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Hi , can someone tell me were can I get , a well built strong reliable front and rear tail shafts for my axial wraith poison spider...?
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Shetland lies over 100 miles from the northern coast of mainland Scotland. It's an archipelago of over 300 islands and skerries (16 inhabited) stretching 97 miles from Fair Isle in the south to Unst in the north, with most of the islands at a latitude above 60 north. The largest island - Mainland - is 55 miles from north to south, 20 miles at its widest and only 75 yards at its narrowest!

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The Shetland Aerial Video Project is an ambitious project to document the archipelago from the air using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). The project started in August 2014 and will take over two years to complete. A showreel of each area filmed will appear on my Vimeo channel, and the final footage will be assembled into a one hour documentary style feature.

Because of our position in the North Atlantic the weather can be variable to say the least! Wind and low cloud are regular conditions even in the summer months, and with only five hours of daylight and frequent gales in mid winter, flying can be challenging.

Filming is currently done from a Phantom 2 with H3-3D and GoPro Hero 3 Black, with a DJI S900, Z15 gimbal and a Sony Nex coming soon.

A Vimeo album for the project can be found here:

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Hi does anyone no if there is a servo , for a rock crawler that can handle been over steer with out the servo packing it in. I'm running 100% steer at the moment with a Hitec hs 5646wp there's no problem at 100% but if I run 170% it will blow up eventually ?...
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I'm at the International Aerobatic Club US National Aerobatic Championships in Denison, Tx this week.

I got a practice flight in earlier today in some challenging conditions, with a 17 mph crosswind and an annoying scattered deck of clouds just low enough over the box to make things difficult.

The box is well marked for the contest but only a bit of it can be seen on Google Maps here: https://www.google.com/maps/@33.7135.../data=!3m1!1e3

Right in the center of that picture you'll see a white plus ("+") symbol painted on an inactive runway. That's the center of the box. There are two white Ts painted on the runway just north and south of that. Those are the northern and southern edges of the box. What you can't see on Google Maps are the east and west boundaries, but you can probably get the idea.

When you fly in the box you can't very well see all the markers all the time so you try to use landmarks outside the box to make sure you are lined up. In this case we have a white hangar lined up with the north edge of the box, the control tower lined up with the middle, and a red and white checkered water tower lined up with the south edge. Those are helpful markers when you are spinning or rolling around during a sequence.

It's very exciting to be here with all of these like-minded airplane-loving people. I'll try to check in with a blog entry once or twice during the competition.

I'm entered myself in the Intermediate category with my Xtreme...Continue Reading
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I tried different materials but EPP seems to stand out as the most presentable of all my builds.

if they are worthy for Aircraft Kits....Continue Reading
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The New F3A Explorer should be available on the 20th

FMS / DIAMOND HOBBY F3A EXPLORER Full Review & Demo By: RCINFORMER (12 min 45 sec)

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The New F3A Explorer should be available on the 20th

FMS / DIAMOND HOBBY F3A EXPLORER Teaser Trailer By: RCINFORMER (4 min 11 sec)

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Hi Guys,

What I want to share with you today is the 11.1V servo in XQ POWER catalog for big aircarft.

1) 11.1V 17.2kg Digital Servo XQ-S4216D
Weight:56g 0.2(1.46oz);
Gear type:Titanium Gear;
Speed:0.13sec/60 at (9.6V)
0.11sec/60 at (12V)
Torque: (198.6 oz-in)14.3kg.cm.at(9.6V)
(238.9 oz-in)17.2kg.cm.at(12V)
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2) 11.1V 20.6kg Digital Servo XQ-S4220D (for 120cc to 150cc)
Weight:56g 0.2(1.46oz);
Gear type:Titanium Gear;
Speed:0.15sec/60 at (9.6V)
0.13sec/60 at (12V)
Torque: (243 oz-in)17.5kg.cm.at(9.6V)
(286 oz-in)20.6kg.cm.at(12V)
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3) 11.1V 30.8kg Digital Servo XQ-S4230D (for 150cc to 170cc)
Weight:56g 0.2(1.46oz);
Gear type:Titanium Gear;
Speed:0.15sec/60 at (9.6V)
0.13sec/60 at (12V)
Torque: (340 oz-in)24.5kg.cm.at(9.6V)
(428 oz-in)30.8kg.cm.at(12V)
...Continue Reading
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Jeff Bezos has a way of showing up everywhere & where you least expect it. It wouldn't be surprising if the 2016 election happened, everyone voted for either Hillary or Biden & the winner was Bezos.

So after introducing the Kindle Voyage on Tuesday, Bezos was selected to produce the replacement for the RD-180 engine on Wednesday, pending a government contract. The BE-4 engine exists only in drawings, would burn liquid methane & liquid oxygen, & produce 550,000 lbs of thrust. 2 would power the Atlas-6 with slightly more than the RD-180's 933,000lbs.

Methane is now the fuel of choice in rocket engines. Now a rough comparison of the efficiency of the current fuels:

RS-25 LH2:
Isp (SL) 366 s

Raptor (conceptual methane engine):
Isp (SL) 321 s

RD-180 kerosine:
Isp (SL) 311 s

Merlin kerosine:
Isp (SL) 282s

Space shuttle booster:
Isp (SL) 242s

There could be a slight advantage in developing a methane 1st stage engine, depending on the cost of handling cryogenic methane, density, & mixture ratio.

Kerosene density: 810kg/m3
Liquid methane density: 422kg/m3
LH2 density: 71kg/m3

It needs twice the fuel tank size to get 10 more seconds of impulse.

Obviously, the change requires a new rocket, not just strapping on the new engine & putting cryogenic methane in the kerosine tank. It's hard to believe the program won't grow into a new Atlas 6, with a new EELV contract. Once again, what started with importing the RD-180 documents intending to replicate the engine becomes designing a new engine, then designing a whole new system because you might as well.

Of course, the voters could decide Russia isn't a problem & stick with the RD-180. It's going to be impossible to finance a methane 1st stage engine without the government.
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Helping my younger brother, ( and flying buddy), assemble his new Tech One Pop Wing.

This is not really a how to entry. More just a spot to share photos of the build. He has a couple other planes, but this one I had him do "more of the build".

Please keep in mind that he is developmentally disabled but loves to fly just the same as you and I. He has been doing great at flying this year!
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Hey all....I'm going to change gears and go back to the rogallo tow. The build for the Slip Slider is still ongoing, but I have to report that I finally got the boat tow to work. There were many obstacles and problems along the way and I have to admit that the flight was rather short. That's the good news. The bad news is that when the rogallo crashed into the lake, she capsized the tow boat! Oh no Mr. Bill!!

I spent almost 20 minutes trying to retrieve the boat and rogallo. Although some water made its way into the overturned boat, all the electronics stayed dry and functional. Neither vessel sank. (Foam board Rules!) Unfortunately, the rogallo didn't fair too well and came back to me in splinters. (see photos in my thread titled "New Foam Boat build")

Here is a video of the flight :

RC boat tows a rogallo glider (0 min 27 sec)

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Hello All, I'm needing a place to put my thoughts into words on my plans and idea's and to maybe get some feedback from any interested parties. First off let me introduce you to my Squadron
1. I have a fully operational Hubsan 107D
2. I have a Hubsan 107D minus the vtx/camera module
3. I have a Walkera QR W100S that I have never gotten to work on Android
But I do have a Devo 4 Tx. to fly it with.
4. I have a WL V959 that I'm wanting to convert to FPV.
Now my idea/plans are to be able to fly all of my Quads in True FPV mode and to do that I have a HK DIY FPV Goggle kit. Now the 107D Tx. has a video output on the Tx. so I'll be able to just plug the Goggles into the TX., shouldn't be a problem there just need to fabricate a cable to do so which I do have the parts to do it. To do the QR W100S I have a couple of 2.4 Ghz. vrx.'s one of which I plan on mounting to the Goggles and run the vrx. and the Goggles off of a single 2S 1000 mAh. battery so that should accomplish that part of the plan.

Now it starts to get a little more complicated for the V959 I have a couple 2.4 Ghz. vtx.'s that are really small so there shouldn't be a problem mounting that somewhere. Then comes the camera, the V959 does have a camera that comes with it but it only records, it doesn't have a live video output. I have heard that some people have thought of hacking into it to see if they could get live video out of it but haven't heard anything past that point. I also...Continue Reading
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3DR Goes to Necker Island - Full Length (3 min 22 sec)

A bit of sausage making in this video, still allot of great unseen footage. and for the few of you who want to see what goes into making of these short film productions, have a gander. We have been integrating this same ‪#‎followme‬ technology into our UAV line of ‪#‎Drone‬ builds available in customized formability with extensive use of ‪#‎CarbonFiber‬ on Quadrysteria.com. This is made possible through the collaboration with ‪#‎3drobotics‬. Feeling very confident now with the decision to choosing them as an integral partner long before knowing that ‪#‎RichardBranson‬ was also going to support the endeavor. Exciting future it may be...
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Recently produced a mount for the Ronin to fly on the CK800.

Pretty sure there are not many Ronins flying and being on a single rotor has to be rare.

Will post results as they come in from the field.
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3/16x1/2 Bass with a piece of 1/16x1/2 x5 aluminum strip, sandwiched, epoxied and riveted. (My father owned a boat company so I've got a gillion aluminum rivets) And it's adjustable.....so long as you don't adjust it too much and work harden the aluminum strip......it'll crack

(4) 3/32" soft aluminum rivets with backing washers.

Solid aluminum spar weighed 2.34 oz....hybrid spar weighs 1.23......