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old_coastie's blog
Posted by old_coastie | Aug 05, 2013 @ 11:54 AM | 3,535 Views
Greetings All,

Since I havn't really been part of a hobby that utilizes "forums", I wasn't aware that you could have something like a "blog" page. This is cool, might be a better place to "post" some of my "longer winded" entry's. From the notes at the bottom I see that others have been here looking to see if I had posted here yet. Well now I have.

It will take me some time to get "stuff" posted on here but I think it will be cool.

I guess I could start off with a listing of the old_coastie Air Wing;

In order of acquisition and/or build...

AR Parrot Drone (Xmas before last, kept my attention for better part of year but in retrospect comparing my "fun factor" ratings, flying fixed wing is A LOT more fun.)

Smyrna S107 3.5 Channel Heli (Last Fall, this is the only heli that I own, probably the best cheap heli that ever existed (just my opinion). This one still gets regular workouts in the living room all the time, the fun comes from landing challenges, I have a couple of Bose satellite speakers that I like to use, actually they are smaller than the overall dimensions of the S107, but still, this was prior to my conversion of faith to fixed wing.

HH Champ June '13 This was the real beginning, can't believe that its only been 2 months since I was bit by the bug.... What can I say. When people ask me about the Champ I tell them it is without a doubt the most expensive $90 I have ever spent in my...Continue Reading