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B Fun's blog
Posted by B Fun | Jan 02, 2015 @ 07:23 PM | 1,740 Views
These forums can be a valuable resource for help and information about our hobby. However, as threads grow in size it becomes increasing more difficult to find the information one seeks. In an effort to aid and streamline this process, I have begun experimenting with compiling frequently discussed and sought data into list and charts.

The idea is to encourage contributors to submit standardized data about a specific subject that can then be organized and compiled into a single source, rather than just randomly scattered throughout one or more threads.

My goal is to offer a managed, one-stop location where people can find consistent data about a given topic or item, consolidated and organized into a presentation that will make it easier for them to access and compare.

Please keep in mind that this effort is an experiment in progress that depends on data submissions by others. Below are links to the list and charts I have compiled so far. My thanks to the various members mentioned in them who have contributed. I've also included links to a few other things people have requested or expressed interest in. I hope they will be helpful.