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Supersooty's blog
Posted by Supersooty | Oct 28, 2011 @ 06:20 AM | 2,914 Views
Well been moderately busy in the workshop (garage) recently; re-engineering the Corsair retract system. Unfortunately the LADO retracts were not 'man enough' for the weight of the aircraft to I have sadly reverted back to an air system. It is mix and match. I have kept the Black Horse retract units as they seem free of leaks but, the pressure system and selector valve is a mixture of Robart and home-engineered items. Pressure and leak tests look good so far.

The LADO retracts will be fitted to the Warhawk. It should look awesome with these fitted. The LADO retracts are excellent items it was just that my Corsair was too heavy for them. Watch this space for the Warhawk conversion.