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Posted by paul2014 | Today @ 12:59 AM | 549 Views
Pabbos may be the title of the Germany-based collective of RC helicopter fanatics who document their stunts online. The group's latest project, H.U.L.C- that's "Heavy Ultra-Lifter Crane"F-sought to attain what nobody yet had: The opportunity to lift and carry a person around using two small RC copters. I'm so deathly scared of levels that simply watching this video helped me would like to get from my chair and lie lower on the ground to feel safe.

When they allow it to be look simple, it's difficult to overstate how complicated it's to drag something similar to this off. The 'copters need to be sufficiently strong to hold the lady (as well as individuals crazy boots), and it is nothing like they are just lifting upright since there are 2 of these, they have reached pull sideways too. As well as the aircraft pilots need to be precise enough to prevent shedding or jerking their payload. You'd think they'd do this on the lake or something like that soft, therefore it is proof of their abilities and preparation they did this on the concrete patio.

The audience is not shy regarding their accomplishment, getting spent four several weeks and "several 1000 Pounds" when preparing: They are offering it as being "Clearly a global-record and probably the most monumental actions within the good reputation for R/C model aviation: The Earth's FIRST MANNED R/C FLIGHT!"

For tech nerds who are curious about the hardware, it's all regulated recorded in painstaking detail the following for individuals having a passing curiosity about the way they drawn this off, hit the jump to determine the explanatory video.