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Posted by Manudepron | Jan 19, 2015 @ 12:53 AM | 2,651 Views
Flite Test presents a very nice small plane: FT Mini Speedster. Available as a kit or as a plan. The kit seems me extroardinary and very inventive.
I used the free download plan in order to build mine lighter mainly from 3mm depron and cardboard.

This small RET plane is currently one of my favourites. I am sure the original kit is stronger than my version but I am always searching for very light planes even if weaker.
I fly this indoor: a real pleasure. She is very neutral and distinctive from other RET planes I tested. Speed range is wide and she remains very precise from low to high speed.
Design is brilliant and all my friends found this plane very nice.

Wing span: 52 cm
Length: 45 cm
Wing area: 7.5 dm
Weight: 98 grs with a 2 s 300 mah batt
Wing loading: 13 grs/dm
Posted by Manudepron | Dec 13, 2014 @ 05:50 AM | 3,954 Views
Being completely noob on this subject, I elected to start by buying a ready to use full set, avoiding searches and tweaks.

It's a blast: you unbox with care as f.e. camera micro antenna is fragile, you put the glasses on, connect the camera with a micro battery and it works!
Beware: According to the manual, always install antenna's before powering on or you could fry some electronics.

Installing them on my trusty Magnum Reloaded indoor plane took some minutes. My installation permits to adjust position and orientation on the fuse by just moving the 4 pins.

First Indoor flights and first FPV experience:
- I tried first a full battery taxying... It's safe and a good way to observe the "room"
- First fly: I was standing and after 2 minutes was as drunk!
- Second flight: I sat on a bank and it was a lot better
- Camera drains a lot of current and I made last flights with a Walkera 260 mah battery and an adaptative harness because camera stops in a second when battery is low.. Not fun at all.
- Googles strap is made to hold the battery but it's not strngh enough: I added a velcro around and it solved the problem
- I reduced the travels on all commands in order to soften the reactions of the plane and it was very funny!...Continue Reading
Posted by Manudepron | Oct 26, 2014 @ 06:51 AM | 2,913 Views
I built this plane according to a plan found here...
Andy Whitehead's design

Bigmig indoor depron Profile jet (1 min 5 sec)

- Wing span: 58 cm
- Mean chord: 16.4 cm
- Wing area: 9.5 dm
- 102 grs with batt
- 10.7 grs/dm wing loading
- 4 x 4.4 grs servo's
- 3 grs reveiver
- 6 a esc
- Turnigy 2 s 300 mah batt,
- Turnigy 1230, 12mm diameter Inrunner 4500 KV & GWS 3x2 prop

First flights with a 3 x 3 GWS: nice to watch, "realistic" but missed some power, needed to be piloted as an edf outdoor: keep speed,
Motor was very warm!
After discussion on RC Groups forums, I got advice to test on the bench with a 3 x 2 and low timing ESC: result is a 88 grs trust & 3.7A consumption!
Second flight session was a blast: nothing to compare! Power, nice to watch, not necessary to use 100% power and as a result a more pleasant sound as full power indoor "screams".
Posted by Manudepron | Jun 10, 2014 @ 02:39 PM | 3,788 Views
It's one of the most famous antique planes meeting in Europe I attended the 7th June, 50 km south of Paris.
Around 150 antic planes displayed and flying... I share with you just some pictures to motivate you to attend such an event!
Hearing in true life the sound of the 2480 hp of a Sea Fury, seing 2 Junkers 52 flying side by side, a B 25 taking off in front of you or a Rafale making an inverted low pass at 800 km/h is not to compare with watching the same on Youtube... Reading
Posted by Manudepron | May 05, 2014 @ 12:38 AM | 5,079 Views
I bought this EPP kit from Staufenbiel in Germany. 40.
The kit contains EPP pieces and some hardware.
You need to buy motor, esc, servo's, receiver and battery.
This is my first vector jet.
Pieces are well cut and fits nicely.
Building as usual from EPP and inserted carbon strips and rods glued with Cyano.
I used big square hardwood blocs as templates and weight to ensure flatness and squareness.

Motor: Turnigy D2822/14 Brushless Outrunner 1450kv weighting around 38grs
Esc: 25A turnigy
Servo's:HXT 900 9 grs servos
Battery: 3s 800 mah.
Ready to fly: 379 grs all inclusive.
Balance: 47 cm back from the nose tip
Ailerons and elevator throws : 20 up and down.

Seems me possible to save 5 grs on receiver, 10 grs on esc and wiring.. not more.
6 grs servo's seems me too weak (gears mainly)
I maidened with a 8 x 4.3 but current prop is a 7 x 4.
Consumption on the 8 x 4.3 was too high at 17 A. The 7 x 4 drops consumption at 12 A thus perfect for this motor and reduces torque effects.

First flight revealed impossible to turn to the right! I adjusted side trust to the right and inserted a small 6 grs weight in the right wing tip!
My mistake was a motor mount slightly glued with a left side trust, maybe one degree but in addition with the torque was a big hint!
Flies now great, I did already 10 packs with great pleasure! I even manage cobra's !
It's already very reactive as this and I will increase...Continue Reading
Posted by Manudepron | Apr 07, 2014 @ 12:58 AM | 4,988 Views
Hydravion Magnum on floats (1 min 8 sec)

Magnum reloaded on floats.
280 grs ready to take off with 24 grs HK outrunner, 2 s 450 mah, 8x 4.3 GWS prop, 2 pces HXT 6 grs servos. Floats consume a lot of power in flight because of their weight and drag while taxying thus flight time is limited but a real pleasure as I can nearly stop the plane in the air...
I am unable to count the pleasure I got from Martin Muller design planes. My first one was a "Magnum Double" with a brushed motor some 10 years ago.... Fuse was an insulation pipe tube.
Posted by Manudepron | Feb 07, 2014 @ 12:50 AM | 5,219 Views
I build according to a plan this version some 3 or 4 years ago. Plan from all4's found here on Rcgroups. I test flew it in a bare minimalist version. From transformations to improvements, the current one (always the first and alone one I build transformed and painted) is a well maneered plane, predictable, reactive, very sane... One of my prefered indoor plane.
Turnigy 1818 outruner, 3.7 grs servo's, 6 A esc, 3 grs indoor receiver, 2S 300 mah bat. Ready to fly weight is 88 grs. Lighthess of my indoor planes is an obsession I am proud as it's one of the success keys.
Posted by Manudepron | Jan 25, 2014 @ 07:13 AM | 4,956 Views
I build the Scooter from a plan found here:
This German mag place each month online a free to download pdf plan.
Designer is Lutz Nkel

I was seduced by its uncommon shapes !
To be honnest, fuse building is not that easy!
HK10 grs outrunner, gws 7 x 3 prop, 6 grs servos, 6 A esc and a 2 S 300 mah lipo
Rtf at around 140 grs.

I modded the plans in order to make the wings removable for storage.
Therefore, I made as from the plans recesses for the wing profile but added a second layer of 3 mm depron and vertical 6 mm depron strips. This was made on the fuse innersides before assembling. I beveled the cuts for the wing resesses as dihedral on this plane is quite high.
The plan indicates a one piece 3 mm depron top but I prefered to make it in 2 pieces. First the aft portion, installing tails pieces, making the control linkages and second closing all the top.
Wings were cut in 3 mm depron, curved by hand on a plastic tube. I always cut my wings with the "smooth" depron side on the underside. Wings reinforcement are made by fiber tape strips on the underside. Wing struts are attached to the wings thanks to HK lightweight control horns.

Wings are inserted in cutouts and retained by bamboo wing struts and clips made from paper clips and some aluminium tubing. See pictures.

Flight vodeo
Scooter Tabora 2014 (0 min 38 sec)
...Continue Reading
Posted by Manudepron | Nov 23, 2013 @ 10:48 AM | 5,238 Views
Micro indoor 30 cm wing
I found on the net some years ago a basic plan for an A4 size flying wing. I kept it on my HD disk just in case...
I build one to celebrate the opening of our indoor season and I am pleased. Some adaptations but basic scheme is kept: sory for the original designer I don't find anymore.
No carbon strip to reinforce but under the wing 2 strips of fiber reinforced tape.
All 3 mm depron except fuse out of a 6 mm EPP scrap.
0.5 mm piano wire pushrods
1.7 grs servos, a micro receiver and a micro brushed ESC from HK.
Mustang motor on a 4 x 4 gws prop.
31.1 grs with a s 160 mah lipo
Flies nicely but more like a butterfly than a jet: lacking of vertical power but I will try to boost it. First test with a 3 x 3 prop, changed for a 4 x 4 gws slightly cut but will try to change again for a better prop...

A 4 Delta rc wing (0 min 42 sec)

Posted by Manudepron | Oct 13, 2013 @ 12:20 PM | 6,001 Views
After my son build one with a KFM 2 wing section (see below) I was jalous and build my own with a KFM 4.
Great opportunity to compare flight character.
More neutral inverted with KFm4, astonishing flight for such a "stupid" wing section! I understand only from now the comments I red around those KFM wings! Congrats all the creators behind Funbat and KFM!

Turnigy D2822/14 1450 kv
8/4 prop
3 s 800

355 grs ready to fly = vertical take off

Balancing: 6 cm from the leading edge (2.4 inches)
Posted by Manudepron | Sep 21, 2013 @ 06:01 AM | 6,516 Views
Build from a kit found here
The seller "Marek" is very easy to deal with and sympathic.
Kit arrived in no time in 2 separate box. I asked for a sanded and shaped version.
The pieces were perfect for someone who knows what shaping EPP is.

Building is mainly assembling and reinforcing with carbon strips engraved in the EPP. Up to you to carve the nose for battery.
Result is above my expectations. I took example on Marek in refining decoration and I don't regret it! In flight the wow effect is fabulous. At least in my eyes...
3s 1300 lipo, orange receiver, 4 HK 9 grams servos.
First flights with 19 gr Turnigy 2204 14 T were underpowered. Replaced by two HK 2205A 1350 Kv and 8x4 GWS and it's a lot better.
560 gr rtf with battery.
Flights are very good and predictable, just some more top speed could be appreciated! But the more I fly this plane, the more I thing the available power is realistic ans as the true one you have to "pilot" the throttle.

Tigercat EPP 2015 05 (0 min 50 sec)

Posted by Manudepron | Aug 13, 2013 @ 02:47 PM | 5,923 Views
Here my son build of a Funbat: well done, precise, straight! Pleased and proud to test fly it for him.

All out of 6 mm depron, 5 mm carbon tube spar
Weight 259 grs with a 3 s 800 lipo and a Turnigy 2205A 1350 KV, a 8x4 prop, 18 A Esc and 2 HXT 900 servos.
First flights revealed a very well maneered plane:
- Slow flight able due to the light weight
- Vertical take off able !
Not as fast as a racer but funny
I observe what i think is a "snaking tail attitude" at some speeds and I will try tails extensions.

I miss rudders but we will soon ad them.
Posted by Manudepron | Aug 03, 2013 @ 07:33 AM | 6,101 Views
Thanks to "Der Frickler", a very active German Modeller sharing a lot on his blog I build my first boat!
From now I live along a river and this boat is intended to recover my hydroparkflyers in case of problem ;-)

Design is "simple stupid" and re using a lot of laying around parts... speed 400, gunthers, not anymore at the top servo, a DX5 i use for training people to fly, a small lunch box :-)

Thank you to you "Der Frickler"
Posted by Manudepron | Nov 29, 2012 @ 12:18 PM | 6,933 Views
I came across this kit in my hobby shop. Annouced for 2.5gr servo's and a 2 S brushless motor, 50 gr rtf.
I decided to build it with all a 4-site equipment.
Flies well but it doesn't prop hang.
WS: 42.3 cm
Mean chord: 10.4 cm
Wing area: 4.4 dm
Weight: 40 grs with a 160 mah Nanotech
Wing loading: 9.1gr/dm
Posted by Manudepron | Oct 14, 2012 @ 08:21 AM | 7,844 Views
I converted a friend Twinstar 2 by using:
- BL Motors
- Propelers tri blade 7x6
- Esc turnigy 18A

Installing the motors was easy: removing the Speed 400 and attaching the BL from their backplate and 2.5mm SHORT bolts on the original firewalls.
Ready to fly weight is 1033 grams with paint and a 2200 3S.
Power consumption full throttle is 19A. With a Nanotech 3 S 2200 we fly 10'30'' with mix of aerobatics and circuits (not trying to save the energy)

I installed a buzzer in the nose pointing forward and with the quite silent sound of the twin BL, we hear it from around 100 m away.

I find the performances a perfect ratio of investment/power/flight time/performance. 3 blade propelers are not the most effectives but we fly in unprepared fields and it offers more ground clearance than 2 blades
Posted by Manudepron | Sep 01, 2012 @ 06:54 AM | 7,905 Views
I made some years ago a small proped micro jet with a fuselage made of a pipe insulation foam tube. Those kind of fuselages were created by Martin Muller for the Magnum Classic, Magnum Double...
I mixed this time this kind of fuselage with a bigger delta wing. See pictures as build log. Seems mee that construction images are self speaking and it flies superbly.

I name this jet kind "mytube"

2 s 800 lipo, 6 gr HXT servo's
GWS 7 x 4 drived by a Turnigy 3020 1800 kv
53 cm wingspan
54 cm length
180 gr flying weight with battery Reading
Posted by Manudepron | Aug 11, 2012 @ 10:35 AM | 7,759 Views
I am teaching a friend to fly with a Twinstar. He is a very good trainee and a promising pilot. Sadly he lost one propeler and dived on top of a tree. As he is owner an running LOGEMAT a company selling and renting building equipment recovering the plane was a pleasure... for big kids with big toys! The plane has NO dammage! We will replace the pusched and glued original Gunther type propelers by something more reliable: aluminium prop adapters
Posted by Manudepron | May 28, 2012 @ 02:46 PM | 8,620 Views
Built one year ago, according to Chara plans and his excellent tread:

it's one of my favourites one. Got around 50 flights so far and I'm always surprised by the difference between high speed and low speed passes in both cases without any bad habits. around 166 gr with 2 pces of 6 gr servo's, one HK Spektrum clone reveiver, one 3000 kv HK 24 gr motor, 2 S 800 mah lipo, 12A esc, Graupner 4.7 x 4.7 prop.
Built from 3 and 6 mm depron, hinges from painter tesa yellow masking tape: surprises often around me but it sticks very well on depron, remains steady and acrylic paint sticks perfectly on it!...Continue Reading
Posted by Manudepron | May 01, 2012 @ 02:56 AM | 8,339 Views
I will try to post one picture of each model I built and made fly... It will take some time, mainly for those before digital pictures. I am around 100 models between 12 and 5000 grams ...Continue Reading