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Posted by catcat | Mar 27, 2010 @ 03:15 AM | 2,667 Views
have been making cockpits and instrument panels since last year.And this year I am making more new things for fun and to satisfy my curiosity.

This clock is my latest product, which panel is from real instrument panel design, it is compass. I can change it other panel as well.

The most hard parts are hands. I cant find the right hands for this clock, all are over 7 cm long, so I have to trim the originals and painted them again.
Posted by catcat | Dec 12, 2009 @ 02:04 AM | 3,508 Views
I had never seen a dog sleeping so relaxed.
At first, it was sleeping like its brother--sleeping on belly, then I tickled it, he turned around and lying on back, then can see.
Posted by catcat | Jun 18, 2009 @ 02:30 AM | 3,458 Views
The cockpit for F-22 is almost done and only some details need to be added.
Posted by catcat | Jun 15, 2009 @ 10:59 PM | 3,563 Views
I am thinking of painting a canopy. Most of the paint scheme dont attract me. I found below picture which has blue fire looks very beautiful but I dont know how to make it. I worked out a method to make it but I dont think it is the best way to paint.

Could you share your idea how to make it?
Posted by catcat | May 07, 2009 @ 03:41 AM | 3,611 Views
I rode the bicycle to the park and my dog followed me.
name : Dingdang
sex: female
age: 3
weight: 30 kg
Posted by catcat | May 07, 2009 @ 03:40 AM | 3,521 Views
I spent 2 days to make and paint the boxes but not finished yet.
Posted by catcat | May 06, 2009 @ 03:17 AM | 3,404 Views
*** 06 May 2009

Finally, my fuse was done. I feel it is beautiful but my friends said it is not colorful enough and the heli should be colorful. My colleague said he would fly it.

The body is supposed to be pure white but some places are yellow white--it is too dirty to be cleaned. Except this part, my handcraft isnot bad, I think.
Posted by catcat | Apr 30, 2009 @ 02:56 AM | 3,318 Views
Finally, my fuselage is done.

I cleaned the fuselage yesterday afternoon. Very very dirty. Everybody said they had never ever seen so dirty fuselage.

This morning I arranged the techincian to paint vanish. Painting vanish is very skilled work. I dare not to let my 50-day-hardwork to be ruined by myself.

I saw it in the afternoon.Very beautiful!But only the body was done. The vertical fin is on my table still which need to be cleaned after the holiday and horizontal fin --I hadnot touched yet since it is pure white I can leave it to the workers.

My colleague asked my feeling on doing this fuselage. I told him if I didnt do it myself, I would never understand each step and know how workers do the job. I learned a new skill which I never thinked I would learned one year ago.

And this fuselage, I will fly it myself.
Posted by catcat | Apr 28, 2009 @ 03:23 AM | 3,639 Views
***28 Apr 2009

The May Day Holiday is coming and factory is closed from Fri but my fuse is still not finished yet.

I spent more time on it these 2 days but it seemed there was no progress at all. The details on the fuse almost killed me.

The fuse was dirty, so dirty and I didnt know where the dust came from. I cleaned the surface carefully on one side and then cleaned the other side, then I found the cleaned side became dirty again,even had my finger print on!

For this special reason, I worked on the details first then moved to clean it. The details was done today.

Now I dont know whether I should clean it tomorrow. If I do it, Friday one day is not enough for the last step and it has to wait for another 3 days, I am afraid it will be dirty again.

If I dont clean it, I am afriad it will be too dirty to be cleaned after 5 days.

Posted by catcat | Apr 23, 2009 @ 04:19 AM | 3,436 Views
*** 23 Apr 2009

I over estimated my ability. The fuse is still under the "construction".

The letter and bird were painted but due to my skills problems, some parts of the letter looked like to be eaten by worms where should be painted again and some paint was sprayed too much which must be removed by sandpaper carefully.

The biggest errand for now was to clean the whole body--too much dust, finger prints and little paint. My colleague said the fuselage looked like to be put in the trash can for long time.

I believed I could finish it within this week but now, I hope I can finish it next week.
Posted by catcat | Apr 15, 2009 @ 09:41 PM | 3,422 Views
*** 15 Apr 2009

Since we rushed the orders, my fuselage had to wait till 2 days ago.

It was hard to tell the really color of the bird from picture, I had to look for the right color on their website. I used Pantone to match the color and arranged the painting techinician to prepare the paint.

The body and wing were done yesterday. The letter of "Fly My Sky" and "T N " on the vertical fin brought me big headache !

4 hours! The key points were the letter size and where to put the letter. I repeated the drawing work again and again. This simple work made me sweat and tired.

After the letter was done, I sent it to paint. After that, there is the bill and eyes of the bird, then OPV.

Next week, I hope I can finish it.
Posted by catcat | Apr 03, 2009 @ 04:50 AM | 3,647 Views
***03 Apr 2009

There were two of F-16 being installed these days, so my heli had to wait. It had been lying there for more than 2 days and it will lie there another 5 days.

The winner of the poll was done. I took the photo.
Posted by catcat | Apr 01, 2009 @ 02:15 AM | 3,667 Views
***01 Apr 2009

The body of the bird was painted yesterday. The next is the wings and part of the vertical fin because the color are the same.

Since there havent any colors which is similar to the color of the wings, the painter has to make new color.

I went to the workshop to check how was the other winner of the poll, and took some photos. One is the winner which was waiting for drying after OPV, the other is the H-500D queuing up to be packed.
Posted by catcat | Mar 30, 2009 @ 03:57 AM | 3,644 Views
***30 Mar 2009

The fuse was ready to be painted. It has 4 colors including the letters.

I left the one single color places and the rest places were covered by paper. The procedures is:

1. The left places was painting tomorrow.
2. After drying, cover the painted places and remove the paper on other places and painted again.
3. After drying, stick the letter on the fuse, cover the other places, paint again
4. then the bird'bill and eyes
5. the last step is OPV

At first, I wanted to stick the letter as well but found the size of the letter was smaller and font was not correct. So did it again tomorrow.
Posted by catcat | Mar 26, 2009 @ 11:04 PM | 3,859 Views
***27 Mar 2009

Finally, the shape of the bird passed!!! I was sooooooo happy!

Yesterday, I used the new paper bird to build the bird on the other side of the fuse. Almost 2 hours! But still couldt get through.

I spent a lot of time on how to make the line look like a smooth curve which couldnot have a little twist.

This morning, I used almost 1 hour to finishe the rest of the lines and another 1 hour to make the 2 sides of the bird look symmetrically. It was really a test for your patience. I pleased my colleague to do it for me but he was resolving the problems of the tailor-made jets. No time again!

But now I see the light of the dawn!
Posted by catcat | Mar 25, 2009 @ 04:00 AM | 3,809 Views
***25 Mar 2009

After dealing with all the routin works, I went to the workshop and started over my fuse again in the morning. This time without any help of the technician.

I sticked the paper bird on it after cleaning the surface of the fuse. I cut the paper,adjusted the details, drew lines and erased the lines. Over and over again. Half an hour later, I felt my work was done then I started to use tape to outline the shape of the bird.

Showed to my colleague.I had to say my colleague was so strict that he couldnot accept any defects.

I kept on making it after lunch. I even cut a new paper bird to refresh my view. But 40 mins later I was driven to my wit's end and asked for help. I supposed my colleague would finish the bird on the fuse but actually he drew me a 3D painting. His excuse was he was busying in working on the details of AS350.

A little disappointed!
Posted by catcat | Mar 23, 2009 @ 11:44 PM | 3,384 Views
*** 24 Mar 2009

My colleague said he gave me 3 days to finish the correct the bird pattern yesterday. I didnt believe it. But the fact approved I was wrong.

I always saw technicians to make the lines of Bell 222, Agusta 109A, etc. , I knew how but wondered how to make the bird. Now I knew:

1. Print out the bird and cut the shape. Use stick to paste the paper on the heli.
2. Draw lines alone the shape of the bird.
3. Remove the paper
4. Use tape to trim the shape of the bird
5. After finishing one side of the heli, the other side was done by same method.

I spent one hour to watch the technician to do one side for me and spent another one hour to do the other side by myself. I felt I did a good job because I finished 2 hours only not 3 days. Moreover , they looked pretty.

I showed the heli to my colleague proudly. He asked whether I was ready since he only gave me one day one chance to let him check my work. If failed, I had to wait till tomrrow.

After comparing the lines on the heli and the photo and he told me I must re-do it again. The reason is as follows:

1. From the same angle to look the heli, the bird was longer and shorter.
2. The wing was higher than the original.

For what he said, I had nothing to say but to do it again tomorrow.
Posted by catcat | Mar 23, 2009 @ 04:09 AM | 3,342 Views
***23 Mar 2009

The front body was done, very nice handcraft- .

The designer drew the pattern of the bird. So I can start the bird and the word tomorrow.

My colleague said I need at least 3 days to make the bird. I dont believe it! I planned to finish it in one day and then paint it.

After the bird and word are done, my fuse is being my colleage's guinea pig. He is going to make something new on the fuse which have never been done on heli.
Posted by catcat | Mar 20, 2009 @ 11:29 PM | 3,288 Views
***21 Mar 2009

Usually, before painting colors, there are 2 layers of coating on the fuse, one is primer, the other is white paint.

The back body was painted white paint yesterday afternoon and polished carefully this morning.

Polishing white paint is a skilled work. If too hard, the white paint is polished too thin, then have to paint the white paint again, that means I have to wait another 2 days to get it done. If too gentle, it need longer time to finish the work. Fortunately, the white painted was done beatuifully which didnt need to be polished too much. I used 400# sand paper to polish the surface iin order to make the surface smoother. While polishing, I found 3 pin holes. The technician told me they need to be mended and re-painted again!!!

After knowing it, I took the fuse to my colleague to look for shortcut. I was really really mad after hearing what he said. He said:"You have no choice but to do it again".

I have a few things to do next week:

1. The front body was painting the white paint and can be polished on Mon.
2. Arrange designer to draw the color scheme in the computer on Mon.
3. Tell the relative Dept to keep one set of vertical and horizantol fins for me.

By the way, I saw the other winner of the poll in the workshop, very beautiful! I attach the pic of the heli, the real heli looks much prettier! Tomorrow I am going to play wargame with friends.