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Posted by iiinsaiii | Jul 25, 2014 @ 04:27 PM | 2,534 Views

Getting ready for Halloween and I'm doing two projects. But this Blog is for one of my Halloween projects, I'm building a Motion Sensor Gatling Gun. What it will do is when someone walks by, it will activate and aim at the person and spin up like if its going to fire, and it will follow the person as he/she walk by. "The gun will not fire anything" but I am thinking about adding red led strobe lights in each barrel so when the barrels move to the top it will flash red like if its firing

I already started the project, I 3d printed the muzzle and the barrel mounts. My printer bed wasn't large enough to print the whole muzzle so I printed it in half's and glue them together. Then used bondo glazing putty to smooth everything and level everything out. Then I wet sand everything and put on more putty and more wet sanding. And then put on grey primer to see any defect in the part that needs more putty.

The barrels are 1" fire work tubes @ 2 feet long.
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Posted by iiinsaiii | Aug 24, 2013 @ 12:49 PM | 3,871 Views
Hi guys,

I'm in the middle of a Halloween Project, I took my son old Power Wheel car and made it in to a over size RC car. I took the whole car apart to the gears, I greased and painted everything. As you can see in the before and after pictures. I still have to add some decals, plus a doll that will be driving and will be wearing a chucky mask and the head will be moving up, down, left and right. Oh yea I will be drive the car in FPV.

The Question is I have the EzUHF transmitter and the EzUHF Rx diversity receiver.

On the diversity receiver can I add an extensions to the antennas? like a 1-2 feet extension and still have good signal?

So I can hide the whole receiver and just have the two antenna stick out some where on the car.

Steering Servo
SPG805A Servo Power Gearboxes

Doll Head
SPT200 Direct Drive Pan & Tilt

The Robot Market place
SyRen 25A Regenerative Motor Driver

FPV Video system
1.3GHz Receiver w/SAW Upgrade (V3 with 1258 MHz!)

5v High Resolution Color Camera 550 Lines NTSC SONY
EzUHF Transmitter
EzUHF Diversity 8 Channel Receiver


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