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See all the current RC related stuff for sale on my website. I have everything from airplanes to multi-rotors.
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Took my Syma X5c out for an evening spin
Syma X5c of the porch (1 min 37 sec)

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Memorial Day Part 1 (Sunday) - Finally, a break in the storm clouds happened and I was able to take my Sport Cub S2 "Blaze" out for a few flights, before the next set of storms moved in. It was a very peaceful and relatively calm day at the park with no one else around but the birds. Gotta love days like these when all you have to do is fly. Hope everyone is enjoying their Memorial Day Weekend!

Parkzone Sport Cub S2 "Blaze" - Calm Before The Storm (5 min 53 sec)

Aircraft: Parkzone Sport Cub S2
Camera: Mobius Wide Angle HD
Battery: Lectron Pro 3S 2200 mAH 50C
ESC: Eflite 30-Amp Pro Switch-Mode BEC Brushless (V2)
Prop: APC 10x7 Slow Flyer
Spinner: Eflite 4mm Prop Adapter with Collet
Wheels: Dave Brown 3-1/2" Lite Flite
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Return of the Pan Am Boeing 707 RC Airliner! (7 min 17 sec)

It Took me 4 Years of trial and error to get my scratch-built RC Boeing to fly like this!

I'm grateful for all the support From The Greatest RC-forum on Earth RCG!
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Item: Summer

Controller: mini 32bit Alexmos Controller

Weight: 1790g ( not including the camera)

Total Weight: 4.74kg ( Including the package)

It is Play & Plug option, with low weight for this gimbal.

IMPORTANT: Camera size requirements: the maximum horizontal length between gravity and
Roll axis is 75mm; Width of camera is 147mm, height is 157mm as above picture shows.
While mounting camera, please keep the camera power off.
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Hey, Friends,

DYS released the mini 250 frame with BE1806 2300KV, and mini 20A esc with BLHeli firmware, CC3D and 5030 props, here is the images for your review and welcome to contact DYS to make the order, Due to DYS is manufacturer and provide all the goods to the distributor, so, you can contact with the dealers directly for the final product selling:
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The slat system on the phantom F-4S from Shenzhen Lanxiang alias LX-Models is nice, but the concept and realization is very poor and almost not working. The rod-system is wobbly and not precise, this can lead to unstable flight conditions.

I decided to remove the original rods of the system and replace it by a 4g servo for each slat.

After doing this almost no weight difference and very precise steering of all 4 slats without any slackness:

Vorflügel Optimierung / Verbesserung - Slat modification / optimization - Lanxiang Phantom F-4S (0 min 38 sec)
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I thought I would give a quick introduction to a project I've been working on for the past month or so: PeasantCopter! PeasantCopter is a cheap 270-size plywood miniquad designed to be affordable, durable, and customizable. A few of its design features include improved battery placement to provide proper center-of-gravity when using larger batteries (tail-heaviness tends to be an issue in other miniquads when using large batteries), the use of standard 4-40 fasteners available in any neighborhood hardware store, and plywood construction, which makes the airframe lightweight, durable, and easy to cut, glue, or customize in any way one sees fit.

The frame also sports a fully-enclosed camera cage capable of mounting a GoPro, as well as space for mounting a Mobius ActionCam. Right now the frame is in the pre-production process and will be undergoing flight testing for the next few weeks, but plans have been made to turn it into a kit ($35-40 price range) if there is sufficient interest. What do you guys think?


Thanks for stopping by!
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I am happy to report the maiden went fantastic! I had a nice little support staff with multiple cameras and even my mom showed to lend her support. After running through the pre-flight check list it was finally time. There was a healthy crosswind but it proved to be a non issue. My hands were sweaty as I battled the nerves but once I committed, she raised off the ground in a nice scale takeoff and off she went!

I raised the gear fairly quickly and boy did I need to add A LOT of up trim! The flight was quick, only 2:30 just so we didn't push it and then we could gather the data and adjust the time. She flew every bit as nice as I heard and expected. Never flown a P-38 that wasn't a nice flyer and she is no exception.

The 2:30 came up quick of course so I dropped the gear and setup my approach. I didn't use flaps because I was too nervous to test them and I just wanted her down in one piece so I came in at a decent speed, not too fast, not too slow and she landed wonderfully! A little bounce but overall I was happy with the maiden landing. She's in one piece!

Power was great. Never felt like I didn't have enough "oomph". I flew at around mid to 3/4 throttle for most of the flight. She's at 147 watts per pound (20.5 pounds AUW) so my setup works great.

I can finally enjoy some wine and relax!

I hope you enjoy the video!

Legend Models P-38 Lightning Maiden - Memorial Day Tribute (8 min 44 sec)

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Awesome plane !

TBRC 60 v2 - Maiden flight (4 min 34 sec)

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Took the E-Flite Carbon-Z Splendor up today (2015-05-11). I had my Canon HX-A1 camera with me so I could film some of the guys flying, but then a friend offered to film my Splendor. As I had the Mobius Action Cam attached to the Splendor's spare canopy, I got to film the flight from both angles -- from the ground up, and from the air down! Unfortunately, the Mobius Action Cam doesn't use the same frame rate as the professional Canon camera, so the video gets out of sync. This is (fairly) easily corrected by judicious use of cutaways in editing! :-)

Splendor and Mobius Action Cam 2015-05-11 (6 min 45 sec)

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Took a regular Dromida Ominus Quad and converted it into an fpv quad using a horizon VA1100 micro camera. First I cut off the beak so it was flush with the plastic support that runs across it. I then cut out a thin piece of plastic to match the opening created and glued it in place with gorilla glue. Then stuck on a piece of thick double sided tape and then trimmed the tape so it would fit in the va1100 cameras recess, then for extra support applied some rubber cement to each side of the camera to give it even more support (knowing that the camera can still be removed because the rubber cement is not permanent ) then I dremeled the little stop piece for the battery ( located by the red led on the back end of the quad) so I would be able to insert the battery from the rear because the front will be blocked by the camera (battery fits snug to begin with so no issue of it moving around during flight) then attached the 150mah battery that supplies power to the camera on the side of the battery housing using Velcro on each of the 2 supports.
Have not flown it yet, will see how she handles tomorrow, might have to play around with the weight though or hopefully its a small trim here and there, we will see....Continue Reading
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This is a great read for using the Lemon RC PPM on the EOX while using a deviated Devo TX. I used it to set up my Devo 7e.


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Hey guys. I picked up the Syma X13 storm as it looked very cool and was a decent price but it has a gyro issue where it will sometimes just flip over and dive bomb or it will not hold pitch. Others have confirmed this so it is not just mine. In my review it happens several times so you can see what I mean. Let me know if you have one and what it does. I would NOT buy this again though. I hope I saved you some money.

Here is my review:
Syma X13 Storm Review and Flight (17 min 9 sec)

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Purchase from RTF ($28):

I was excited for this quad as it is brand new and looks awesome but upon testing I found that it has a few problems that make it really hard to fly sometimes :/ I cannot recommend this as it just does not fly well as the time...Please subscribe and stay tuned for more!

Syma X13 Storm Review and Flight (17 min 9 sec)

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Purchase from RTF ($12)US:

Purchase from RTF ($11.29)US:

This little heli is two channels (2ch) and is only $10 from the U.S. Naturally I had to get one. Overall it is a good value for the price and flies well and just drifts a little to the left. Thanks for watching, please subscribe, and stay tuned for more coming soon!

Quinsong QS-5013 Review and Flight (7 min 31 sec)

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Purchase charger from ($46):

Purchase power supply from ($8):

This is a great way to charge your batteries much faster, efficiently, and safely! Not only is it much better than the stock USB chargers but it is not that expensive. There are way more expensive chargers out there but for the price I think this is the best choice as it has many features some of which most people wont use. Thanks for watching, please subscribe, and stay tuned for more!

Tenergy TB6B Review and Demo (7 min 33 sec)

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A while back, I became somewhat obsessed by McCutchen machines (also known as Charybdis, Rotoriser etc). Memories of my youth include these things burping and farting across the field at head height, powered by small diesel or glow engines, never quite on tune.
So I figured a modern one might work, with a brushless motor and lipo (NiCads at first).
The first seven failed to climb, then success with #8 that rose happily towards the ceiling, confounding the doubters!
As you can see, they got stranger and stranger as time went by...
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Enjoying the calm Colorado weather with some Aerobatic Sport Flying with my scale Parkzone Sport Cub S2. Hope everyone is enjoying the Memorial Day Weekend!