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You fly everything you brought and they all come home in one piece and all the batteries are drained.
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boom weight will drop total due to extra length that will be removed
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Well the wife is home from the hospital so I have had a little more time in the shop this week. One of the things that I was anxious to get to was finishing up the Playboy. I love to old models as they seem to have so much more character. This particular model was built many, many years ago and was showing her age when I got her. See my previous threads on her restoration for an idea of just how bad she was. My eventual goal was the avionics equivalent of a resto-rod.

At some point, some one had redone the wing and horizontals in transparent red and the vertical was a sort of metallic green. After repairing what needed to be fixed and lengthening the nose, I sprayed and covered the main body and new nose with a solid red and did the remaining fuse with transparent green in keeping with the original colors.

As it sits now,
FrSky V8R4 rx
Rimfire 22M-1000
Park Flyer 20A ESC
2 Tower Pro 9gm servos
Zippy 2200mah 2S 40C or Electrifly 1250mah, 2S, 20C

Should be doing the maiden now but the winds are agreeing.
We'll see how she flies soon....Continue Reading
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Assessment of My Slope Experience

Part 1

I’ve tried to start this particular entry many times. Sometimes when I think about what I need to say, it simply becomes too complex and even overwhelming. One thing seems perfectly clear…I’m really not writing this for anyone else but myself. Perhaps as a means of organizing my thoughts which will ultimately allow me to move forward.

I’ve been haunted by the notion that I don’t know nearly as much as I thought I did.

I think when you produce slope planes for nearly ten years and you hear back from customers about how great your design are and how well they perform, it is easy to think that you know a lot more than you do. I began to think that I knew just about as much as anyone about this industry. It’s clear that I was deceiving myself.

“Foamies” are only a small part of the slope world. When you consider glass planes, DS machines, racers, giant thermal ships…foam planes only occupy a small slice of the slope world.

There are even some that dismiss anything made of foam as not “real” slope planes. They are merely a stepping stone to the real world of slope soaring…highly technical machines that perform on a whole different level.

There is no question as to why I turned to designing small, light aerobatic foam planes. It is a direct result of 20 years of flying at Ellwood in Santa Barbara. So much of what we design is highly influenced by the slope(s) we occupy. Ellwood was my home slope. There...Continue Reading
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FS-T6 V911 Settings
Helicopter fixed pitch.

Dual rates 1
Ch1 & Ch2
Rate 100
EXP 40

Rate 70

Throttle curve normal

Idle up

Mix #1
Master Ch2
Slave Ch3
POS mix 20%
Negative mix 0%
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Yes another review? Just my 2 cense.

I really tried hard to hold of on this helicopter for 2 reasons.
1. I believed from what I had heard from others this was a heavy 2S brushless, and that would be equivalent to a broken helicopter and a 3 week waiting period for parts on the slow boat from across the pond.
2. New products always seem to have issues (example) wish I had waited on getting the v2 80, it was like next day after it was shipped I read about servo lag.
As fate would have it Banggood puts the HCP100S in the US Warehouse. And I just sold a Quad I had built so had the funds in hand. I could not resist any longer.

My new adventure was started with plenty of caution, this was small but a monster in power. Firs thing I did was secure wires with hot glue by tail motor, antenna and motor wires. Mine did not have the over tight servo wires that some reported.
I did not want to lose factory set up so created a copy in my X-6S and named it S100 as opposed to factory set up 100S. So now I can play and still have factory settings to refer back to later. Below are settings I changed or played with.

Dual rates Have expo all at 0
1 0
For me it is easier to flip the switch forward if I get in trouble.

Throttle curve
Normal IDLE0 IDLE1
L=0 L=100 L=100
1=45 1=90 1=95
2=55 2=80 2=90
3=75 3=90 3=95...Continue Reading
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I recently acquired 2 NIB engines and decided not to 'save' them for later. I put them on the stand and began breaking them in. At the time of running today the Saito has 2 tanks on it, the second being what is shown here, the Enya is on its third tank shown here. So obviously this isn't the best means to compare them, but this is how I did it.

The weather conditions were a perfect 65 F with humidity of 34%. I ran 10% Omega and identical 11x6 APC propellers. I started each engine up and allowed them to run at mid throttle for 1 minute to warm up. I then adjusted the high speed needle to peak RPM 1 time on the Saito and twice on the Enya. I did not let either sit at that setting for very long at all as you will see. I recorded a peak RPM and then showed a bit of the idling characteristics.

Each engine started right up once properly primed. Each engine reached a peak RPM of 11,040 RPM before I decided to back them off.

Here are some manufacturer specifications for each engine
Enya 46-4C
Weight 385g
Practical RPM range 8500-13,000RPM

Saito FA-50
Weight 435g

Saito 50 startup:
Saito FA 50 startup (0 min 38 sec)

Saito 50 runup to peak....Continue Reading
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The plywood forward fuselage bulkhead that was supplied with the kit seemed a bit too small. So I measured the front of my fuselage and drew it in CAD. From there I drew a bulkhead that fit better. My design has a larger opening for better access to the inside of the fuselage and it also provides some support for the fuselage planking. I printed it and transferred the shape to some 1/16" plywood then cut it out with a scroll saw (thanks Warren, again). 1/16" plywood gussets reinforce the screw holes and increase the glue surface at the front of the fuselage. 2-56 T-nuts fill the screw holes and are secured with medium CA. After some careful sanding the assembly was glued to the fuselage with 30 minute epoxy. 1/16" balsa planking was attached to the fuselage in the area beneath the pylon. The plans don't specify which way to run the planking grain but some other plans I have seen direct the builder to run the grain vertically. That would have been a royal PITA so I ran the grain horizontally. This allows the planking to follow the contour of the fuselage closely and sped up construction time. The hatch turned out surprisingly well. So well that I may consider a career change and become a cabinet maker.
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I love to watch crazy wing suit pilots!

Dream Lines Part III - Wingsuit proximity by Jokke Sommer (5 min 23 sec)

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We pass some crazy stuff as we drive around to flying sites. So, I incorporated some into the mix of flying the New Twisted Hobbys Edge 540 Mini. All the scenery is on our way to and from the gym where we fly and is within a few minutes of our house. Today is the last day of indoor for the season.

I hope you enjoyes all of the indoor flying this year and I wish you all a lot of luck with your spring/summer/fall flying! Thanks for helping to make this hobby great and to spread the word!

Big Cement Pizza Guy (3 min 30 sec)

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Ajoutée le 27 mars 2015
Hi this is my 5 th homemade RC plane (GREEN HORNET) agile and so fast, basically inspired from CALMATO with my own conception of inner parts , The machine shown in the video,as you can see was built mainly for this kind of planes, it consists of( scroll saw-drill holder-and sander), the idea is 3 in one , soon i will present it with more details .
homemade GREEN HORNET rc plane 2015 (6 min 26 sec)

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HCP80 V2
The V2 Is my biggest disappointment I was hoping it would be like its brother the famous HCP80 V1
Or like my V977 BUT with adjustable curves and even more durable and more user friendly inside due to its size.

In 6G it hovers like a quad and works as it should no complaints. I have very very little room inside so my V911 Is still king. May be the ticket for someone with more room. Outside for me 6G is to limited and I find I am fighting stabilization to get it to move.

In 3G it has a very slow servo response what some call a lag, so you never feel connected. I have tried to mask it with expo/dual rates but just don’t handle like the HCP80. I have tried higher C rated batteries but still the same.
I heard they stopped production and are working on it but it has been awhile and have not heard more.

I can not recommend this helicopter at this time.
I have put it on the shelf and if I don’t convert it to a v1 it will be downer parts for my V1.
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FPV Quadcopter - TBS Discovery - Bridge River Kwai - Wat Phra Samut Chedi - Thailand - Dragon Link (4 min 49 sec)

FPV Quadcopter - TBS Discovery - Bridge River Kwai - Wat Phra Samut Chedi - Thailand - Dragon Link
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I had a fire when I taxi the plane at home . Was the Tricolour Italien scheme.

Fix the damage and try to match the color but was to much . I painted with latex and I flew the plane but my paint job was not that good....
I liked the JetCat 70 was 13 lb trust and push the plane adequately . Finally I decide on a more powerful engine a JetMunt 100XL @ 23 lb, and+l less hardware to install
I completely removed all the paint with paint stripper, what a mess
Still not perfect but much more happy with result
I use Klass Kote , grey under and kaki and brown for the camouflage . The decal are from Callie Graphic. marking the Saoudien Air Force.
I bought this jet ~500 $ was lots of effort , fixing and repainting . Its worthy because is an excellent plane . I will post later when the weather permit a video with new paint job.
Only thing I have to do is clear coat and reinstalling all the equipment ...Continue Reading
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I have been mostly flying the simplecopter mini tricopter. Recently, I rebuilt a ZMR250 and flashed BLHeli on my 12amp Afro ESCs with OneShot enabled and tried using PID settings posted by Charpu. The ZMR flies so solid now. I'm still working on balancing one of my motors because I'm getting some Jello in my videos, but I really like it!

ZMR250 Tilted Camera and Charpu Naze32 Tuning (2 min 30 sec)

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Just maidened my DYNAM Seawind colored with tropical design.
All paints are used fluorescent colors.
It's pretty visible even cloudy sky.
I named this plane "Tropical wind".

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Just bought this glider from a swapmeet today , needs a bit of tlc hope to fly it in the summer
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Hi there every one. I did read in the delta ray upgrades that some one had put the 180 pro motors in nad from memory, they lubricated the brushes and bedded the new motors in. The reason iam asking is , I can not find the page with this on. All help would be appreciated. Regards Phil in Australia
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I just started trying to give some of my vids more emotion

P51b sail

Watermark tiggy

The ultimate durafly vampire movie

P51b SAIL (3 min 49 sec)

...Continue Reading