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gatorb8's blog
Posted by gatorb8 | Sep 24, 2008 @ 09:07 PM | 4,499 Views
I guess this was a comment to a blog so I cut and pasted it into my blog....
now I need to figure out how to change the title!

so I guess this is my thread where I just post stuff that I'm doing....OK
I will keep updating this "mule" FPV summary as I go. (mule is my first FPV plane)

Want to get into FPV? Read this thread:
It's a great intro!

Here's my FPV current set up.
Plane: use one of your old beaters so when you crash you can laugh on the walk of shame!
Pick a plane you know well. The last thing you want to do is learn to fly a new plane and learn to fly FPV at the same time!
Mine is a 30 oz 3D foamie with >2-1 thrust to weight ratio. It has a Guardian 2D 3D stabilizer that can operate via Transmitter in 3D/OFF/2D.
I have the gain on a transmitter slide. I have flown this hundreds of times in 0-30 mph winds. It has enough power to fly in any orientation when power is applied. I chose this plane cause it is beat up, has enough power to recover from most anything (see wounds), fixes easily, and can Velcro gear almost anywhere to it! And, my favorite feature, if I get disoriented I can go to 2D mode and the plane will self level and fly until I figure it out. This was great when flying in 3D mode on FPV while trying inverted and knife edge. When I got lost I just went to 2D mode and "walaa!" back level. Remember, I've flown this hundreds of times and can do this without thinking (which I have...Continue Reading