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The bench did see tons of hobby related stuff in all this time, unfortunately I never really recovered from the transmitter failure series that almost destroyed the entire fleet until I found the problem, so the shaking is still there when I only think about flying.
As said before I have more hobbies than sparetime and the bench is still in use for many different reasons, one of them can be seen in activity on the link below, still working on it but the results from prototype III are not too bad, judge by yourself

windsurfing action video shot from very unusual camera angles (1 min 12 sec)

Smooth landings !

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My first completed scratch build from plans. I chose the Bandito based on size, relatively simple design and lack of a formed cowl, and its sport flyer claim. Converted to electric, it came in right at 5lbs ready to fly.

I like having the magazine on hand, so I bought the back issue on eBay and had the plans enlarged at a local copy shop. I started on the wings. They are constant chord, but required two templates. The inner few ribs are sheeted, so they are slightly smaller to accommodate it.
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Had A Nice Evening to go out for a walk and bring along my X6 and get a little flying time in,video got clipped short by accident but I wanted to share what I had

X6 Tarantula Aerial Tour Around Town (7 min 28 sec)

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Drone mapping is an awesome hobby to get into, you get enjoy the outdoors, try different flying locations all the time and use the technology to produce useful, actionable deliverables. It's not always a pleasurable experience, most of the time it's a real challenge but that's what sets it apart from normal RC flying and that's why I love it.

I am by no means and expert in any of the below areas - I just like to consider myself a 'drone enthusiast', and as such I'm sharing some of my experiences so that new comers to the hobby may get into it faster, with less hassles and more successes.

There are four main factors to consider:
Air frame
Flight Planning
Image Processing

I'm not going to pitch this article at a reader that knows nothing about RC or drones, this is focused on the hobbyist or prosumer that is interested in doing aerial mapping and has some understanding of drones, model flight and the regulations in your region.

To read more visit
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Compared with old version SPX01, updated SPX02 goggle has more functions as below:
1) Updated SPX02 Goggles HDMI is completely compatible with DJI Phantom 3 & 4 and DJI Inspires,the image in the goggles will not be cut off the top and bottom of the screen which has the telemetry on it;
2) Updated SPX02 Goggles with race band frequency, total 40channels;
3) Updated SPX02 Goggles with assist focus& false color function;
4) Eye cups have been upgraded, the new ones have one single large leather face "cup" instead of two rubber eye cups, new face plates fit better on your face and more comfy.

Vivi from Flysight
Skype: sales4-szg-vision
WhatsAPP: +86 13509687512
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Well so much for trying to post once a week!
We took some time away and met up with cousins we haven't seen in 37+years!
It was absolutely fantastic to say the least!!

So I have now got the hull all glued up. I can not say enough good things about the time and effort that Garry Webb has put into these plans and patterns. Everything went quick and fit nicely with very little trimming to fit, and I am somewhat fussy, so


I have decided that I will lay the teak deck AFTER the deck is bonded to the hull, it may just save a whole lot of grief! (And if I get too anxious to get her in the water,
paint the deck)
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Pawnee trail!
Plays with the wind. Easy to turn and AS3X gives a lot of stability. ♡
Crosswind 15 - 25 Km.

E-flite Aluminum Spinner.
Propeller (11X8E).
40-Amp Lite Pro ESC (V2).
Wheel ParkZone Sport Cub.

E-Flite Pawnee Brave Night Flyer (2 min 15 sec)

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Flight setup!
Really fun to fly the Pawnee.
Need two feet to land with no engine power.

E-Flite Pawnee Brave Night Flyer (7 min 13 sec)

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Thanks to everyone who came to visit at Maker Faire Bay Area 2016 where we were showing folks how to build their own mini quad!

If you didn't have a chance to check out the booth at Maker Faire, all the basic info needed to choose parts, order and build your own mini quad is over at Your input and feedback is much appreciated!

Another great resource are the build guides for specific drones on my blog.

Be sure to scroll down to the bottom of and join the community based organization to fly under our guidelines.

...Continue Reading
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Here is the original Minivet camera software. There is an option to set/disable "loop recording" (in the new software this option is not any more).
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A couple of screen captures from recent video of a clients heavy lift build. Shown is an X8 powered by Avroto 3520 400kv motors .

The payload is Movi M10 with Red Weapon camera.

Big thanks to our friends at Wedgetail UAV for letting us share their build.
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New Challenge of 2016.
Radio-controlled submarine.
From the surface of the water to the water to expand the RC world.
First, Let's start from a small submarine of the kit! .
Color ring of coral reef fish, blue yellow with the motif of Umeiromodoki
It gradation paint.
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I can't figure out how to switch owners on the dji phantom 2+. Can anyone help
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Hey guys, im new to the rc world, and iv got a udi001 venom boat and it stopped going in reverse and it wont turn at all. The wheel on the remote will turn but the boat wont at all. Any ideas please?
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Here is this week's flight with my new Goblin 700--I didn't do a great job on my video editing, so sorry about that

This is my 4th flight on the Goblin. I love the stability of such a large heli--I am flying with a Bavarian Demon 3sx FBL and 12S 5000mah Glacier stick packs. Im learning slowly but loving every minute of it!


Heli Noob flies his SAB Goblin 700 (4 min 36 sec)

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A friend of mine maidened his FMS Mustang yesterday. Here's a short video of the maiden and some information about battery, power consumption, and a lesson on control surfaces.

ParkFly - FMS P-51B Mustang Maiden (6 min 26 sec)