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izzzzzz6's blog
Posted by izzzzzz6 | Jan 10, 2014 @ 06:56 PM | 1,378 Views
My name is Jimbo or James or izzzzzz6 or whatever, it really doesn't matter.
I wanted to say thanks to everyone here for sharing. I am about to start my first build! I wanted to start big with a 1M span quad but i thought i should learn the basics first, i almost bought a consumer mini but i thought i would build a scratch build instead. The research i have done so far has brought me into your world, i have seen so many other peoples ideas and styles, i have looked at mini and micro, FPV and LRS. I have seen so many designs and concepts from 3D printed quads to carbon octo's and double hex's (excuse the lack of terminology here but you know where i'm coming from) + i've been inspired by many many more of your projects from flying stuffed animals and balsa wood quads to ufo and carbon frame quads.
At first my goal was to build a quad from streamline carbon fibre, however this has proven to be difficult due to the costs of the materials and also due to fitting the shapes together. I thought it would all come together, i was sure the future was in streamline carbon, and perhaps it is but probably on a larger scale. Last night i think i finally had the brain wave which helped me decide on my frame design, it consists of very basic materials that are relatively inexpensive, it will still be made from carbon, hey i have to go now! More coming soon!