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Posted by Queena | May 14, 2015 @ 04:44 AM | 3,970 Views
Gudsen Tech unveiled a brand-new lightweight gimbal-MOZA Lite, which becomes the perfect companion for lightweight cameras such as mirrorless cameras and common DSLRs. It is much more compact in construction design with only 1.9kg net weight. But its carry capacity can reach up to 3.0kg. So even the Canon 5D can be mounted to the gimbal.

Coming with 3 brushless axis working at pan, roll and tilt, this gimbal can always keep the working camera stabilized for smooth footage, avoiding shakes and vibrations.

Improving from the original MOZA gimbal, this new released MOZA gimbal gives a variety of innovative features.

1. Stand-free & tool-less setup
2. Lightweight design for easily hold mirrorless cameras
3. Multi-functional wireless thumb controller provides remotely controlling of camera and gimbal
4. Wireless video transmitter streams real-time video from camera to the monitor.
5. 3 operation modes offers flexible working environments.
6. A tetachable quick release system allows the gimbal to be easily mounted to a wide range of platform: tripod, crane, rig and drone.
Posted by Queena | Apr 14, 2015 @ 04:57 AM | 1,752 Views
Awesome news! With the grand openning of NAB Show 2015 in Las Vegas, 5 more newest versions of Gudsen MOZA are coming! MOZA unveils 4 all-new hand-held gimbals and 1 upgraded Wireless Thumb Controller at Las Vegas NAB from April 13th to Apr 15th, 2015. This begins a new chapter in MOZA history stage, striving MOZA to become a comprehensive stabilization system platform for cinematographers and filmmakers.

The exhibited products support a variety of cameras range from the large-sized like Red Epic, to mini device as GoPro and Sony action camera. The event symbolizes a huge leap in camera gimbal technology. The difference among those series only lies in the size of device they could hold while the quality and technique remain the same. Each unique feature and usage operation will be fully demonstrated at the NAB show.

Glance of the 5 Exhibited Products:

MOZA Pro: A comprehensive and ultimate hand-held Camera Stabilizer specially-designed for professional cinematography, offering the optimal solution to camera stabilization system to capture extremely smooth footage.

MOZA Lite: An amazing lightweight 3-Axis hand-held gimbal can support mirrorless cameras and common DSLRs up to Canon 5D Mark III. Portable, compact and easy to use!

MOZA Mini comes in two versions: one supports for GoPro4/GoPro3+/GoPro3 and the other for Sony HDR/FDR series. The all-in-one hand-held portable gimbals with simple operation, letting GoPro and Sony action cameras keep steady to...Continue Reading