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Posted by justice_purdue | Dec 31, 2014 @ 03:13 AM | 1,478 Views
Hey guys! A quick background - I'm an aero engineering student at Purdue University. 4 months ago, I knew nothing about this hobby. However, this last semester, a group of students and I built an rc plane from scratch for senior design and I've become hooked. This is such a great hobby! I just wanted to share some of our work. Enjoy! Comment with questions if you have them.

In this first video, we bring the aircraft down with a parachute. We were interested if a parachute could be used to make an out-of-control aircraft safer to civilians on the ground. We found that with a modestly small chute placed at the right location, it works quite well! The aircraft was unscathed and we flew again the next day.
aae451 Purdue Fall 2014 Final Presentation (4 min 41 sec)

In this video, we started playing around with the PID controller on the APM 2.6. Got some pretty cool results when comparing stabilized flight to non-stabilized flight.
AAE 451 Purdue Fall 2014 Flight 3 Summary (3 min 51 sec)
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