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Hi I'm going to buy the Chris craft commander by Dumas will do build log though was wondering what other people thought about the kit and some advice when building it as I am only 12 years I have built boats before some I'm not a complete beginner, any tips or advice would be much appreciated.

Kid regards
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Flying today
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Want to let all my friends know about a bad bad virus program that's going around that can cause you to lose everything on your computer called Ransomeware. Ransomware virus locks your computer and either you pay money as directed on the locked screen on your computer or do a complete fresh install of Windows. The bad guys have figured out how to install it to your computer just by visiting a web page with the embedded install script.

Here's a link to what Microsoft has released about Ransomware.

There is something you can do to protect yourself has a page to explain the step by step instructions on how to block the install using your Windows Firewall. Yes your Windows does have a firewall. If your no sure where o find it, Google search "locate windows firewall windows xx" (ie: locate windows firewall windows 8)

Instructions for firewall fix

Stay safe my friends ~twco
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In this video I unbox the JXD 510G 5.8G FPV 6 Axis RC Drone, review its parts and pieces, put it through its maiden flight & first FPV Flight, and at the end of the video I wrap it up with a review based on my experiences with this RC Quad.

Here are my review notes for this FPV multirotor:


- Altitude hold is ROCK SOLID!
- The 5.8G FPV has very little latency
- The video display looks great in person
- It is very responsive even on the first of three flight modes
- The 2.0MP HD Camera is solid
- I can use a wide variety of batteries with it given the battery connector is comes with.


- Short flight time (4-5 minutes)

This is the latest version of the JXD 509G FPV Drone and I am excited for the wind to calm down so I can get is some nice flights outdoors.

JXD 510G 5.8G FPV 6-Axis HD Camera RC Drone Quadcopter Unboxing, Maiden Flight, and Review (11 min 53 sec)

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I thought my Raptor looked pretty cool until the FX-61 arrived. Now it looks almost archaic, and it hasn't even been in the air yet.

Plus, I've been working on the Raptor for about 2 months - modded in a nose wheel, reinforced a bunch of stuff, re-hinged all the control surfaces because the foam hinges are worthless, laminated everything, modded servos into the tail boom, and on and on... The foam on the Raptor is very soft. Bump it without lamination and you've got a dent. On the FX-61 the foam is stronger and much more dense.

Pulled the FX-61 out of the box and had it built in about an hour. Granted I did order and install an aluminum motor mount and extra canopy cover because one will get hacked up for a 2-axis gimbal install. But still, it was a quick build and installing 2 servos instead of 6 is really nice. Also got an HK Pix4 for it and it will use a DL micro receiver. Motor is a Cobra 3515/18-740kv. Smallest model they currently make for 6S. Prop will probably be a 10x5 or 9x6. The leading edges will be laminated and the elevon hinges reinforced. Maybe an extra spar in the wings. They're a little too bendy for my taste. But that's about it. Wait. No it isn't.

The one thing about this plane I don't like is belly landing with a solid prop. Many pilots have reported breaking the motor mount out of the foam because of belly landing with a solid prop and a blade angled down. A folding prop would be less problematic for landing but one-piece props are better overall...Continue Reading
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Seems rather dumb, selling on a National (World) site
and not shipping - ? - Buyer pays shipping is bad enough but
will not ship?????? Good Luck with that .
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After a month of building a very nice Quanum 680UC hex, it was time to give it a whirl in the back yard. Spent a great deal of time double checking all the programming and setup. Everything is calibrated, correct and shows it's working properly.

For those not familiar with NAZA flight controllers (others may be similar but I only use NAZA on multi's), you don't lift off. You launch. Lifting off slowly can make the aircraft unstable and they have a tendency to tip over. Full up throttle brings a smooth but rapid motor spool up and off you go. That is unless you have a motor drop out. Then your hex becomes a carbon-bladed lawn mower, which is exactly what happened to me this morning.

I had purchased 7 Spider 20A Opto ESC's from HK. For my fixed wings I use Hobbywing Platinum Pro's and for a couple higher current applications, Turnigy. They work well. Why I decided to try Spider I don't know. Maybe because they were one of the few rated for 6S at 20A. Max rating for my motor and prop setup is 15A. Thought they'd be fine. Wrong.

The first thing I noticed was one of the 7 had a different component layout than the other 6. Otherwise it looked identical. After installing 6 of them and going through the motor test in NAZA assistant, one of the motors wouldn't always start. Sometimes the ESC would just "squeak" and the motor would sputter or not spin at all. Connected another motor and it did the same thing. Replaced the ESC with the spare and all motors worked in...Continue Reading
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Took a few pictures of some cool jets today !

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Hi, I replaced a motor and new gears in my Cheerson and it will only fly about two inches off the ground. The controls all seem to be working correct, and I rechecked the props to be sure that I replaced them correctly. Could it be in the transmitter?
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Future of Faster | The PUMA BeatBot (1 min 30 sec)

It only took 3 years, but MIT & NASA finally caught up with the blog. Their version of the pacing robot uses line following for navigation & they didn't seem to have solved the manual control problem, yet. The line following is based on IR leds with a video camera so it only works at night, on a track.

It won't be long until they discover line following is not worth as much as an ergonomic manual control.
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A huge box arrived on my porch today from a good friend I met here on RCG a couple years ago, Gabe221. We've sent a few plane kits to each other before, but this AgWagon was from his personal hanger. Very cool!

Any of you who know Gabe, know he has a big heart and will help anyone in anyway he can, both here on RCG as well as in his daily life. He's certainly helped me a lot be it radio programming, telemetry, plane assembly etc.... or just by being a good listener in times of trouble.

Thanks again for all you do Gabe!
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Maiden flight of the My Twin Dream plane.

I install landing gear on my planes because the desert can be rough on belly landers. This was probably one of the least dramatic maidens ever. The MTD looked like a scale plane on climb out. Just a few clicks of up elevator and she was flying, well, like a dream.

I focused on minimizing disruptions to the airfoil with hardware installation. The RX antenna is routed through the vertical stabilizer. VTX is mounted flush on the fuse surface near the shoulder joint. Vector is mounted with CUFLYN's awesome Vector mount very close to the CG.

Cruise amps are generally between 8-10a.

TestFlight - My Twin Dream Maiden Flight (12 min 5 sec)

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Bit more work done different nose cone changed height and width of the elevator and rudder,applied one wing cover and sanded top and bottom to get the right twist in the wing ,wing shape with washout built in, will be fitted with ruder servo two aileron servos and one elevator servo 40amp esc bec plane is still super light but still weight to be added, so will sand quite a bit of the fuselage to keep the weight down .
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For my first quadcopter build, I've built an "upside down" WarpQuad 230. The FC is inverted and the ESCs mounted under the arms. I was inspired by Daryoon's beautiful WQ build and NullVoxPopuli's inverted WQ build.

Frame: Warpquad 230
ESC: Littlebee 20A
Motors: Cobra 2204 1960kv
Receiver: Frsky XSR
Screw length: 20mm
Propellers: Gemfan 6x4.5
Every build starts with a little bit of solder pad tinning.

This is the top plate of the WQ lying upside down on my workspace. I'm using 20mm cap screws here, and Ive placed 2mm M3 washers as the next layer to help make space for the XSR receiver. Even depinned, after the receiver is wrapped in heat shrink there wasn't enough room created by the 5mm arms between the FC and top plate to fit the FC in there.

The XSR is just a perfect fit between the WQ's arms, so I filed about 1 mm from each arm to give it some room for the connecting wires and heat shrink.

...Continue Reading
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Ok, while owning these two small quads (syma x5 & Tarantula x6) for a couple of weeks I have not been able to get out due to work and weather but this morning around 6am, despite being very damp I took them to a local country park, not far from where I live. My son came with me.

We setup in the middle of a field with I guess 70metres all around us before trees and fences, well enough for the first day with hopefully enough room to cut power if things got out of hand. As an afterthought I brought my SJ400 to get some footage from the ground and the Syma has its own camera if I needed it but first getting them off the ground!

Well trying the Syma first, it seemed to start well, bind and set gyros, hopefully. Sadly my newbieness soon showed my limitations as I soon lost reference and had to cut the power in front of the looming trees. lots of walking ensued throughout the morning, thats for sure, All in all though not too bad. A change of batteries due so letting it cool down it was the X6 turn, sadly only two batteries and I had used one mucking about in the house so flight time was not too clever but I did note it seemed to hold the into the wind better, I guess my x5 has the wind bug as it seemed to want to climb a lot into the wind unlike the x6. very happy with it while it lasted though.

Back to the x5 then as I still had 4 batteries to use! well it seemed fine but as the wind was now getting up, maybe 10mph I noticed the into the wind was very slow to...Continue Reading
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I'm sorry to say, but my career here is pretty much done.
My parents caught me making posts in the LTUP section and other places that exposed the child abuse that my dad was doing to me. Now they have removed all my access to the outside world so I will not be able to continue this hobby or post here anymore.

I really enjoyed meeting the kind, friendly, and funny people here and I hoped you enjoyed meeting me too. I was really looking forward to having a big youtube channel with lots of cool stuff, but my manipulative parents killed it before I could even start.

bye guys.
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I'm really pleased with the way this has turned out. It's such a neat little package which does the job perfectly. We are currently running this at 27.5 degrees which seems to work very well. I have also printed a first edition of the lipless mount which I'm thinking will work well with some of the GoPro clones out there. I'm seeing a lot of quads with GoPro session cameras on. I'm thinking I may have to look at a design for this camera too. I need to start looking at solutions for other drones to and am keen to know which frames are popular out there. Feel free to comment on what you are using.
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Looking for a full size Thermal Charger plan or at least the wing span of the glider. Can anyone help?