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Sticky: Jumpers Away
Posted by Red.Sneakers | Feb 12, 2016 @ 08:37 AM | 805 Views

Name: Jumper.jpg
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Photo by RCG member Robert Stinson

I have been looking for small parachute guys for some time. HK has a Candy Dropper available that will release the jumpers. I posted a request for links in the HK Tundra forum & the response was great. Decided to archive the choices for future reference.

RCG member [eihoward] commented “Put some weight to these soldiers or they will fly away... Yes I have lost four...”

RCG member [Pilot_MM] commented “Thinking out loud here but you could also put a few holes in the chute. It will do the same without adding weight.”

RCG member [MX48] commented “I taped a 1oz. fishing sinker to my paratroopers and now no more trying to float overseas. Yet they still float down nicely in the wind.”

> Kids Children Tangle Free Toy Hand Throwing Parachute Kite Outdoor Play Game Toy [by RCG member dabrandt22].

> Fun Express Vinyl Paratroopers Assortment Action Figure (6 Dozen) [by RCG member nevenelestate]

> Base Jumpers Parachute Men Red, Blue & Green Gift Set Bundle - 3 Pack [by RCG member MX48]

Posted by Red.Sneakers | Jan 28, 2016 @ 08:49 AM | 1,160 Views

I had some old Lipo batteries that needed replacing. One got out of balance & the other the wire on the balance plug broke due to usage. Discovered the Admiral batteries. Here is why I like what I see.

--> Great attention to detail by the designer. If they pay that much attention to the components you can see, I surmise the same attention to detail has been placed on the internal chemistry & design. Time will tell.

--> The Dean T plug is long, no attempt to save money noted.

--> They have a very unique protective cover on the balance plug to prevent premature wire breakage.

--> Nicely labeled. Would prefer if they had added the word "Lipo" as I also use Nimh batteries that 'look' similar.

--> The 2200mah is skinny & long & the 1300mah is short & fatter - exactly what I need for my applications.

--> Standard industry balance plug connector.

--> I include a picture of the battery with added shrink for stress relief & the tool I use to disconnect the battery without pulling on the wires.

2016 will be the year I try out the Admiral batteries. My expectation is they will perform well.

Posted by Red.Sneakers | Jan 25, 2016 @ 06:28 PM | 1,315 Views
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I fly several models that already come programmed with AS3x. AS3x reduces the effect of any force, like wind, that displaces the model while in flight . It will make quick adjustments to act as a damper. But now I am starting to program my own gyros. Spektrum has made a series of 15 videos to explain this process. So do I really want to continue along this path? I think the benefits will come as we learn more of the terms used & what they mean. It gives me a new appreciation for models like the umx Sports Cub S2 that already comes programmed with AS3x. Surely, all the work someone else did is worth something.

In the meantime, if any of you have a death wish to learn more about AS3x & how to program it, here is the entire series

Spektrum RC products related to this and all other AS3X video's in this playlist include: SPM-AR636 ; SPM-AR6335 ; SPM-AR7350 ; SPM-AR9350

Spektrum AS3X Step 1: Transmitter Setup (Initial Setup) (2 min 17 sec)

Spektrum AS3X Step 2: Receiver Installation (Initial Setup) (6 min 19 sec)
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Posted by Red.Sneakers | Jan 22, 2016 @ 11:32 PM | 1,360 Views
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2015 was a lite year for flying my Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems, due to one thing or another. In 2015 I only flew 505 flights vs 606 in 2014. I was short 101 flights. Knew it by midyear, no way to catch up. The 101 flights cost me 17.9 hours of lost airtime. To make it worse, my average flight time per flight for 2015 was 9.58 minutes. This means I lost another 9.1 hours of flight time due to the mix of aerial systems I flew. So in total, I flew 80.63 hours in 2015 versus 107.7 hours in 2014, for a deficit of 27 hours.

On the brighter side, in 2015 I met some very nice hobbyist at the Club, the Park & RC Groups. At the Park, I helped put a smile on a few youth new to the hobby. I let one fly my night vapor without a buddy box. The other was a persistent young man that was only achieving about 15 second flights before crashing. I was observing him & when the light went off in his head – “do I push the stick forward to make it go up?”. I gave him a quick lesson and when I left he had been airborne for over 1 minute. To this day I still smile when I think about those times.

I had the privilege of mentoring an 11 year old new pilot. Put her through a rigorous boot camp so she could solo before school started. She accepted every challenge with flying colors. She got written tests, verbal quizzes, practice sessions & a solo assessment. She earned her wings a few days before school started.

Overall it was a fun & exciting year
The Best Day of the 2015 Season =>
The Best Day of the 2014 Season =>

Wishing you all fair weather for 2016.

Straighten up and fly right my friend!

Posted by Red.Sneakers | Jan 05, 2016 @ 01:22 PM | 1,379 Views

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I am so confused Is it a Drone or a UAS. The media is responsible for providing the facts, yet whenever they report on the FAA & the public’s concern for Drones, they always show a quad multi-rotor copter. The AMA is responsible for educating the public & it’s members, they too show quad multi-rotor copter in their educational media. Know Before You Fly is an education campaign founded by the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI) and the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) in partnership with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to educate prospective users about the safe and responsible operation of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) & they too show a quad. The FAA said one of the reasons for the rules requiring registration is so they can educate the owners of unmanned aircraft. They also, exclusively use pictures of a quad multi-rotor copter.

If I were a new owner of unmanned aircraft, I would assume the FAA rules only apply to multi-rotor copter. When John Public goes to buy a rocket, fixed wing, glider, helicopter, EDF jet or other non-multi-rotor aircraft, he/she would naturally assume the FAA rules do Not apply to them.

Am I the only one that thinks all these organizations continue to fail horribly in their mission to educate the public?

Posted by Red.Sneakers | Dec 15, 2015 @ 12:29 PM | 2,137 Views

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The FAA has issued its "Law Enforcement Officer Guidance for Unmanned Aircraft Systems" - see attached

February 11, 2016 update: "The Aviation Innovation, Reform, And Reauthorization Act Of 2016" ... is one offered by Congressman Rodney Davis (R-IL) that would create a new class of 'Micro UAS' that would be subject to fewer restrictions than larger unmanned aircraft."

January 22, 2016 update: The AMA says it's ok to fly above 400 feet, FPV as long as members adhere to the AMA Safety Code. Is the FAA ok with that? Let's find out

January 11, 2016 update: Good news, the AMA has reported:
• AMA and the FAA are working to streamline the registration process for AMA members whereby those who register with the FAA will be able to use their AMA number as the primary identification on their model aircraft, as opposed to adding a new federal registration number.

• In addition, AMA members' federal registration will automatically renew provided membership remains active and current. We are working with FAA in negotiating the renewal fee, but in any case it is envisioned the renewal process will be provided as a member benefit.

• In the future, federal registration will automatically be accomplished upon joining the AMA, eliminating the need to register with both AMA and the FAA.

• Q: Am I permitted to fly above 400 feet? What if I had to check a box
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Sticky: XK DHC-2 Beaver
Posted by Red.Sneakers | Dec 14, 2015 @ 07:36 AM | 2,046 Views

I have been looking for a brushless micro park flyer to compliment my umx Sport Cub S2 fleet. Now that Horizon has announced the umx J-3 Cub with a brushless motor & AS3x, I will try that plane next Spring.

In the meantime, I found the XK DHC-2 Brushless Beaver. Current street price under $79 delivered in the USA (I paid $100)

For best price, try
Banggood the price keeps changing between $78.99 free shipping & $89.99 with $19.18 shipping to the USA.

Gearbest the price keeps changing between $49.71 (+/-33 GBP) free shipping & $82.15 free shipping to the UK. Reasonable shipping to the rest of the European region.


~ Wingspan: 22.8" (580mm)
~ Length: 17.1" (434mm)
~ Brushless Motor
~ Electronic Speed Control
~ Servos
~ LiPo Battery: 7.4V 300mAh
~ Gyro: 3-axis gyro lock mode (beginner / stabilized mode / limited roll & pitch)
~ Gyro: 6-axis model (AS3x) plus increases stability as long as the release sticks (Stagility)
~ RTF Tx control distance: 984 feet (300 meter)
~ RTF Tx: compatible with 2.4 FUTABA S-FHSS
~ RTF Tx: Low & High rates (defaults to low)
~ Balance charger included
~ Parts available

Name: HK Beaver.jpg
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Description: Name: HK Beaver 2.jpg
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Posted by Red.Sneakers | Dec 13, 2015 @ 10:42 PM | 2,097 Views

A friend wanted to learn to manage multiple Flight Modes on his DX9. He found this excellent 3 part video. While this example is for a 350 QX quad, the lessons learned can be applied to any aero.

DX9 FLIGHT MODES 350 QX PART 1 VID (12 min 52 sec)

DX9 FLIGHT MODES 350 QX PART 2 VID (16 min 57 sec)
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Posted by Red.Sneakers | Dec 10, 2015 @ 10:04 PM | 2,472 Views

Name: Beaver DHC Antique.jpg
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Description: Beaver DHC Antique

I have been looking for a brushless park flyer to compliment my Horizon Hobby umx Sport Cub S2 fleet. Now that Horizon has announced the umx J-3 Cub with a brushless motor & AS3x, I will try that plane next Spring. I found the NICESKY Model DHC-2 Beaver w/Float Set on-sale for a $59 street price. Prices range as high as $146. Take $59, add an Rx + Gyro and you have a $170 brushless BNF Basic plane with stabilization, Spectrum 6 channel Rx & floats.

Before I comment on the plane, first the disclaimer: Due to mechanic / pilot error, this plane crashed 3 out of 4 sorties. The last sortie was going great until the battery disconnected & it crashed while in fail safe.

The plane has a very powerful motor & prop, so the second you add full power, the tail will lift up. The problem is that it is also heavy so it requires airspeed to fly. Until it starts to fly, anything that “grabs” the wheels or floats prior to flight will cause the plane to tip forward & break the prop. So either assure you have an ultra-smooth takeoff platform or give it a good hand toss for takeoff. Arrive with some power to force the tail down & cut power.

I broke the prop on my first maiden attempt. Replaced it with a GWS EP 7035 (7x3.5). While changing the prop, I removed the Cowl & what did I find, an 11.6 gram loose dead weight. I hate dead weights. So I removed it. With the floats on, I did not see a noticeable change in the CG, go figure, but then I added some
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Posted by Red.Sneakers | Dec 04, 2015 @ 11:56 AM | 2,072 Views

Name: SC no worries.JPG
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At this time of year I like to have a plane or two ready for when it snows. But why wait, just mission it with floats & hanger in the dining room No need to worry, no water? no snow? no worries mate. Just name it “no worries” & go have fun.

The umx Sport Cub S2 is a great & fun plane for the park & club. When adding floats & flying in cold weather, it has two issues that need to be addressed. First, the wire for the floats extends beyond the foam causing a challenge for placing the battery flat against the fuselage. Second, cold weather can significantly cut down on flight times if the battery is cold. So to solve both problems with one solution, I made a shrink tube for the battery. It attaches to the fuselage with velcro, lifts the battery connector to clear the wire & helps keep the battery from cooling of in flight.

We will have to see if this stock motor makes the cut. When I opened the box, you could smell the paint, so I will assume it is fresh batch & by now HH has heard our plight and fixed their production problem with the motors. Time will tell.

Other typical mods for this plane can be found on my blog “Sport Cub Motor ground school” =>

Here are my fav video from last years model

Spring Snow ~ Low & Slow HD (3 min 15 sec)

Posted by Red.Sneakers | Nov 07, 2015 @ 09:20 AM | 2,447 Views

Name: Sport Cub.jpg
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Description: Sport Cub on final

I recently wrote a series of blogs about the motors used in the umx Sport Cub S2. Many folks have appreciated the data & information presented. Here are the links to blogs & forum posts that relate to the umx Sport Cub.

Does a 25C battery outperform a 45C =>

Sport Cub Stock Motor Benchmarks =>

My Micro Motor Warehouse Story =>

Micro Motor Benchmarks for Sport Cub =>

Micro Motor Battle: HH versus MMW =>

Good Bye Horizon Hobby =>

umx Sport Cub S2 ground school =>

Posted by Red.Sneakers | Nov 02, 2015 @ 08:57 AM | 2,462 Views

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Lipo battery safety is one topic that can never get too much press. We all need a Lipo Safety reminder every year. The Academy of Model Aeronautics has written a series of Lipo safety bulletins. Since everyone on RCG is not a member of the AMA, I thought I would share a quick reference summary & links on my blog.

The Articles

LiPo Battery Basics 1 – Safe Use =>

LiPo Battery Basics 2 – Transporting =>

LiPo Battery Basics 3 – Charging =>

LiPo Battery Basics – Disposal =>

AMA Emergency Safety Alert - Lithium Battery Fires =>

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Posted by Red.Sneakers | Nov 01, 2015 @ 06:50 PM | 4,115 Views

AMA Members Speak Up

Name: Speak Up.jpg
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Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Registration =>

It is estimated the registration system will initially cost $56 million to run through 2020. So if my calculations are correct, they will need 2.2 million registered Pilots, every year, to break even. The AMA only has 140,000 + members & 75 years of experience and track record.

* * * * * The section below is now a legacy of the RC Hobby * * * * *
December 14, 2015

The AMA should only deal with what is good for its members; therefore, they should only address section 336 as it relates to the new initiative to register Unmanned Aerial Systems UAS. AMA members operating a model aircraft within section 336 need to be separated from those operating outside section 336. Given that, they must demand the DOT/FAA recognize their status as a nationwide community-based organizations and specifically EXEMPT its members from any registration rule or regulation.

Only 4,436 comments have been sent to the FAA (aka DOT) as of 11:59 PM November 6. We need over 100,000 comments, so let’s get to work. Deadline is November 6 - it's over folks. Click here to submit your comment (leave your name & email blank and the comment will be posted on the public register as Anonymous)

Full exemption from registration of our UAS,
when operated in accordance with a community-based set of safety guidelines,
is the
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Posted by Red.Sneakers | Oct 15, 2015 @ 10:47 PM | 2,867 Views

P-51D Mustang by HiTec

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Description: P-51D Mustang “Double Trouble Two” P2GO by HiTec Name: Blog.jpg
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I received the P-51D Mustang “Double Trouble Two” P2GO by HiTec as a gift from Pilot MnM for teaching her fly the Sport Cub S2. I had tried to fly a P-51 previously without success. I love the HiTec P-51. There is lots of room for the Rx, battery & a Gyro. Yes, I decided to hedge my bets on success so I installed an Eagle A3 Super II Gyro. If you are new to gyros, suggest you do your research to get familiar with the terms, read forums & ask for help. Once you know how to set them up for your plane, they can help you increase your plane’s Fun Factor. I like the fact I can switch between Stagility mode (release the right sticks in mode 2 & it will self-level). I set the bank angle to 45 degree max. Flip the switch to fly normally with the equivalent of AS3x to help with the wind or turbulence, flip back to stability for landings & takeoff or just to relax for a few seconds. I programmed my gyro using the PC as it is a visual interface. I attached the Gyro on the top of the wing and left the programming cord attached so I can make changes. Also installed a Bind port extension so I can rebind & set the fail safe without any hassles. The canopy has enough space for everything. With a 910mah battery, the CG was to my liking. They recommend a 1000mah or slightly larger battery.

As my friend, a retired RAAF pilot, said “Great looking P-51. I'll admit they are a handful, no matter what size, until you become
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Posted by Red.Sneakers | Oct 08, 2015 @ 08:01 PM | 3,172 Views

Name: Failed Horizon Hobby SC Motors.jpg
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WOW Wee, got to love it. So I called Horizon Hobby to tell them about the motors of the Sport Cub S2 (the $99 one) going bad prematurely. The Horizon Hobby representative said the motors are a wear & tear item. He offered to replace 1 motor out of the 4. I told him to keep his 1 motor & I would prefer to blog about my experience. IMHO, this is not a wear & tear issue as the original motors from the first batch of production went the distance. IMHO, this is a quality control issue. So what did it cost for 9 hours of flight time? Let’s see $10.99 + $2.99 shipping times 4 motors = $55.92. $55.92 divided by 9 hrs = $6.21 per hour of flight time. Heck, some days I do 1 hour of flight time in day. Now that is an expensive plane to maintain.

So what will I do?

- I will cancel my order for another Sport Cub S
- I will no longer give the Sport Cub S2 as a gift
- I will continue to buy the Micro Motor Warehouse motors
- I will shift my purchasing back to other brands
- I will write a letter to the CEO about their motor issue, na, figure not worth my effort.

I suspect my purchases in the future from Horizon Hobbies will be greatly reduced. In 2014 I spent over $2000 & in 2015 I have spent over $1200 so far, with Christmas still months away. Final number for 2015 $1,296.95 Estimate for 2016 +/- $500 The good thing is I have discovered some good (& bad) alternate manufactures. The good have provided some very nice planes that I enjoy to fly.

IMHO the
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Posted by Red.Sneakers | Oct 06, 2015 @ 03:46 PM | 3,726 Views

Beautiful Autumn day in Northern New Jersey. Winds light & variable, no turbulence, mild thermal activity, low UV index, temps in the mid 60’s F. Spent 4 hours at the Club, watching very accomplished pilots fly anything & everything fixed-wing electric. Strapped in a camping chair under the shade of a tree, Sport Cub S C9, with a new HH motor, ran through 6 batts for a total of 70+ minutes of airtime. Flight logger activated for the first two flights. First flight did a 360 foot spiral in 12 seconds (30.0 fps / 20.5 mph / 32.9 kmh). A full scale pilot said " that's a lot of G's" & waited for the wings to snap off. Second batt caught a thermal, dead stick glide for over 2 1/2 min, back up again into another thermal. Dead stick from altitude for over 3 1/2+ min spiral & glide to a perfect power off landing on the deck. Total flight time for batt #2 ~ 20 min 18 sec. Sustained winds on the last batt so did a bunch of near vertical elevator landings & STOL ROG to appreciative spectators. One of my mentors commented, "Red, I still remember the day when you would pack up your planes at the slightest hint of a breeze." Hum, I’ll call it the best day of the 2015 season.

Best Day for the 2014 Season
=> <=

Posted by Red.Sneakers | Oct 04, 2015 @ 01:36 PM | 3,602 Views

Air Show Atlantic 2015
Atlantic Canada International Air Show
Summerside Airport, Summerside, Prince Edward Island, Canada

Photos courtesy of photographer Tech Teacher

click ...Continue Reading for more pictures
click on picture to view larger
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Posted by Red.Sneakers | Oct 01, 2015 @ 11:18 PM | 3,123 Views

Atlantic Canada International Air Show
Summerside Airport, Summerside, Prince Edward Island, Canada
August 22 and 23, 2015

Listen to the Leader call out “Now” & Narrow, Narrow” & “Tightening” to appreciate the precision.

Canadian Pride (6 min 0 sec)

Produced by Red Sneakers
Film courtesy of Tech Teacher
Reprinted by permission
No Creative Commons License

Posted by Red.Sneakers | Sep 13, 2015 @ 09:07 PM | 3,606 Views

I was hoping this was the year to learn to fly 3D, it will have to wait till next year.

In the meantime, a friend sent me some links to some good 3D training.
All in all, it is 54 minutes of instruction. Enjoy!

Michael Wargo How to Learn 3D episode 1 (15 min 43 sec)

Michael Wargo How to Learn 3D pt2 -"Throttle, Rolling and rolling harrier" (19 min 33 sec)
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Posted by Red.Sneakers | Sep 03, 2015 @ 04:36 PM | 4,123 Views

Micro Motor Battle

Name: Horizon Motor.jpg
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Description: Name: Micro Motor.jpg
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Size: 219.1 KB

Let the micro motor battle begin. I have several umx Sport Cub S planes. After the Sport Cub motors started to fail way too early, I started to keep track of the number of flight hours each had lasted before failure.

Horizon Hobby Sport Cub versus Micro Motor Warehouse

Here are the standings so far
= = = = =
by Red Sneakers
Horizon Hobby Sport Cub motor
umx Sport Cub S
#01 ~ lasted 2.8 flight hours
#02 ~ lasted 1.6 flight hours
#03 ~ lasted 0.8 flight hours
#04 ~ lasted 3.7 flight hours
#05 ~ lasted 7.0 flight hours
[All my flights were mixed throttle control]

Micro Motor Warehouse motor
umx Sport Cub S
#01 ~ lasted 7.0 flight hours
#02 ~ lasted 7.0 flight hours

= = = = =
by liquidcourage
Horizon Hobby Sport Cub motor
umx Sport Cub S
#01 ~ lasted <2.0 flight hours
#02 ~ lasted <2.0 flight hours

Horizon Hobby umx Radian motor
umx Radian
#01 ~ lasted ~2.0 flight hours

= = = = =
by brokendiff
Horizon Hobby Sport Cub motor
umx Sport Cub S
#01 ~ lasted 2.9 flight hours
#02 ~ lasted 2.9 flight hours
#03 ~ lasted 1.7 flight hours
#04 ~ lasted 1.3 flight hours
#05 ~ lasted 0.2 flight hours
#06 ~ lasted 1.7 flight hours

Micro Motor Warehouse motor
umx Sport Cub S
#01 ~ lasted 7.83 flight hours
#02 - in operation
recipient of the Squeezing Blood out of a Stone Award
= = = = =
by mupepe
Horizon Hobby Sport Cub motor
umx Sport Cub S
#01 ~ lasted 5.5 flight hours
[All my flights were slow usually just above half stick]

= = = = =
by Vulcaneer
Horizon Hobby Sport Cub motor
umx Sport Cub S
#01 ~ lasted ~2.0 flight hours
[Mixed throttle. But mostly half throttle]

= = = = =
For those interested in checking out the Micro Motor,
here is a direct link to the CL-0820-15-9T - coreless motor for micro planes
=> <=