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One of the drawings Brian sent me.Well impressed!
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Still looking,but nothing close to 850gr as yet
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A reply to a query elsewhere.Flaps/spoilers are interesting,Ill see what else I can unearth.
I've been in touch with the national archives,who apparently still have a paper file on Luft46 type stuff.Awaiting an estimate of copies of the relevant pages.
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Nacelle sketch.
Should give me a nice scale speed on the u/c doors. The only decent piece of artwork.I need to research a door mechanism.
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I considered a while ago how to steer this thing.Skid steer will be the first option,as we've decided on spoilers.No room for hub brakes,so some sort of flex.arm onto the rear tyres.

,Some nice scale cockpit detail from an uncompleted XVIIIa design
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A long period of ill health has kept me away from building for quite a while,but given me time out to assess things.Current build 1mp plank is a sloper;the way things are I can see my days of clambering up and down the pennines being very limited!
So long term planning-a return to my long time favourite.I've dabbled with this on and off for quite some time,and have come to the conclusion that it needs to be designed in cad to do it justice.I've made enquires in a couple of areas,we'll see what turns up.
This is going to be an expensive exercise,at least 1000 for the hardware.And these things always escalate!