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Jmel's blog
Posted by Jmel | Mar 09, 2015 @ 10:12 PM | 2,273 Views
I host all of my videos on youtube.

Easy way to go there: www.ThinkStank.com (this redirects to my youtube channel)

Posted by Jmel | Jan 08, 2015 @ 10:51 AM | 2,614 Views
I realized I have not listed the planes I have with photos or anything, so I'm going to try to do that.

For now, here is what I'm flying:

I put lipo alarms in everything but the UMX because I constantly forget my timer...

Parkzone UMX P51 Mustang with AS3X (gift from wife) "Meg"
- Not many mods on this one, just a few repairs, and a faster motor. I also use 240mah batteries. It's pretty quick.

Airfield P51 Mustang (nitroplanes, PNP) "Shangri La"
- This one has a number of mods, including a thunder p1 gyro, hobbyking servo slow device, shared flaps/gyro switching, upgraded landing gear struts (eflite rough), dubro lightweight low bounce 2.5 inch wheels, 4 blade 10.5x8 prop from FMS for the razorback. I fly with zippy compact 2700 35c mah batteries. 60a hurc esc and turnigy 3536 750kv motor.

900mm Popwing (kit from nitroplanes) "PongWing"
- 9g metal gear servos, 2212-2200 kv motor (FAST), 7x4 prop, Lemon RX gyro/receiver. I run a 2200 20c mah battery in this one. I destroyed the original popwing I had, "Wingwang" during a high g loop. Pulling up from about 50 feet, the wing folded in half and gobbled like a turkey all the way to the ground. Son of "Wingwang" - "PongWing" is an FPV bird... I still need to reconnect the faa light kit. Also on board: 400mw boscam 5.8 ghz vtx, 3 way video switch, 808 #16 v3 camera, pz0420 camera, cyclops breeze osd. I've done some custom wiring based on several forum posts for this...Continue Reading