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Posted by dsteele37 | Jul 25, 2014 @ 03:28 PM | 1,664 Views
I've been really interested in gliding lately. In the time I was waiting for a flyzone calypso to ship to my house, I figured I might as well have a little fun and make something from scratch for my backyard.

Weight is about 17 grams, with 55 inches of wing area. Motor is a 6mm direct drive and powering it is a 100mah protoX quad battery, and the receiver is from a mini vapor.

She flies really well! I did a test flight in doors and she glided all the way across my living room and smashed into the wall on the other side. Wasn't exactly expecting that, since I threw it from about 2 feet off the ground, but boy was I happy!

Outside she flies dead straight, even caught a few gusts of wind and she gained altitude so easy. Stronger winds just push it around, but that's to be expected.

Definitely a fun little plane to build and fly. I was aiming for 15 grams, but that's okay. And I'm not exactly happy with how far forward the battery needs to be for the correct cog, so I may move the receiver forward some. I am a little skeptical of doing that though, as the wings have a decent amount of camber, and the further forward the rx goes, the less it is inline with where the pushrods need to go. We will see what happens I guess!

For now, I'm just glad it flies, as there were no plans, and I just drew it all up on graph paper and cut it out to make templates. I really wanted to make a pod and boom style glider, and I think I succeeded!
Posted by dsteele37 | Jul 13, 2014 @ 11:03 PM | 2,076 Views
This plane has been 100% a blast. It's got oversized bushplane wheels and ample amounts of power with its plantraco 7mm direct drive motor and tri turbo prop. Battery is a 100mah proto x quad battery and supplies plenty of airtime on half throttle. The receiver is from a parkzone mini vapor. 3mm depron was used as formers and durobatics for skin, using the guillows free flight plans as a starting point. There is also a few pieces of .8mm carbon rod going down the length of the fuse for support.

Led lights are probably my next upgrade, but for now, I am very happy with it's results, as it flies really well in wind and can slow down almost to baby crawling speed.
Posted by dsteele37 | Jul 11, 2014 @ 04:16 PM | 1,684 Views
Really, all props go out to Chris3D and his micro pits, beautifully designed and can scale up or down easily. Lately I've been struck with the extremely small micro bug, so obviously this plane was a must to make!

Plane isn't finished yet, of course, I have a millions projects, but it will use a 6mm direct drive on a 100mah protox quad battery which I found to give an EXCELLENT amount of power with the 20c rating. Also going to use deltang rx 53 with connectors already soldered on, thankfully, but I have taken the Bahoma mags off and am using normal wired battery connections. Planing on a mini or micro act for ailerons and two hinge acts for elev/rud. Should be an amazing machine once I figure out how to fit aileron linkages.
Posted by dsteele37 | Jul 11, 2014 @ 03:25 PM | 1,405 Views
This is a work in progress. I loved the full size version of this and thought, what the heck! Maybe it can be shrunk way down. Foam is 1mm depron formers and durobatics for covering. I really love the slight opacity the durobatics has with a backlight, really shows off the interior structure when fully assembled.

Plan was to do 2 channel, rudder and throttle with a deltang rx and a 20-30 mah lipo powering the direct drive 4mm motor.

Currently, I don't have a great way to solder onto these incredibly small deltang receivers, so this is on the back burner for now, but it's still in my mind!