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This power cell setup has both eliminated the need for an expensive AC to DC power source at home and also lets me charge batteries at the flying field all day without a generator. It's a relatively simple setup. Needless to say, anyone considering doing something similar must do their own homework and weigh and assume any risks involved.

Basically, the Power Cell acts as a giant reservoir or power and is trickle charged and maintained by continuous connection to the high quality CTEK charger connected to a standard home power outlet.

At home, I connect my charger to the power cell which provides ample power to charge all my batteries. If I go to the field, I simply unplug the charger and power cell and take them with me. At the field, the charger simply plugs directly into the Power Cell.

Details and the full thread are available here:
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Bluto 1300

Bluto (4 min 45 sec)

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Well, I've made daily trips to the crash site with no luck finding my Kodo. Man, I really want that MicroSD card back!! Did I mention that?

I missed all the unusually great weather we've had since losing it. It's been in the double digits and all our snow and ice is gone. Temps dropped off quickly at sundown this evening and everything is freezing up again so I won't get to search the creek anymore until spring in search of that MicroSD card (they are water proof). Old man Winter returns.

On the bright side, I'm totally sick of wiping the dogs feet when they come back inside from doing business or chasing squirrels - 8 feet to clean many times a day, won't miss that when freeze-up and snow returns

Anyhoo, *sigh*, my LHS should have some Kodo's arrive tomorrow, well, glancing at the clock, make that later today.

Maybe tomorrow will be a brighter day and I can take to the skies once again and continue my learning with a little more hard earned experience in fly site selection.

I might even grab a few more 2/4GB MicroSD cards and make a habit of changing them with battery changes - they're cheaper than a battery and much more versatile.

Until next time, Happy Landings!


EDIT: Added a shot of my buddies, Bruno (left) and Baylee, whose feet get dirty. Bruno is a 4yr old Shepperd/Husky Mix and Baylee (6 Mos here) is a, well, we're not sure. At time of rescue they said Black Lab/Shepperd Mix but I think there's something else in there like Rottie or Mastiff. Doesn't matter, she's great anyway.
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Mades some progress on the Fly Baby Biplane. Soaked and bend balsa for the ruddr, tail and wing tips. Note that on the wing tips the strips were curved to create the proper shape .

I have based this build on the plans by TJ Blackman shown here:

I rescaled the plans to achive a 22" span, or 1/12 scale model. I have also located information on the biplane wing construction for here:

Attached are pictures of the laminating process.

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I have more but Not at my shop
Sticky: skyline raven
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About a year ago I bought the skyline raven 72 in 30cc well I just put it together wast week with out the manual,it was pretty easy, but now I don't no the CG or the throughs or nothing any one can help I would be grateful
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I bought a blade 450 3d rtf.
The dx6i is mode 2 and I could not get it to bind. But that's a different rant.
So I got the book out and programmed my dx6 blk ....
Following the instructions I programed my 6...

Now I get positive throttle when I move either rudder or aileron to the left... But the throttle still powers up and down.

I'm guessing it's human error on my part so please be kind when the bashing starts...

I never got a flight in and have to replace parts. Frustrating is a mild term.
I have no problems with any heli's one real flight I figuer because they are per set up.

I'm gonna try again starting with a fresh model #
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A straight test of RPM vs PWM showed the dreaded stair stepping.

A test of minutes/mile using the most precise, slowest RPM feedback still showed stair stepping above RPM's where it oscillated. So either the Tamiya ESC wasn't precise enough or the mechanics had some voodoo. It's probably a limitation of all ESCs whether brushed or brushless. The next solution was to install the H-bridge from the G-buggy.

...Continue Reading
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Description: MatCat FPV
The MatCat FPV LC Filter is coming back and now available for pre-order!

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Special Sale: 2 for $23.95, 3 for $32.95

Our LC Filter offers excellent noise filtration for your radio controlled aircraft, quad, car, boat, or any other application where clean power is needed. Typical use would be to provide clean power for your video system so to prevent visible lines in the video stream caused by high current devices such as motors.

  • Dimensions: L: 0.95" (24.1mm), W: 0.8" (20.3mm), H: 0.63" (16mm)
  • Weight: 6.3 GRAMS
  • Input Voltage: Maximum 16VDC
  • Output Current: Maximum 1A
You can pre-order now at, and soon we will announce a new list of vendors where you will also be able to purchase from.

Happy Holidays from MatCat FPV!
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If anyone is interested in blogs about life on a small tropical island, I've had one going for about 7 years now. Google "2 Gringos in the Caribbean" if you want to see it. Don't worry, I'm not one of those blog floggers. I write it because I enjoy it. No money involved. Nothing to sell.

We've lived in the Turks and Caicos Islands since 2005, and I've taken a lot of photos. I started out with an ultralight aircraft, which we sold before moving out of the USA. Then I tried taking aerials using a six foot diameter spherical helium balloon, with a picavet, pan and tilt, telemetry, etc. But the winds here prevent it from being a stable platform. So I got into KAP and have been doing pretty well with it for a couple of years. Now I just received a Pocket Drone this week, and am pretty excited about being able to control the camera platform.

I consider this a learning drone, and test bed. What I REALLY need is a UAV that can handle salt water.
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Here is my review of the Eflite Edge 540QQ BNF Basic. While fragile, this plane flies awesome, but if you look at it wrong it might just break feel free to share your experiences with this plane!
Eflite Edge 540QQ BNF Basic Review and Flight (7 min 5 sec)

If you like this vid, please check out my youtube channel. It would be deeply appreciated if you subscribed!

Thanks, Somethin'Extra
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some flying after the rain
annadel acro -- nemesis mini quadcopter - fpv - gopro (4 min 13 sec)

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More progress on the Summit/SC8 cage. Got all the panels painted and mounted. Lots of little items to get it all fitted, but wasn't too bad (mostly just a lots of cutting and filling).

TA SC8 Cage (ASC89425) is from LHS and cage panels are from TCS Crawlers.

Stickers on the way and maybe will mount a 'cab' we'll see. Now just gotta wait for the snow.

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Carbon Fiber Hardware kits are back in stock! get em before they are gone!
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I had some 5/8" white foam board so I laminated two layers together with some 3M Super 77 spray. Made a pair of wings 2' long each.

My first fuselage was two layers of the same scrap foam. It would glide well if the conditions were just right. Throw too hard and it would stall. Was very sensitive to the 5 mph wind. It did glide with wings level most of the time.

I felt like I was not getting enough speed without getting too much lift. The overall weight was 90 grams and 65 grams without the nose weight.

I rebuilt it with an old aluminum arrow shaft and moved the wing to within about 3" of the front. It took quite a bit of weight to balance the plane. 3 half inch nuts and a 3/8" nut. Wow was I impressed the gliding speed went up a bunch but the lift was still there. It has 3 oz per square foot main wing area. The initial incarnation had 2 oz/ sq ft. Also had a body frontal area about 2 square inches more than this version does.

The smaller glider still flies like it did. That is to say that it has one very slow speed to it. Next I plan on moving the wing forward on a more slender fuselage and adding nose weight. All up right now it weighs about 20 grams.

I have not taken pics of the new beast. Once I get these to glide well, will consider a powered version.
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Ye Good Ole Christmas Flight on the Extreme Flight 70 EXP (6 min 13 sec)

Flight from Christmas. Got some great weather for this time of year. We got out for long enough to fly three packs and back home for dinner. This plane is almost three years old now but still performs so well it's just silly. Castle Edge100 Speed Control, Falcon 18x10 CF Prop, all Hi Voltage Hi Tec servos on 2S 2400mah. Futaba radio and receiver. Flying for Pulse, so, Pulse batteries (2 x 4S 4500mah) in an 8S configuration. Motrofly 4325 I believe... So, happy holidays to you all.
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