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Posted by train06 | Jan 16, 2015 @ 08:36 PM | 5,295 Views
finally some decent weather!
I have slacked off on my helis here of late, 450 needs fiddling to stop the tail drift, 250 seems to want to wander too much, 500 still in disrepair but getting there...
SR's what can I say flying very nice....till today....:-(
Stupid me, not enough time to take heli's to an area to fly before work this morning, so decided to take a couple laps each on the 250, and 2 SR's...
First up, modified and bound to DX6i SR, flying nice but tail seems to be wanting to drift, no problem, fiddle with it up 250, the thing is all over the place! What the....?
Fine....fiddle with it later....get out SR II stocker...
Flying nice! Oh man very nice....sweet! Up and down the street I go...crushing along low....after several passes, I turn her around head back up the street for a final run.....Car!!!!! Uh oh too low, bring her up, can't tree!!!!
Ahhhhh cyclic right, too high tree too low...curb curb curb pull up...smack! Ahhhhhh! Noooooooo! Damage report: both plastic blade grips, probably feathering shaft, maybe shaft, tail shaft, tail blade, maybe a servo or two....don't know....had to go to work.....bummed....
Posted by train06 | Dec 23, 2014 @ 01:45 AM | 2,213 Views
update: the 250 is back! Better than ever...flies like a little dragon fly, nice sound, flying very nice!
She's equipped with Xtreme Production 210 blades, Spartan Quark gyro, 30a Turnigy esc, Futaba S3154 tail servo, Turnigy 10MG cyclic servos. I'm very happy with her! I think the blades make it very responding, she seemed very twitchy at first, but when I remembered that I swapped blades from the stock plastic ones, then I got my mind around her....

The Sr's flying as expected, very nice!

The 450 I almost wiped it out getting fancy, whipped it around and got all crossed up, almost went inverted, but got ahold of it, and leveled it out. It still needs some tweaking on the tail but its coming along fine!

The BIG 500....well its waiting patiently on a battery and some little parts before she will begin being set up and ready for air.....
Now all I need is some nice days to fly some more!
Posted by train06 | Dec 07, 2014 @ 11:18 PM | 1,547 Views
I drank and drank many weeks of great flying, the SR's doing so well smooth and behaving....the 450 doing ok, parts progression on the 500 TREX coming along.
The HK 250 kit I picked up although going blind from dealing with those teeny tiny screws went well.....

Just Humming along....high on heli's....
Then I woke up one morning excited to get the 250 into a test hover, I'd finished it the night before and did a quick little hover on it......SWEET! and the sound it made
was awesome! Sounded almost big bird heli....not tinny like my SR's do. And yet the 250 is slightly smaller than the SR is.

The weather was crappy problem I'll just get a few hovers in the garage...
First one I'm intoxicated.....she's sweet lifting right off smooth, and that sound!
Second one the same nice she seems set up pretty good hovering nice!
Then it just takes a turn for disaster! She goes hard tail in past me before I could even think of hitting throttle hold.....BAM! right into the tool box!.....I stand there in disbelief! WTH??? There she laid crumpled tail looking like a crinkle cut french fry....

Come to find out the dog bone connected to the rear servo had come undone....
Now she sits waiting on parts....Tail boom, tail control rod, tail blades, main gear,
Shaft bent....She took a beating....:-(

A week later, out flying the 450 around the neighborhood...after trying and trying to get head set up right I think I finally got it....doing a little test run on...Continue Reading
Posted by train06 | Nov 25, 2014 @ 10:12 PM | 1,753 Views
well the 2 remaining SR's are flying very well right now....
My SR parts bench stock is such that I could probably build 2
if I wanted. But I'm happy to be just humming along both flying
well, and an ample supply of parts for them.

So I decided to pick up an HK 250 kit heli from a nice fellow, that
Had some upgrades but needed to be completed...
Sounded good to me, price was right so I bought it.
Oh boy! Those tiny screws! I had no idea they were the star
Hex type fasteners....the first screw I tried to losen just kept turning
turning, after a couple of different allen wrenches and thinking I'd striped
em, I got out the magnifying glass....damn! Star fasteners!

The kit overal is pretty nice....I was surprised though that it was smaller than
my SR's by just a bit.
The build was kinda frustrating, due to its size and those screws you have to watch it! The servos, I guess I am an idiot or something but I ended up using old plastic servo arms cut down to make fasteners for it....but they work great.....except I will have to split the frame everytime I have to change a servo....I guess until I find a better or proper method, it'll do.

Also I'd advise anyone to find the best "smallest" gyro they can because space is limited!
I ended up putting what looks like on it a giant gyro...a Futaba G401 with Futaba tail servo, and Turnigy 10MG cyclic....powered by a Turnigy Plush 30a esc.

The first time I powered this thing up, I was impressed! Has an amazing sound to it....very powerful sounding, and not tinny like my SR does.
She popped up into a nice hover, really feeling good!
I used an old SR setup in my radio and it seemed well matched to it.
But it's back to the drawing board....the second hover resulted in a monster crash....the control link separated from the swash in the rear and she went down hard!
But I'll get her fixed....sometime soon!
Posted by train06 | Nov 10, 2014 @ 01:36 AM | 2,189 Views
SR1 was purchased new, out of the box it was a good little helicopter.
If it weren't for my dumb thumbing early on, I believe she'd still be here.
I believe she was possessed though. Either that or it just hated me...

It would fly so nice when I wasn't being stupid with it, when I did crash it, about 3 times in would give me fits trying to get it set up again. Then it would just start flying well again. Even when I didn't crash would start acting weird....

I babied it, always replaced, added new parts to it. Was careful with it, after actually learning to fly it. But it would then again act up.

So today, after the other episode of weirdness ( in idle up it developed a case of little or no negative pitch, would just take off and wouldn't come down until I flicked off idle up, thought it was a setting, checked pitch, swash....everything seemed ok. Spoiled it up in the garage for a little takes off hard left, slams
Into a shelving unit, bends, tail, feathering shaft, and main shaft.....

I was furious! Took it over to the bench and immediately stripped it down to parts.
I'd just had enough of it!
The other two have just performed so nice, well except SR 3 it separated the swash just yesterday, but was just about to land it after flying it, and was only a foot from the ground, but one of the twig blade grips snapped, no big deal there.
Well now I guess I have a metal swash to replace the one that separated now!

I'm still disappointed that I gave up on SR1 but I was just sick of it always being the one giving me problems for one reason or another....
I can understand why some have hated this Bird, but the other two, have just made me love em, and not get down on em.
Posted by train06 | Nov 06, 2014 @ 02:37 PM | 2,441 Views
Especially when you have more than one of the same heli bound to your radio!
This morning I finally got a break in the weather/and time to fly.
I broke out all three SR's for a shake down.
SR1 only used low rates (for some odd reason it liked to shoot straight up once I toggled idle up....more on this in a bit..
so it was flown around grandpa style checking the tail and flight controls...
SR2 Flown idle up and around...adjusted some little tail drift checked out A-OK!
SR'3 I am just amazed at this thing! Stock all except blades, performed really nice!
It flew so nice I flew it 2 more times after....

Back to SR 1....I messed with the swash some lowered it a bit thinking maybe some adjustment was needed to keep it from launching off on me like the last time.
(it caught me by surprise the last time, just shot off like a cannon as soon as I hit Idle up.....after filling my britches with fowl, i regained composure, and flicked idle up off and brought it back down.....WHEW!

So once again I thought I'd give it a try after some adjustments.....
Powered up, lifted off into a nice hover, winds kinda kicking up a bit....waited till they died down.....flick of the switch....BAM! she took off, and about that time the winds gusted again.....up up and away!!!!
Then in my haste, I missed the idle up switch, with the throttle all the way down it climbed, I pulled back, and low and behold I did my first inverted unwillingly...
by this time I also found the idle up switch........Continue Reading
Posted by train06 | Nov 05, 2014 @ 04:11 PM | 2,163 Views
Well here's my take tips opinions owning 3 Blade SR's.....
I know this is an outdated heli, ok ok I get it. But for some reason I just love this little bird!
Is it tough for a beginner? You bet! It's CP for one, and it can be quirky, frustrating, and has its potential problems.
I bought my first SR back in March of 2014, after thinking I could fly a helicopter...
THIS IS NOT RECOMMENDED! My heli before this was an MJX F-45.
Although I could fly this ok....notice I said ok...that ain't good enough!
I was not prepared for a quicker more maneuverable helicopter.
My orientations that I thought were good, had not been tested with the pucker factor and real world flying.
I found that it was totally different when panic sets in!

What I would recommend is a sim, and don't just play on the thing! Make yourself work on it.....test yourself in different situations, and all orientations.
Hover nose in tail in right side left side....hold it steady till your sick of it!
There are all kinds of fixed things in a sim that you can also train yourself on.
Tables car tops roof tops.....hover and land on these all orientations!
This will teach you 3 things: 1. that it doesn't take much stick movement to go where you want. 2. You ingrain these stick movements and orientations in your mind. (this is extremely important!) 3. total control over your heli.
Make yourself do these things, practice them every chance you get!

Do this on the sim FIRST! every session.
...Continue Reading