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Posted by bergenflier | Jan 10, 2015 @ 11:11 PM | 1,913 Views
The Main way the airplane differs is it's different features, but decoration adds some effect too.
Required Mods
- Side Lift Generators
Step 1- On your wing, cut 2 small slits, around 1/2 inch deep, with the end of a scissor so paper fits in the slit.
Step 2- Cut out 2 small rectangular pieces of paper, but medium-smallish.
Step 3- Fold the cut out paper in half in the way it will still be tall.
Step 4- Insert the piece of paper into each slot.
Paper Flaps
Step 1- Take a new sheet of paper.
Step 2- Cut off the 2 end parts that are shorter, about 2-3 inches wide.
Step 3- Tape the pieces of paper and start taping them to the trailing edge of the wing and leave about 1/2-1 inches of space between the flap and the wing.
Step 4- Also tape the underside of the wing to the flaps.
Step 1- Cut out 2 pieces of paper about the same size of the side lift generator unfolded.
Step 2- Make 4 small looped pieces so both sides are stick-on.
Step 3- On the wingtip, put one loop on the underside and one loop on the top near the end.
Step 4- Put the piece of paper on the tape, but make sure the paper does connect to both loops.
Speed Brake
Step 1- Cut out a piece of paper about the size of 2 unfolded side lift generators.
Step 2- Tape one end of the paper on the underside of the fuselage right behind the battery bay.
Step 3- Fold the paper so it will fold back to it's original flat position, but when re folded it will fold out.
Your UMX Radian is now a UMX Radian SSP!
Now decorate if wanted.
Posted by bergenflier | Dec 01, 2014 @ 09:17 PM | 1,644 Views
Scared of the drone ban.
Hope it wont get my micros.