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Posted by kf6bbl | Jan 04, 2014 @ 01:36 AM | 1,849 Views
I want to share a few words with my fellow modelers about my experience with the DJI Naza flight controller. If you just want the short answer and don't feel like reading the whole thing, then here is the bottom line:
Don't buy anything from DJI. The products have serious flaws and they don't support them.

The DJI Flyaway
So I've recently jumped into quad copters and FPV. This is seriously fun stuff. Oh FPV, where have you been all my life? I am an engineer by trade with over 20 years of experience doing product design, so I'm pretty good at understanding these things and debugging complex systems. These are not simple foamies and a few servos however, and the amount of money that you end up sinking into a quality quad for FPV can add up fast. I went with a Team Blacksheep Discovery Pro, and between that, my groundstation, RC radios, etc. I have more than a couple $K invested.

So I went with what I thought was the best, the DJI Naza flight controller (FC). Al of these multicopters are fly by wire by nature of how this all works, so really the FC is flying your investment, and you are merely requesting a maneuver by way of the RC radio. I also got the GPS option, because the return to home feature seems like a good idea and is generally recommended.

But it wasn't until it was too late, did I finally research on the internet about this all too common phenomena called "DJI Flyaways". Yep, my Naza FC decided that it should ignore my piloting and drive my entire...Continue Reading