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Posted by marbelo | Apr 06, 2014 @ 04:24 AM | 2,594 Views
Hi people,

I want to show you my scratch build based on Hubsan X4 parts. I started to develop the FPV platform on a Hubsan H107 v1 (see the pictures). My idea at the time was to have a cheap setup and play around the house to feel how is FPV without invest a lot of money in bigger quads and equipment. After some first tests I crashed the Hubsan and one of the motor died, so I start to build another from spare parts from the H107C using the control board from my older Hubsan. I bought the frame, motors and rubber feet from the H107C version. For the FPV system I installed a 5813 tx (25 mw I think) with a 5v step up pololu voltage regulator and a “1 gr camera” (which doesn't weight 1gr…). The entire system is powered by the Hubsan battery which gives me around 4 – 5 minutes flying time. The antenna is a homemade Cloverleaf (tutorial by IBCrazy) putted on top of the quad. All the components are fixed to the frame using adhesive power strips. Additionally I performed the mod described HERE to extend the range of the stock Hubsan controller. The result is good for a first FPV quad, but the camera has a narrow angle of vision which difficult very much using it in tight spaces. I already order a wide angle lens, originally from the 808 #16 chain key cam, I hope that will improve the flying experience!

In the following you will find the links for all the material that I’m using:

TX 5813
5v voltage regulator
RC 305 receptor
Hubsan spare...Continue Reading
Posted by marbelo | Mar 08, 2014 @ 12:43 PM | 2,432 Views
When I started to build my X4 FPV I saw several similar projects spread all over the forum. So I decided to summary all of them here in order to follow each project and compare their results. If you are planning to play with FPV using an X4 check the links in the following, to see what the other people already tried. It will save you time and money because you already know what may or not work!

In total I found 14 different projects of DIY X4 FPV so far! (If I forgot someone, please let me know)

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