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Posted by md6364 | Mar 18, 2014 @ 08:08 AM | 5,515 Views
March 18th, 2014

!I just found out how a blog can be used against you! Makes me wonder if having any personal information in a Blog is a good idea? However, I have nothing that I am ashamed of and refuse to be scared off by nasty JERKS!

My name is Mark DeSchane, I was formally Mode One here on RCGroups. As Mode One, I joined RCGroups in December of 2006 and had 4,258 posts.

I asked to have my account as Mode One closed on January 21st 2014 as I was persecuted by a few people. Some people's enjoyment in coming to this and other forums is to be TROLLS and I had simply had enough! When I had my account closed, I did not think I had any interest in being a member here anymore. However, I realized I had made some very good friends here and wanted to stay in contact with them. The only way I could do so, was to re-join. I also realized that for the most part I did enjoy posting in the forums.

I come here to enjoy myself and to hopefully help those people who I may be able to help, along the way, converse with my friends and enjoy like minded people's company and discuss R/C model airplanes. I have opinions and being almost 64 years old and having flown model airplanes for almost 60 years, I think I'm damn well entitled to those opinions!

I regret now that I had my original account closed. I should just have put those people who loved to belittle others on my Ignore List and went on about my business. I found that attempting to be md6364 without linking...Continue Reading