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Posted by SlowJeff | Today @ 06:27 PM | 16 Views
Spent some time this afternoon flying my Hisky-Buzz-Micro, now officially known as the Whiskey Buzzard.

In the simplest terms, I had all the same problems keeping it aloft that I have with my SCS. I think these planes are trying to tell me something.

I found myself pinching the sticks instead of thumbing them, in an attempt to refine my control, and it seemed to help some.

My biggest single problem appears to be that I have a very hard time isolating fore-and-aft movement from side-to-side movement with my thumbs (or thumbs and fingers.) So when I want to turn, I change my pitch, and when I want to change my pitch I also turn. I make angled movements instead of movements restricted to one axis. Even now that I know this I still struggle with it.

This is a 3 channel plane, and that makes me wonder: why do they move the rudder to the right hand stick for 3 channel planes? I think I get the idea - that's your primary directional control, and still would be if you had ailerons - but I don't like it. I know that I'm controlling the rudder, and I would prefer it stay on my left, thank you very much. I'm having a hard enough time learning this stuff as it is, without controls moving around when I'm not looking. (Obviously this all assumes Mode 2 radio.) And of course you can't change this little all-in-one brick. What They Ship is What You Get, to coin a phrase.

The wind dropped to 3 mph and the rain lightened to a drizzle. Since I'm suspecting the rain is never gonna stop I figured I go with what I had. After about 15 minutes of crashing - oh, and flying some too - the rain and the wind both picked back up, so I packed it in.
Posted by Puterjoe | Today @ 06:01 PM | 40 Views
I've seen a lot of videos with picture in picture with the OSD on the little regular cam in the corner and the good cam on the big screen....

How the Hell do they do that?

Would someone please inform me?

Searches don't seem to turn up anything....

Thanks in advance!!!

Posted by aben71 | Today @ 05:39 PM | 71 Views
Time To Move Some Crates
Posted by Gimbal Guy | Today @ 04:56 PM | 83 Views
After making this amazing Blade 200QX build with the Micro Heli Frame, I got this little monster off the ground & up into the air. The improvements in the movements, responsiveness, and all around aggression were not hard to realize. A couple request from some of my subscribers led me to make this short video of the Quad in test flight.

#quad #blade #horizonhobbies #drone #tested #flitetested
Posted by wingrun | Today @ 03:51 PM | 149 Views
It all started in 1990 with a RC trainer from Tower Hobbies. After 6 months or so my oldest son crashed it due to a stuck trainer switch on my Airtronics TX. I fixed the TX and got an intermediate trainer from TH and all was well again. While doing giant loops I failed to notice that at the bottom of each loop I was getting closer to the ground and guess what, I found the ground. Totaled the plane. I was a sailor at the time returning to sea duty in Desert Shield/Storm so I was done for a while.

I retired from the US Navy in 1999 at HSL-44 Mayport, Florida.

After 23 years later, about August of 2014, I saw a Youtube video of a Quad flight and thought that was awesome and completed some research about that subject. I decided that since I had been out of RC for such a long I should start with just winged flight. I found an interesting site called That is a good place to learn RC. Plenty of articles and many different aircraft shared by many people. I have a Simple Storch and a Bloody Wonder, both of witch are awesome. Take a look at it has plenty of info for new and experienced fliers. Next time I start with my FT Spider Quad story.
Posted by kboyne04 | Today @ 02:49 PM | 233 Views
Hi, and thank you for replying. I was into RC planes 25 years ago. Cleaning out to move I came across my Rossi 60 engine, purchased for ~$250 in 1982, that only has a few hours on it. I sold my 5 planes in 1992 when my twins were born. Looking to sell this engine and came across this website. The engine, mount, pipes, glow plugs, several wood props, and original Rossi paperwork have been stored inside my home for all this time. How do I post on Classifieds? I can't seem to figure it out.

Thank you!

Posted by DJO | Today @ 02:27 PM | 237 Views
Converted a brushless HERO3 gimbal from eBay (~$45) to accept the Mobius camera. Results came out great:

#74 - [RAW] Mobius Gimbal Tuning PERFECT (& GUI Settings) (3 min 11 sec)

#67 - Mobius Setup on Brushless HERO3 Gimbal (4 min 34 sec)
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Posted by ThatsBS | Today @ 12:51 PM | 305 Views
Lights and speed

Night Flight: Syma X11 vs Yifei XS-1 (9 min 30 sec)

Posted by rockyabq | Today @ 12:22 PM | 328 Views

LP and I arrived on Thursday afternoon to very cold and very windy conditions. Intermittent snow flurries hounded us from time to time and we retreated into the cab of LP's Land Cruiser.

We did fly in short bursts, though. LP flew his Scout Bee (flying wing) and I flew my Combat XR (flying wing). We went to Greer for a great dinner at Molly B's. We "camped" on top of Greens Peak that night, me in my 4Runner and LP in his Land Cruiser. It was a cold and blustery night, but the clouds had cleared enough earlier for us to see the conjunction of the Moon and Venus.

Dan, Ed, and Richard S arrived on Friday, a much improved day. The wind was high, though--about 20 to 30 mph most of the day.

There was carnage.

Ed was first into the trees with his Scout Bee. From launch to tree impact was maybe 20 seconds. The plane ended up on the ground, though, with no damage.

LP also put his Scout Bee in the trees--also without damaging it.

Richard S was flying his old 2-meter Alcyone, putting it through its paces for the first time in years. He flew quite a while, but on setup for landing, a gust of wind slapped it to the ground from about ten feet up.

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Posted by shahrammdp | Today @ 11:52 AM | 338 Views
This is Shahram, founder of technology startup, My Driving Pal, based in the Silicon Valley. We are developing advanced IoT (Internet of Things) products and our first product is MDP.

MDP is the newest versatile IoT product that delivers a suite of security, monitoring, and tracking applications. From locating UAV if it's ever lost, to delivering remote notifications to your phone if the interior temperature of your car gets too high, to automatically tracking your bike if itís ever stolen.

MDP consists of a battery-powered device (about the size of a credit card and less than 50 gram) and a mobile phone App. They communicate with each other via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). The innovative device has a built-in assisted GNSS receiver, 3G Cellular Modem (with global coverage), Sound Detector, Temperature, Accelerometer, and Light Sensors. You can place it in UAV, inside a carís glove compartment, under a bikeís saddle, or even attach it to a child or elderly person's clothing. The custom App allows you to easily configure it to the specified asset.

When the device and your phone go out of range of each other (5-15 meters, i.e. BLE connectivity between them breaks), the MDP turns on its MEMS sensors and monitors the object that carries it. MDP's battery last +6 months on a single charge.

Best of all, MDP only stores data locally on your phone (which you can delete), so your privacy will never be compromised.

You can learn more about MDP on Kickstarter at

Thanks very much for your time. Please feel free to contact me via email or phone (+1-925-405-5629) with any questions.

Shahram ..
Posted by Felipe Garcia | Today @ 11:38 AM | 350 Views
syma x8c test flight

syma x8c test flight/ Syma x8c test de vuelo (2 min 51 sec)

Posted by Old_Pilot | Today @ 11:27 AM | 352 Views
One of our club members is retiring and moving to he brought most of his fleet to our Fly-in yesterday...I got this for almost nothing.. freshened the paint and will re-trim it this week.....supposed to be windy and rainy until Thursday
Posted by aben71 | Today @ 10:54 AM | 378 Views
Dropping in to say Hi ,time to go get out and fly
Posted by Puterjoe | Today @ 10:11 AM | 432 Views
I decided that the servo's I had just weren't up to snuff so I sent them back and got these... The others barely fit in the servo slots.... these are snug!
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Posted by Mad_angler1 | Today @ 07:01 AM | 586 Views
There seems to be a few people having problems upgrading to the latest firmware, Me and several other have been working through it and seem to have come up with a process that work's.

If your P3 is brand new set it up before performing the firmware update and connect it to the App, you don't need to fly but make sure you connect the tablet to the handset and turn on the P3 and get it so it's shows connected.

If you. Have not tied to update your firmware please follow DJI procedure first, that works fine in most cases. If then that fails try the below.

Please try the following as we have worked through this all ready with a few people that could not update and had success. Please don't skip as step

1: Turn off the P3 and remove the battery for 20 minutes. makes sure its charged over 50% at this point.

2: Format the SD card again. Use the one it was supplied with

3:.Download the correct file again from DJI website,

4:.Place the correct .bin file from the new downloaded file on the SD card,

5:Turn on your controller.

6: Connect tablet and open the DJI Pilot app to camera.

7: Insert battery and turn on P3 with out SD card in and see if it connects to controller

8: if it connects then shut the P3 off, if it don't connect leave a few minutes then turn P3 off, don't worry if it does not connect to the app.

9: Close the DJI App but leave the controller turned on,

10: Insert SD card into P3 and turn on and allow software update.

11: Check update text file after its changed to finished tones.

12: Then please post the hidden log file located under the MISC\LOG\ folder on the SD card, you will need to enable I view hidden files and folders on your computer to see it

IF this don't work perform again but this time at step 9 turn the controller off.

If this don't work then it likely got to go back to DJI
Posted by GBLynden | Today @ 01:45 AM | 759 Views
This is the Flight Review and Maiden Flight for John with my E-flite UMX PT-17 Stearman. In this video he flys it with some commentary and then reviews it at the end after his flight.

This is a pretty rare thing for me since new planes evolk emotions of "This is mine" pretty easy.

I am proud of how this turned out, so please enjoy the video!

John's Flight Review of GBLynden's E-Flite UMX PT-17 Stearman (3 min 53 sec)