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Posted by birdofplay | Feb 04, 2011 @ 07:16 PM | 9,889 Views
Dec 2013:

My club president talked me into an interview and this is the result ...

I'm a retired CAD manager with a CNC machine.

I do cutting for fun and to support my hobby purchases.

I don't cut for general income.

I'm always on the look out for an interesting new FOAMY plane to offer as a set of cut parts.

JUST added are the 100% and 75% "The Twins" by Foam&Tape.

My web pages are at ...

Bob Neitzke
Hoosier Cutout Service

I started a VIMEO account for random Vid that I take

Nothing commercial just vids.

Early Oct 2012 I MOVED from Cathlamet, Washington state to
Indianapolis Indiana.

I hope to announce that my CNC operations are back in service ASAP.

Oct 10 :
Travel across country to Indian has Been accomplished.
We are staying with son at the moment.
After viewing several currently available homes we are already "Just About"
to make an offer on a nice, modest, 5 acre, FLYABLE property.

If all goes well I should be Moved in and back on line by Early December.
An new shop building WILL be constructed in the Spring.

OCT 11 -12
Today all out stuff was stored while waiting for the House to be
inspected, water tested yada yada yada ...
We expect to be IN the house by Mid Nov and Up and running for
Foam cutting service by December.

Of note is that I ill now have a MY OWN RUNWAY and flying field.
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