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Does anyone know how to use a binding plug on the tali h500.
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found this list of pics and military Secrets
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As my Nova is currently a tricopter and because withdrawal symptoms were starting to show I took the little Syma to the common field in a 20 mph wind.This little thing continues to impress with it's ability to take abuse.I might even have to upgrade it to FPV at some point.

Once I'd moved away from the trees it handled whatever I threw at it although I did keep it as near the ground as possible.I recommend having one of these just for a giggle.

Still waiting on the postman........

Syma X5C-1 in a 20 mph wind. (0 min 57 sec)

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Just recently acquired a Parkzone Sport Cub S2. Having flown my Hobbyzone Sport Cub S2 "Sky Eye" with the 808 #16 Camera in my previous field of view videos, it was only fitting to install my Mobius HD Camera on this much bigger version. My mount is adjustable, so I'll be testing out the placement for better flight CG in the future. Flying this Sport Cub is a joy, with much more power, authority, and stability than the Hobbyzone Sport Cub S2. The Mobius Camera did not even seem to affect her flight characteristics. 6 minute flights with the Stock Eflite 1300 mAH Battery and 8 minute flights were easily achievable with the Eflite 2200 mAH Battery. The tall bumpy grass didn't seem to affect take-offs, though landings do come much faster with this bird. Will need to practice coordination with the Landing Flaps, though overall, not a bad landing. An on looking Father and Daughter sitting on the bleachers even applauded in the distance. A great first Field of View Video Flight of my new Parkzone Sport Cub S2.

Parkzone Sport Cub S2 "Blaze" First Flight - The Wings of Unity (6 min 13 sec)

Aircraft: Parkzone Sport Cub S2
Camera: Mobius Wide Angle HD
Battery: Eflite 3S 2200 mAH 30C
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Last year I crashed my Maxford PT-17 of the maiden flight, patched it back together and crashed it again on the second flight. Some would take it as a sign to stop. Not me. Over the winter I been making repairs and decided create a new dummy radial since the original was destroyed in the second crash. Its not great but it looks better than nothing at all. I started by making the crank case from plywood, just as the original. I then purchased some plastic flexable ribbed electrical conduit for the cylinders. Lastly I capped the cylinders off with balsa heads. Once it was assembled, I sprayed it flat black. The cost was about $6. Pictures below.
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Just some pics from the show, was a lot of fun. My daughter loves airplanes and she looked like a little mechanic lol....Continue Reading
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I just keep try to launch higher!
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BOSCAM BOS600 VTX Tech Teardown:

Strong, well thought-out design with lots of features & lots of potential but QC issues that could be fatal. This unit has the potential to be one of the best or one of the shortest-lived VTX in your stable.

I recently ordered one of the new BOSCAM BOS600 VTX to go with my HeadPlay HD Goggles when they get here; I found the VTX for $37.68 from GadgetInfinite, GoodLuckBuy's eBay storefront.

GoodluckBuy Product Page

It arrived double-boxed in apparently good condition 10 days later; no injuries to the box inside except a couple scratches on the security sticker. The security code under the scratch-off validates against the "product anti fake inquiry" page linked to at the bottom of the BOSCAM WebSite:

Curiously enough; even though this individual unit verifies as genuine in their system, BOSCAM still doesn't have a product page up for the BOS600, despite releasing the product officially in December. I know, they're just TOO busy.

This does not Bode Well...

...Continue Reading
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I recently bought a qav250 frame and 4 new esc for my quad and threw it all back together, after test flying it it take off fine and steady and after a few second or minutes it suddenly starts jerking left, right back and forth out of control and lands on the ground. the parts im using is.
lumenier qav250
flip32+ controller
(4) hobbywing skywalker 12a esc
(4) dys be1806-2300kv motors
castle ccbec 10amp peak
turnigy 9x8c v2 transmitter and reviever
1300mah 3s lipo

please help me figure out what the issue is. its really annoying me and im not about to take it all apart and try re-soldering it.
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mounting location for the turn fin
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It has become quite clear that not being able to take it all with you is part of daily life, even for stuff that used to be considered valuable like electronics. It's especially hard to get rid of something that was $5000, but is now worthless. The problem is a large mass of antique computers has accumulated over 20 years, which is unaffordable to keep in an age of $10,000 rent.

The dual 2.4Ghz Opteron was $5,000 when it was new & served from 2006 - Summer 2010. If it wasn't for a misdiagnosed power supply issue, it would still be in use. Now, it's long been outdone by the laptops.

The dual 2.5Ghz Opteron was unreliable & slower than the 2.4Ghz, because of a limited memory bus, but it served for a very long time.

The dual 1.4Ghz Athlon was a quick decision which ended up very low performing.

The dual 933Mhz Pentium III can be outdone by a $30 phone, but it was a fortune when it was new. It was the standard office computer in 2000.

There were still bits from a dual 450Mhz Celeron. It was a true miracle when it was new, the 1st SMP machine. The moment of inspiration for building it is still a strong memory of waking up 1 sunny day thinking it was time to go SMP.

There was a 166Mhz Cyrix which was slated to become a router, but now you can solder something like that from loose parts.

For a long time, the plan was either to boot them up again for embedded applications or recycle parts as needed. It...Continue Reading
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Pictures from today's session. Best weather we've had all year so far, so there was a big turnout.

Yes, the Frankeinstein jet has a J-3 Cub fuselage for a nose. Flew very well....Continue Reading
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The Bayangtoys x6 from is fun to fly and can fly outside in low wind. Check out my Review and flight vids. Thanks!

Bayangtoys x6 Review and maiden flights (19 min 20 sec)

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Some great pics, of my glider, some helis, a stik, my pitts, and my beater overpowered balsa plane....Continue Reading
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Today I began the assembly of the ZMR 250 Kit that I purchased from Banggood on April 6th 2015 and received on April 27th 2015.


H250 ZMR250 250mm Carbon Fiber Kit

DYS BE1806 2300KV Brushless Motor Black Edition

Emax Simonk Series 12A ESC

OpenPilot CC3D Flight Controller Bent Pin STM32 32-bit Flexiport

I was in no hurry to get started as I had several components on order that had yet to arrive. Most of the components have arrived so I decided to go ahead and get started.

I started by putting the prop mounts on the motors.

Next I put the motors on the arms.

I looked at the ESCs that I purchased but I want to put them inside the body of the quad if possible, so I set them back aside for now.

Next I mounted the standoffs using thread lock.

I chose the front by marking the top of the posts with a permanent marker.

Next I mounted the arms on the frame.

It compares very closely to the Tarot 250 that I bought and built earlier, build log here.
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Latest adventure: At the suggestion of a friend, I took Sky Eye to this location which had a great view of the Stonegate Suburban region of Parker, CO.

Hobbyzone Sport Cub S2 "Sky Eye" - Suburban Hawk (5 min 1 sec)

Takeoff and Landing was at Pine Grove Elementary School. The winds this evening were quite gusty but AS3X kept the plane in check. New GWS 5043 Grey Propeller allowed minimal Prop Effect. Not too bad of a crosswind landing either.

Aircraft: Hobbyzone Sport Cub UMX Sport Cub S2
Prop: GWS 5043 Grey Prop
Camera: 808 #16 Wide-Angle Lens
Battery: Lectron Pro 1s 600mAH 35c
Adapter: EFlite JST-RCY to UM Cable
Wheels: Dubro 1.5"
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SYMA is well known for its cheap entry level quadcopters, lets see how this smaller brother of the x5 measures.

*Light weight frame
*Ease of use
**Gear driven propellers
*Long battery life(about 12+ mins with a 500 mah battery)
*Stable Stable Stable
*Very good prop guards
*Gear driven propellers allow the use of smaller motors and bigger propellers.a bigger slow moving propeller is better than a smaller fast moving propeller.

*Brittle props,tend to break when in contact with hard objects
*Xbox controller styled transmitter
*Motor caps tend to break during a rough landing
*Slow battery charging time with the stock charger(about an hour for the 200mah battery)
*Very slow yaw rate(not an issue for beginners)

The x11 is among the best micro quad, it can be great first or second quadcopter.This is a lot better than the hubsan x4 which i previously owned(a bit twitchy compared to the x11) which was (not is) a standard for many beginners. I I recommend This quad over the hubsan, as it is very stable and smooth.
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The B-29 is coming along slowly. Had a nose gear retract go bad and haven't been able to get a replacement from Nitroplanes. So, have ordered a new from another course and hopefully it will work. I took the plane out to Apollo Field for a few taxi tests and it manuevers great. Will finish covering and will try some hi-speed tests soon.
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Hi Everyone-

As part of Sundancer's 2015 Complete a project build, this is the 1938 Best by Test Super Soarer rc conversion.

it's a 44" built up towline free flight originally. I'm using a park 250.

use the link to see the build log.

Best Regards,