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Hermani's blog
Posted by Hermani | Oct 05, 2014 @ 04:50 PM | 2,291 Views

Frame HobbyKing DART 400
FC APM 2.5
ESC Hobbywing Skywalker 40A
Motor Sunnysky 2212 980Kv
Prop Graupner 8x5 e-prop
Camera SJ4000 action cam
BEC Separate Hobbywing 5V BEC

Weight issues

About the weight of the quad: I feel with the cased FC, the GPS, the large ESC's, the video tx and telemetry, the SJ4000 and all the cables that come with it, the quad is heavier than needed. I bought 2 frames and want to build a second, lighter one without the telemetry and GPS, with a mobius cam instead of the SJ4000, use Afro Slim 20A ESC's and use a CC3D controller without casing instead of the APM 2.5. Also I will get rid of the motor connectors and solder everything together. Every gram counts...

If you have any more tips for the second build, please reply..

HobbyKing DART 400 quadcopter - first impressions (1 min 44 sec)