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Posted by pirate flight | Oct 26, 2014 @ 04:34 PM | 1,823 Views
Well my flying all started with a cheap powered glider it is a sky surfer and god it was a blast and still use it today. It wasn't long before I was absolutely hooked on flight. And like most I was eager to get it out I had the shakey legs yet I flew her nice the weather was to my advantage and she still hasn't been wrecked to this day. By the way I fly at the local middle school with my father in nine mile falls Washington in a little town called suncrest. With one plane came another and this little guy was a blast. At only $100.00 I couldn't pass up the beautiful parkzone P-51 with as3x. I still have a blast with it and this is the plane I learned to do a loop and a roll on. What a fun day huh. Now with the newest member in the hanger the e-flite P-51D mustang with As3X. I am having a blast with it and I've only flew it twice one of which I lost signal to but it took the hit like a champ and you can't even tell it was hit. So props to e-flite good job guys (and galls).
A later update with video will be put up of this bird as soon as soon as we get some decent weather
Till next time.....