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Hi all. New to this fpv racing so pkease be patient. I bought an emax 280 rtf. Done everything the manual instructed. First the remote would not connect to the drone and only three motors would work. I was instructed then to instal base flight which I was using clean flight to do the calabrations as the manual instructed. I have the reciever working now but still only three motors are working. I have tried to calaibrate the esc numerous times but still no joy. Any help would be great as I havent even got to fly it yet. Cheers
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i have this 9101 shuang Ma Double Horse heli and that its time for an upgrade, and this is my project, upgrade to 2.4Ghz with DJI Naza-h. i have been trying to work out if i need a 2.4GHZ PCB? any ides and tips for the upgrade
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Hey guys, my name is Alex Vanover but I go by MralexFpv online and on youtube. I have started a recent project that I have been wanting to do for a long time. One of my favorite airplanes to fly hands on is the Vans rv series, particularly the Rv-8. I have the Hangar 9 Rv-8 but the only downside to this airplane is its size, plus if i break something I cant get replacement parts,(this plane has been discontinued for a long time) so its more intimidating to fly. Recently, I have been falling in-love with foamboard, because it is so cheap to get and easy to build with. After building many flitetest planes, I decided that I wanted to build an Rv-8. However, there are no plans on the internet for such an airplane, just dimensions. So, with the help of my friend who is a computer graphics designer, and my personal experience with the real airplane and what I knew it needed to do, we created the first prototype plans for a Foamboard Vans Rv-8. My goal is to create a build log of this new airplane and in the end, release the plans for everyone to enjoy. Over the next few weeks, I hope that everyone will follow me threw my build and give my tips and pointers to what looks right, and what doesn't. And hopefully, I will create all of the other RV plane series plans for the other models.
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It s gonna be a huge wing surface...
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This is a preview of my second Snow Day Build, the UMX Pitts S-1S EDF Special "Morgan" and is my attempt at creating an EDF - boosted ultra micro biplane.

Eflite UMX Pitts S-1S EDF Special "Morgan" - EDF-Boosted Biplane Preview (6 min 52 sec)

The UMX Pitts S-1S EDF Special is powered by the stock Eflite 3000 Kv Brushless Outrunner with a 5.75 x 2.5 "Stump Puller" Prop, as well as an 11750Kv Brushless UMX Habu EDF mounted to the underbelly.

The inspiration to create this dual power-sourced 2S Brushless Outrunner / EDF Hybrid comes from the unique Screamin' Sasquatch Jet-Boosted Waco biplane:
2014 R.I. Airshow @Quonset - Screamin' Sasquatch (Jet Waco Biplane) (14 min 17 sec)
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Here's a list of all the desired upgrades and mods I have for the JXD 509G.
  • Resolve video jello effect.
    Velcro on camera housing = partially resolved.
    Prop balanced on quad = WAITING ON RESULTS
    Remove all props & test individual motor vibration for source
    OPTION: Mount camera on top
    OPTION: Hot glue the camera on w/out housing (align before it dries!) - another pilots video shows virtually no jello with this mod!
  • Wide Angle Clip Lens
  • Monochrome LCD display on Controller - some JXD 509s have these, mine did not.
  • Better Antenna’s - for Quad, Controller and FPV.
    Antenna mod done on quad = WAITING ON RESULTS
  • Bigger FPV LCD and/or
  • FPV goggle mod
  • Multiple battery upgrade
  • Engine upgrade
    I've read (not verified) the motors are 8.5x20mm. That means these models have compatible engines:
    Hubsan X4, 107C, 107D, NOT 107L
    Walkera W100s V929 V949 V959 V969
    The engines I found:
    - $31.00 insane speed
    - $27 fast speed
    - $11.99 - Husband originals
    - $8.80 for two Stock Replacements
  • Caring Case
I bought the ebay stock replacements because I needed the 10 toothed gear for the JXD 509V and I couldn't find only the gear sold anywhere.

I will update this list as I research and reach goals. Mostly for my own good, but maybe someone will benefit as well.
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This is my buddy tearing up the skies with his Freewing F-14 Tomcat Twin 80mm EDF Jet. He puts on an excellent flight Flight Demo and it even includes some Bonus Footage at the end, which features the best landing I have been able to get on video for him with this plane.

Freewing F-14 Tomcat Twin 80mm EDF Jet Flight Demo & Bonus Footage (4 min 17 sec)

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Looking to trade this FPV Quad 450 here's what it has Devo-F7 Tx Rx 701 Dev04 cam w 5.8ghz Tx5802 with 4gb sd card and reader has the Thunder super qq 6 axias FC Motors are Gforce 2212 920kv 3-4s Hobbywing 4n1 esc 20a, Props are GWS HD 9x5x3 2 CW 2 CCW ,Looking for my Align 500 size heil 3 good Cyclic servos and Tail servo and 500 size Motor and ESC and flybarless FC.
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This is a Fly-Fly MB-339, it has had four lives (three repaints) and has been one of the planes that has flown the most out of my inventory. It is the original and first MB-339 from Fly-Fly to reach the US,

it first flew on 6S for the original Blue and White paint scheme (Frecce Tricolori ) then it went to all black and finally twice it has been redone with a Desert Chamo paint scheme. New power is a JetFan 90mm with a HET-1680kv Motor Castle 120 HV controller and 8S Battery. I purchased some used retracts from a Taft Hobby Viperjet and that is what has been incorporated into this jet now.

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This is the build log of my 1.18 m FPV Zagi Wing

The link for the dimensions and CG position is in the following:

Wing CG Calculator Profile

Part List:

- Zagi wing with blunt nose (See dimensions on link above)
- Mini APM pro flight controller (With PM and GPS 7N) loaded with Arduplane FW version: 3.2.3
+ BT telemetry
+ Minim OSD
+ Airspeed sensor
- Motor: Turnigy D3530-14
- Propeller: APC 11x7
- ESC: Turnigy Plush 40A with 5v / 3A BEC
- Battery: Multistar 3S 5200 mAh
- Elevon Servo: 12 gr EMAX ES08MA II
- RX: Long range FrSky L9R
- vTX: TS 5828 600 mW
- 600 TVL Camera: hs1184 surveilzone camera
- Camera Gimbal: BOSCAM HD19 Servo Gimbal
- Servo Gimbal: Towerpro MG90S (On a side note these servos are not good)
- 5v Regulator: 5v / 3A Step down module

The wing is reinforced with 2.5 mm glass fiver rods and cover with masking tape.
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The plane is sold as a ARF and this one has gone through three paint jobs before it landed as what you see here. It will be powered with a JetFan 90mm and HET-1400kv motor which I got both from Gary at ESC will be a Castle HV 120, the chart says I should draw about 106 amps. I purchased it used here on RCG as a T-33/P-80 that was ready to fly, I did not ask further questions or pictures only to find out later that the Wing tanks had ben cut off and the seller was trying to make new wingtips out of Balsa, that put me off and the plane sat in the corner of the Hangar for about 18 months. After the repairs where done, It was first painted silver to try do a different scheme and that didn't go too well or look the part, so it got a second paint job later in Orange and White.

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Those of you whom are enjoying this little red speedster like I am may also have found themselves yearning for slightly better landing gear than the includes steel, coil sprung gear? RC Castle added a very nicely priced (US $25.88) set of aluminum, trailing link style suspension struts:

Top Design CNC Suspension Strut Set for Freewing 70mm Yak 130

They are described as being CNC machined out of 6061 aluminum, with the side note that they are also suitable for other 64-70mm EDF jets. Shipping to the West Coast of the US was around 5-6 dollars. It took about two and a half weeks for them to arrive from Hong Kong, including an almost one week stay in the SFO ISC.

I thought I would photo-document how I installed them. This is not necessarily the right way or the best way to do it but nonetheless the way that I did it.

It is easiest to first remove the white plastic gear overlays that cover all three gear openings. They are attached with a contact glue style of adhesive and all three of mine peeled off without damage, though I did work slowly and deliberately while pulling them off. The next step is to remove the electric retract for each gear as you start the swap out. This is necessary to access the grub screw(s) that hold the existing steel legs in the retracts. One of the grub screws can be seen in the photo below, in the brass colored insert. There are two per gear, one on each side of the retracts.

I did the nose gear first. Once removed, I used this existing...Continue Reading
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Here is the winter collection 2016!

Some are ready, some still under construction.

Parkzone UMX P 40 Warhawk - Lendlease
Parkzone Bf 109 G-6 - JG 51
FMS Fw 190 Mini - JG 54 Walter Nowotny
LRP Speedbird P 39 Airacobra - Lendlease
Parkzone Fw 190 - JG 54
HK Ju 52 Redcross 1939/40
HK Ju 52 Transportgeschwader Stalingrad
FMS Ju 87 St.G. 3
Dynam Hawker Hurricane -...Continue Reading
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Shipped SV items and Fan/motor
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Halloa people

I got this interesting (IMHO) FPV racer in from Hyperion last week.. In this topic I'll do a review of it in several video's

First up is my Show & Tell / Unboxing to show you what it's all about

DutchRC - Hyperion Vengeance 280 FPV Racer - Show & Tell! :) (20 min 27 sec)

Link to the quadcopter: Vengeance 280
Link to RCG topic: General topic on RCG
Link to it's manual: Online PDF manual

  • Frame Size: 280mm DeadCat style
  • Motors: 4x 2804-size, 2300Kv High-Ouput Brushless
  • ESC: 4x Hyperion Custom Compact BL-Heli 20A

  • Fully Assembled: No building or firmware loading necessary!
  • On-Screen Display (OSD): Program or set up your Vengeance on-the-fly, no computer needed
  • In-Flight-Adjustable Single-Axis Camera Gimbal, Self-leveling during flight
  • Vibration Dampened Second-Camera Mount
  • 600TVl 1/3"" CMOS High-Quality FPV Camera
  • Robust, Pure Carbon-Fiber Frame with Carbon Exoskeleton Reinforcements
  • Stress-Flex Designed to Withstand Impacts, Mass centralized for high-rate turning
  • Black-Anodized, High-Strength CNC Aluminum Boom Mounts
  • Tough, Translucent Polymer Landing Legs with Built-in Directional Red-Green LED
  • 8° Forward-Tilt Motor Mounts for Aerodynamic Efficiency and Top Speed Performance
  • Four 2804, 2300Kv High-Output Brushless Motors
  • Custom Compact BL-Heli 20A Motor Controllers (ESC)
  • Visual LED Flight Mode Indicator. Easy to confirm your flight mode
  • Pre-loaded with Three Flight Modes: Normal, Altitude Hold, or Acro
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Ready for free download.

Vincent Unrau
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I finally got around to fixing my Gemini SU-26 last night. The motor had failed on it, probably because of the many crashed I'd had. I replaced it with another motor of the same kind and everything was alright. The nose where the motor mounts is pretty well banged up and I had to add some 3mm depron for support. Got the thrust angles down as far as I could tell.
Took her out today and it was very twitchy. Pitch control was very hard to manage. Sounds like it's too tail heavy but the battery was forward of the usual CG mark. It doesn't help that it's also very underpowered, but that could be part of the imbalance.
On the second short flight the motor died and it nosed in at about 15' off the deck. That knocked the motor loose from it's mounts (again) and that ended the flight. This was caused by a loss of voltage to the system.
I don't know if I'll bother to fix it again. I might start to part it out as soon as I figure out where the bad connection is. I think replacing the battery lead will help. It's got a nice aileron setup and I might keep that bit, I can add flaps to it as the receiver has two unused servo sockets on it. One is definitely for flaps and the other might be for a second brushed motor controller or something like that.
I did try to to a brushless conversion to it but the 1S ESC that I had wouldn't work on the receiver. Eh, you can only polish a turd so much...
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hi everyone ive recieved my very first eachine 250 racer but iam having a problem with the video how do i connect or find the right channel for the video to my screen could it be a problem with my transmitter can any one help please
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Lisam 210 frame
DYS 1806 BE 2300kv motors
Emax Simonk Series 12A ESC's
CC3D flight controller running BetaFlight
Runcam SkyPlus
ET200 vTX
Aomway 5.8G 3dBi antenna
CC3D PDB with led switches
Gemfan 5045 props
Lemon DSM2 Satellite receiver
Nanotech 1300mah 45c batteries
Mobius ActionCam C2 lens
3mm Leds and 22mm Motor spacers
Devo 7E TX

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