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CNC Electronics

In this 277th installment of our show, we continue our discussion on CNC machines for YOUR workshop. This week we delve in to the topic of stepper motors, stepper motor controllers, and the software needed to make these things work. Just like last week, we have quite a few links to the sites we discussed.


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Demo Reel Summer 2014 (1 min 23 sec)

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Hey-Ya again.
Well, finally getting a moment to post a new build log for one of the current projects in the workshop.

The "Wormburner" project came about when I discovered the new Blackbird 3D camera's on RCG.
Initial plans were to mount it onto my "Blackout mini H" as per its build log, but with the design evolution of the "Warclub" project, I found I had a surplus of obsolete parts that needed some lov'n.
This design was literary Macgyvered out of the virtual scrap bin of parts in a day or so, just to mount the Blackbird system as a test bed.
Most of the components were in stock, but I did purchase the new cobra motors to try out and compare to the T-Motors..
I did however have to find a new supplier for the 3K carbon sheet and purchase some test material to cut out the 3 plates in the design.

So here are some pics of its evolution and test fit of the frame parts so far..
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Nothing pains us more to hear about someone crashing or having a fly-away with their new purchase. There are a few things you can do to help prevent problems like this from occurring. This article goes into some details of how to make sure you have the best experience possible.

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I made trooper Y6 900 as 700 size.
I cut the boom's by 10Cm.

Motor : Sunny sky 800kv
ESC : Hobby King 20A ESC 3A UBEC
Battery : 4S 6200 30C
Prop : top APC 1045 MR
bottom APC 1047SF
Gimbal : H3-3D

Runtime : 5' 35''
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My mostly stock v120d02s going through a weight-loss program.

* Microheli tail blade grip (weight-gain?)
* Xtreme metal pitch slider (weight-gain?)
* Fusuno 130X main blades (-3g)
* Removed tail boom support struts and horizontal fin (-1.4g)
* Cut off receiver mount (receiver mounted on skids) (-0.6g)
* Cut off 3/4 of tail vertical fin (-0.8g)
* Use 1mm cf rod for tail pitch control rod (-0.6g)
* Removed motor pin connector, solder to esc wires (-0.4g)
* Removed temperature sensor (-0.3g)
* Total weight loss so far: -7.1g
* Heli weight without canopy: 72.5g
* Heli weight with canopy: 77.3g

There's more weight loss to be done, like soldering motor wires directly to esc...and also put back in stock tail pitch slider and tail blade grips, and punching holes/trimming canopy.

This flight is with old 450mah (or 500mah) 20c lipos - don't recall as these are 2+ years old and had been used heavily and the marking has rubbed off.:

V120D02S Going Through A Weight-Loss Program - Test Flight (3 min 33 sec)

With the FullRiver 600mah 20c lipo (even though also pretty old), pop is even better.
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A lot of the RC drifters who have a c hub on their drifters are now removing these to give them more steering angle. I had trouble finding any advice on how to do this so have put together a video to show you how its done.

Enjoy and please feel free to ask questions.

C Hub Delete - MORE ANGLE!!!!! (15 min 49 sec)

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Before start talking about ELF X the mini quadcopter, it is necessary to let you know what's ELF X and why do we want to do it. Yes, that's we. Feeling the schedule is tight we must included as many people as we can to proceed the project, hoping to catch up the pace on quadcopter. The project is still in process, hoping to gather useful comments and ideas here for improvement.

What's ELF X?
The name of the mini quadcopter. ELF is a compact size multi-copter series that carries high quality camera and builds up a fascinating virtual reality world.

There are several reasons we wanted to do this:
First, we have be wanting to develop mini open source and easy to build multi-copters. We have carried out some, but not the appropriate "mini" but small in size.
Second, we find sports fans love to have themselves filmed when they're doing the spectacular moves. It would be amazing if we got these scenes automatically filmed, isn't it?
Third, with the booming of 3D printing and emerge of virtual reality, we decided to combinate these cutting-edge technologies to make striking works.

Then it occured to us that it was a must to build such a series. We have no idea if it would shock the world or just give some inspirations to the open source community or not, but we are doing the best and hoping for the best. If you would like to learn more about ELF, please check out the URL: http://www.elecfreaks.com/projects

3D modeling
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= Awesomeness
This new strap is great! it's totally adjustable and holds my radio at just the right height and angle. Now I can relax my fingers and practice my mantra Don't Touch The Controls!! without having to hold the radio at the same time. Now maybe my fat little fingers won't accidentally bump switch ' h ' throttle hold, don't ask... The quick release clip is easy to use yet very secure.
Not to mention the colors all match on the strap and the radio giving a cool custom look to the set-up. It's very comfortable and doesn't roll up like a piece of flat band or cut into the back of my neck. I love this strap!

Thank you peg-leg for doing such a fine job!

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Picked up a couple of cheapo HK multiwii boards to play around with. They arrived this afternoon. Fearing another KK nightmare I bravely started reading. OMG, soon scores of oh $%#$ posts were scrolling across my screen. Lots of folks with issues.

It really was not bad. Flashed the board over to the latest firmware. Set prefs in config.h. Used the win config util. Calibrated. Set switches and she fired up just fine. Smooth as silk. Will do first real flight tomorrow. My work area does not count lol.

I have parts for 3 Tri Copters. This should be fun.

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Flight to my neighbor's house and back. It's my first time flying under a canopy of trees.
Under the trees FPV (2 min 32 sec)

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This story resurfaced again. Pretty sure it has been used since 2010, but the internet has a short memory. More specifically, it's a powered vehicle dropped in the eye of the storm, where there is no wind. It's still impossible to control something that small in the eye wall, but what if someone tried to invent something?


The Coyote UAV was developed in Arizona in 2009 with Navy funding, then was acquired by BAE. It can handle 100mph winds. Pretty sure that's where dmgoedde was hired after his quest to sell attopilots ended & his software is still being used on the current flights.

He all but vanished after 2009. His last sign was in 2011 & he was still working on attopilot.


Making a micro vehicle handle high winds is a big deal. It's probably still a military capability. It would have to be nearly wingless. Don't think Dean disappeared because his work became militarized. He probably just got married, had a family, & moved on to the next step.
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My good friend Steve made a cool little video of my epp edge 540 today... Just having some fun over a puddle.. Haha.

dirty rudder (2 min 50 sec)

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OSD with GPS module Introduction

With time passing by, the simple OSD on the market already cannot meet the needs of modelers. So an unique with many data displayed OSD comes out from AEO---- G-OSD, which is specially designed for micro electric-powered plane with following features:

● GPS coordinate display, time display, airspeed display
● voltmeter and stopwatch
● RSSI receiver signal strength detection
● Programming the display content
● Support NTSC and PAL TV signal
● Support anti-glare shade control signal
● Support manual calibration

There are two versions available, each version composed of a OSD main board and a GPS module.
(1) OSD-EX
Weight: main board 4.6g GPS module: 22g-27g
Size: main board 35.5mm*20.6mm*4.3mm GPS module (36-48)mm*(32-39)mm*(7.8-10.2)mm
Working voltage: main board: 7.4V-12V GPS module: 5V

This first version is cheap with 3 kinds of GPS modules supplied, they are with different appearances but functions are same. It can search for the GPS signal in short time.

(2) G-OSD
Weight: main board 4.6g GPS module: 22g
Size: main board 30.4mm*26.5mm*7.43mm GPS module: 35mm*35mm*5mm
Working voltage: 7.4V-12V GPS module: 5V

This second version is light with optimization programs and uses the advanced GPS module, can search for the signal faster and more accurate, only needs very short time.

For more reference, pls visit our website:
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A couple pics of the most recent build in the Monto lab.

Flying weight 12.75 lbs.
Motors: Avroto 3515 400Kv
Props: T-Motor 15x5
ESC: Maytech Eagle MT45A
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The weekends are looking up. A little bit of the fall winds showed up giving us a nice stiff breeze out of the East. Of course we had a larger crowd. Seemed everyone knew the wind was up and showed up. All was not rosy. More people means more planes in the air. So we had lots of near misses (as you can see in the photos) and at least one mid-air (sorry Gulp and Kunai).
Enjoy the pics,
...Continue Reading
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I have never ever thought that I would actually get a deluxe premium kit for any RC helicopter before. Normally I always got something like this piecemeal, where I buy the basic kit, then later the servos, then the motor, ESC and so on. But never everything in one fell swoop. So this is a first. But the opportunity presented itself for me. So I got my early birthday and Christmas present all wrapped up into one. I bought a Gaui X5 Premium kit. It comes with everything, blades, motor, pinion gear too, 100a Gaui ESC, Gaui servos, and a Gaui mini V-Bar as well.

Anyway some assembly is still required. But it is something I am looking forward too....Continue Reading