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holtneil's blog
Posted by holtneil | Dec 05, 2014 @ 03:17 PM | 2,118 Views
Hi guys well after a crash which snapped an arm i have rebuilt the quad so its now a talon v2 700mm quad ,with AGM 650 kv motors running 14x5.5 props flight weight with battery is 42grms approx here are some pic i put my wrist watch in so you can get an idea of the size

UpDate well Mrs santa has my AH-1 Cobra coming for the trex 500 pro so that the next build photos to come soon
Posted by holtneil | Sep 03, 2014 @ 10:36 AM | 2,347 Views
Hi Guys , well let me say from the off i dont want to be hung,drawn and quartered, with my remains thrown the a pack of hungry dogs lol This is NOT a scale build ,i just wanted to look at a heli not pod and boom
The KDS Jet Ranger is not a really expensive kit so i didnt expect a lot from it , my big problem is i dont have a KDS heli to fit in it ,so i had to do a lot of trial and error fitting and testing .
Problem 1, was the tail servo on the black angel i am using is massive and you cant get heli in body with servo on , so i had to mount servo direct to heli , i used the gyro mounting plate to fit servo too.
Problem 2 , now the servo rod is too short , so had to make rod longer i used a small wire clamp stripped down and joined two rods .
Problem 3,now with heli in body the servo rod hits where the body becomes tail ,so i shaped the rod to miss body shell, and use a loose zip tie to hold rod up .
Ok so now every thing works and servo is not hitting the side , but i have lost servo travel one side , so take it all out again and use PC to adjust end points and travel on gyro.
Ok before i refit put in scale lights , now wire up and refit heli , i had to use larger screws due to the the ones the kit came with will not go through skids and into wooden frame .
Next problem skids are not true so i had to fit a spacer under one corner to get heli to sit on all fours .
the next job is to fit tail fin , its says drill 4 small holes in tail to screw the tail fin on ,
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Posted by holtneil | Sep 02, 2014 @ 05:37 PM | 1,839 Views
Hi guys well as the airwolf is on hold ,i managed to get my hands on a KDS Jet ranger , so the fun starts due to me not having a KDS heli i having to mod things to get the black angel in , so watch this space for a build log , oh well back to trying to get tail servo in body as it does not want to fit...... , WHATS NEW lol
Posted by holtneil | Aug 22, 2014 @ 08:05 AM | 1,484 Views
Hi guys , well 500 pro is great i had to re-flash 3GX from v5 back to 3.2 , due to tail wag or tail kick , but 3.2 flys well, now looking into a cobra AH-1 body heliartist one comes with aircrew the align one is just body , do i want to spend 100 more for aircrew with the heliartist , if i can get it over here then yes its look so much more scale
The airwolf has been set back due to the black angel not fitting in , so if your getting one your need a pro air frame the angel is to tall and the tail servo stops the heli from fitting in the body , not happy as it says in the copterx site it fits , just glad i didnt buy second angel to fit in this body , so its on hold for now , want to get trex dressed up first as it flys so nice
keep well happy flying
Here are some photos of the trex and i tried to keep install clean i hate wires every where
well the heliartist AH-1 will not fit the new 500 pro , so i will have to go with the align cobra , there is a add on fitting kit due to the new 500 pro having the wrong type of bottom plate ,battery plate and some other parts just glad they do a...Continue Reading
Posted by holtneil | Jun 28, 2014 @ 05:33 PM | 2,062 Views
Hi all well its done now and ready for its maiden flight , i have never enjoyed a build as much as this one , i done the clones and this was so different , all screws fitted first time , instruction book as very easy to follow , i only had one problem a small bearing was missing , so got from my local align shop , i can now see why guys go on about how good they are ?i wish i got one a lot sooner , and a big thanks to jetplaneflyer and abenn for the help with 3gx and adivce , just now have to not crash it
Posted by holtneil | May 20, 2014 @ 03:20 PM | 2,322 Views
Hi all well its the 3x1000 gyro that has gone for all the months i had strange crashes,
SO over the months i have had times when on start up the gyro would start then stop and start again , then i have the times when flying the heli would go out of control it was like some one else was flying it till it crashed
the tail would never hold it would drift a little but towards the end the tail would swing out of control and then heli would spin to a crash
Now on testing the tail servo will only work plugged into the receiver, i tested servo and it works ok so some thing in gyro has failed
I have the xyzs gyro coming and hope this works trouble free only time will tell
Posted by holtneil | Apr 10, 2014 @ 05:39 PM | 2,531 Views
Well been having fun with the gyro , i damaged the flame blades hitting a tree , drugs doctor has me on was giving me problems , so i put on carbon blades and the fun started heli was all over the place, loss of lift and hit the dirt, the weight of the blades are flame blades 28g each carbon blades 18g each , so i headed down the blade problem route , but thanks to Viktor (flying pitcher) and spykez and a long chat with both it was gyro gains , the heli was on analog servos when first built it and had to reduce gains from 40% to 20% after reading on this forum, 40% is default for digital servos as these were analog i had bouncing when in a hover ,
Now i fitted the emax digital servos when i told the gyro all servos were digital it put gains back to 40% at the same time i fitted the flame blades the extra weight softened the gains, but once the light weight blades went on the heli had its gains to high and problem started ,so now heli gyro gains are at 25% it flys ok with light weight blades but in forward flight it bounces, so i lowered the gains but it got worse to keep in a hover .
So gain are back to 25% and the flame blades are back on and she flys really nice now she holds at steady forward flight no bounce , so i will have to get some more for the airwolf .
Thanks again to spykez he gave me a link for the advance setting up of the gyro , OMG i wish i knew what they are talking about it went over my head , so will have to read a few more times then i may start to understand it some more .
Things are on hold at moment with work messing about so new job may have to come first , i ordered new tail booms and digital pitch gauge from eHIROBO as the one i down loaded for my iphone dont give a real reading , cant wait to get my DX9
Posted by holtneil | Mar 04, 2014 @ 05:29 PM | 2,564 Views
wow another fast delivery from eHIROBO uk warehouse ,emax digital servos 3 for the build , 3 for the black angel , 2 spare
new blades are carbon fibre flame same as i have on the black angel
and i got the tail blade grip removal tool just in case i need it
Posted by holtneil | Mar 01, 2014 @ 04:46 PM | 2,294 Views
HI all airwolf is coming together slowly , just fitted nav lights and retracts servo , have some more parts coming this week but i am in no rush