FPV gear, a chair and a sunny morning with zero breeze.
What more could a man want?
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A cool and unique view from another quad of my Armattan FPV REV 2!

This video was taken by a friend and one of the guys that I fly with named Akaki! Obviously, an amazing pilot!! Thanks man!!

Armattan FPV ver 2 (2 min 22 sec)

If you want to see other amazing videos by him please view his YouTube site at

Akaki Kuumeri on YouTube