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Posted by Pachapapa | Oct 27, 2014 @ 01:33 PM | 2,264 Views
Well, I crashed my Master CP following a completely missed loop
Not a problem, no major damages (tail tube twisted, then straightened, tail rotor twisted, then straightened, and the swhasplate, changed) and winter coming, it's now time to scale it

First of all, the fuselage. I bought an old Esky big lama AS550 fuselage, as a cheap spare. Its size (510mm) is enough for the master CP, and the shape of the tail will fit the particular tail motor of the MCP.

As this fuse is made of thin plastic, I first re inforce it with Dip, a can spray of liquid plastic. I spray it inside the fuse

Then I sand the fuse, to prepare the painting to come.

I cut it in 2 pieces. They will be maintained later with magnets. Then I make the floor on which the frame will be fixed. It is made from balsa wood, and sanded to fit the curve of the fuse.

Floor is made, and fixed to the fuse with Epoxy. The 2 parts fit together properly.

Next to come : insert and attach the frame of the MCP to the floor, and thus for the skids ... I think I will keep the battery box of the MCP with the holes for the skids. I will just cut the legs. This part will be glued to the scale skids, and then screwed into the floor till the frame holes of the MCP (with a longer screw).
It will allow the battery to be outside, which is not too bad even for a scale heli if I can transform it in some tank (some AS550 can carry things under the fuse). Will see .......Continue Reading