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Posted by haibardolaza | Nov 06, 2010 @ 06:29 PM | 1,719 Views
last all saints day (november 1, 2010) i flew my modified 4 channel helicopter at the cemetery and the people were awed stucked!!! my helicopter looks like a piece of flying junk!!! it is a modified walkera dragonfly 4 that i took off the canopy, placed fuse on each positive connection of motors, changed the very small n20 tail motor into a 180brush airplane motor with matching airplane propeller and used a li-ion ICR 1850 1500mah battery made the heli fly for 10mins!!!! i cant believe how great is the walkera DF4 gyro for maintaining the tail after changing into a larger tail motor!! i have learned to modify my aircrafts after years of almost reaching the breaking point of sanity!!!hahahahaha!!!!!