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jim e's blog
Posted by jim e | Sep 26, 2014 @ 07:14 PM | 1,414 Views
mostly inappropriate pictures of my retirement project- a do it myself oak maple pine and hemlock garage with wood boiler basement, radiant car pads and 22'x 32' loft with cathedral ceiling and the built in place SSP's (stressed skin panels) for insulation.
Repaired the flashback after it's short maiden 2 summers ago- new 10mm stick mount ripped from maple, repaired the canopy and loose servo mount- only weights 310 grams plus battery weight. With the 6x4 prop it should be manageable.
pics: roughed out mostly oak boards stacked by thickness, long boards and odd ones yet to be trued and ripped, framework for stressed skin panels mostly half lapped oak and maple, PTO troy bilt chipper, two of ten (bit of #3 actually) troy bilt machines i have....Continue Reading
Posted by jim e | Jul 03, 2014 @ 07:16 PM | 2,204 Views
Been flying the slo bipe in field across the street- 8 plus minutes on 3s 500 taking it easy. Hinge Tape repair holding up well-plane very responsive and handles wind okay if you don't mind bouncing around. Field is too small for reflection bipe- have to go to larger field.
With some trimming (w/chain saw) to 28" diameter (max width capacity of bandsaw mill) was able to saw up the largest log i have dragged to mill. (took 2 plus saw chains because of all the dirt). Had to use come along to pull (and trimmed) log so i could squeeze in the log turner winch onto the rail where it goes. Then it was the usual process of squaring up the log (into a "cant") and producing 28 or so 1" boards, the last dozen or so 12 1/2" wide, the rest wider-about 250+ board feet from that 11' log. Need about 700 board feet for loft subfloor. I find the sticking and stacking the most time consuming/tedious. Will saw some more 12.3' x 1 3/4" x10" joists next- need 13 more plus a couple 3 1/2" thick ones. Found two different people to help with pour- one fellow at 1/3 the price. Take a guess @ my choice?
Posted by jim e | Jun 14, 2014 @ 03:44 PM | 2,338 Views
Did maiden the slow bipe and quickly switched to 2s battery-way too much on 3s but flies great on 850-2s. Will be a long while before i fly most of the fleet. Job #1 is continuing on the garage and that includes sawing a lot of (mostly) pine trees. The crawler works good and i hope to have the winch working soon but since it does the job without it and can't afford to spend too much time on restoration may be awhile. Also have wood working machinery repair here and there as my equipment is mostly very used.
Next major task is pouring pad for basement and front apron. Then i will be sawing joists, subflooring and staircase parts if needed. Won't be done by winter but wife should be able to park in one bay.
Posted by jim e | Mar 10, 2014 @ 08:12 PM | 3,949 Views
Flying the F45 FP heli- used a servo wheel to replace lost in crash top button. Also flying the electrified 275g (plus 50-60g batt.) flipper hl glider.
Most important project is the crawler i got to drag the next batch of logs to the mill. After putting a deposit on it at egpt. dealer the left final drive broke (main bearing (while they were getting it going)) so i had to pay a lot more to get the repaired crawler. It now runs much better since i rebuilt the starter, set the timing, set the valves, adjusted the carb and cleaned and painted the serviced items. Just got to get a handle on the various fluids and get the winch going. Runs very good now- it is four years younger than me!! (11/30/1953 date of mfg.)
Posted by jim e | Mar 06, 2014 @ 08:10 AM | 2,648 Views
Imagine my consternation when a glass full of People's Pint Imperial Stout was suddenly all over our kitchen counter because a glass purchased from the VT Harpoon brewery split in half. Glass was room temp and stout came from refrigerator.!! Have written to them but they ignore.
To haul the next set of logs to the mill i have splurged on a crawler almost as old as me. Still serviceing it- ran but starter died, oil bath air cleaner full of ice, hydraulics need work (winch) etc.
Fixed the glider crashed in previous post. Since then had to retrieve from tree- thank goodness for my longbow with fishing setup including 200# kevlar from Goodwind's Kites. Enjoying FP chopper when it isn't too windy- flew this am in 6*F
Posted by jim e | Nov 30, 2013 @ 07:18 PM | 2,955 Views
Always good products/service from heads up rc- they recently were more than considerate in replacing a 7A esc. Was hoping to post a pic (in flight) of the 30 watt flipper hand launch glider with the esc and 180 size outrunner from heads up. Not a good idea trying to fly and shoot pics- plane too high and ended up landing "early" - will fix without too much effort.
Put up all 35 hemlock 2" x 8" x 19' rafters myself with strap winch. Will be putting up plywood decking and tar paper- just me again. (in the spring)
Posted by jim e | Oct 17, 2013 @ 10:24 PM | 3,449 Views
1- materials mortised and tenoned and half lapped and dovetailed
2- getting there 3-completed (many temp. braces) 4-front view 5- west side, some crucifixes removed.
Still have lots of pegging to do after straightening/levelling and marking for rafters. Need to saw 19 more rafters. Then nail or screw 50 rafters,56 sheets of plywood decking, 30# felt and metal roofing. A race to beat the snow/cold rain.
Posted by jim e | Sep 20, 2013 @ 01:34 PM | 3,364 Views
Hoping to rebuild this wiffle bat/ poster board covered slope soarer that i got years ago (as present from mom) and that has only been test glided. Garage will continue to be a priority (and not many slope soaring sites that i know of around here).
Now decking (temporary) the second floor of garage so we can assemble the rest of the framing members and then deck the roof. Probably not going to go with the stessed skin panels- 5/8 cdx ply and meshed rafters and blown in cellulose (8") will be way less than half the cost of SIPS. Oak boards will be planed and t & g'd after all that.
Posted by jim e | Jul 11, 2013 @ 09:10 AM | 3,673 Views
Actually wife noticed this "ready to fly rubber powered model" and since the fellow wanted only $10 had to purchase. Previous time at the flea mkt. picked up a goldberg tiger 60 kit for $75 missing only landing gear. (Going to tail dragger anyway- not much progress in three years-see pic). Did find a chisel (or two) plus a drawknife; all needed work but framing chisel now useable
Posted by jim e | May 30, 2013 @ 06:39 AM | 3,986 Views
Have not been flying lately, between working on garage and catching up on neglected projects. Still have not flown flashback, or electrified majestic, or repaired spitfire. Been bit by ticks five times so far this year so it is time to ask for permission at sod farm nearby.
"Machined" the cross girts Tuesday- 22' 8" length over all (LOA). Moved all four out of foundation area. Joinery done with circular saw, 2" and 1 1/2" drills and same size chisels. Two people helped- the building designer and the same young fellow who felled 20 odd trees. Have moved the last four long pieces to the sawhorses- once we finish their mortises and tenons (approx. four hours work) i will move them to cross girt stack and then do what is necessary to pour a pad with pex tubing/insulation, properly graded. Then we will have a nice surface to work on the remaining 40 posts and beams and sills.
Posted by jim e | Mar 05, 2013 @ 08:48 PM | 4,387 Views
Except for the canopy (lost magnet!) airframe is built. Will spray a little paint on the doculam. Around 18 grams heavier than plans mentioned. Getting a tx (try again) for frysky module plus will start on rds8000 conversion based on a recent thread.
Put skiis on the quattro just need the energy to go out and fly it. Milling red oak beams (from the back 7 acres) is rather tiring for this retired 135# guy but i finished 4 of 8 long beams (23')
Posted by jim e | Jan 28, 2013 @ 06:50 PM | 4,928 Views
Only my second laser cut kit (since 1982 or so)- a lot of progress the first afternoon. Now struggleing w/canopy- came a little creased and made it worse, and the thread pull pull system is making me scratch my head. Esc i had was no good (bought used on rcg-motor sometimes reverses itself , runs erratic), and the outrunner mount to stick was on so tight had to do some damage to get it out. Getting a new esc from Altitude Hobbies (good guy), and once i cut the hinge slots i can glue in the tail feathers/hinges. Then hook up servo linkage, glue wing, tape ailerons and hook up linkage wires. Tape canopy/glue magnet & tack and she will be almost done. Using 2215-1860 8x6?APC prop, assortment of micro servos, old berg. Perhaps a 3s 1800 for windy days.
Made the first cut with the mill!
Posted by jim e | Nov 20, 2012 @ 07:32 PM | 4,899 Views
Dismantled the garage (which we never parked in since we bought the house in 1995 since it was full of millers falls tool co. parts and other good junk). I did pay $100 bucks to dispose of the shingles but otherwise have all the timbers, all the nails(a 5 gallon bucket) and boards-some of which have been used at least twice. Now the cellar and one temp. shelter are full of hardware and wood and my rc planes etc. I did take a tumble from a six foot step ladder when i was knocked over by a long rafter but recovered from that with some chiropractic care and exercise. New garage will have two medium size car heated pad and a 12'x24' workshop over a cellar w/gasification wood boiler that will also heat the house and hot water.
Refurbishing my old airframes- late 80's flying wing. second kyosho flash, quattro, etc. Looking forward to going frysky 2.4 as well.
Posted by jim e | Aug 07, 2012 @ 06:59 PM | 5,186 Views
Garage is dismantled, unsold stuff put away, zero interest in selling any of it, as of 10/20/12. Will list any items in the for sale section when it makes sense to.

Going to dismantle the garage (as i did the 1929 house assembled from used structures) and so have an upcoming garage sale to pare down r/c stuff and other stuff i have collected over many years. New garage will be built (mostly) from timbers from our 7.7 acres out back- planning on a metal brackett post and beam though i have yet to locate/fabricate brackets (or purchase the band-saw mill). Airframes will not be that cheap as they are easily stored- old airtronics gear will be priced to sell. Have an SOLDSU carb tool kitSOLD, SOLDLeland altenatorSOLD, monkey ward auto analyzer($4), little cast iron bench table saw, native lumber and posts, old alkyd paint etc. The plan is to build a loft for a combination exercise and hobby room- exercise for my wife and hobby for me.
Posted by jim e | Apr 23, 2012 @ 05:40 PM | 5,641 Views
Started putting the radio gear in the lanier stinger. Kind of disappointed i got no responses when i asked for help on giant plane forum, likewise on the diy forum. Anyway takes 2' servo extensions for almost all servos and esc. Will ask for help on glow conversion forum. Still have to make wooden mount for e-flite 1.60 and substitute nylon for steel bolts.
Took several rx's and even a different tx but i got good range tests on the old flying wing, the flash and the sureflite spitfire.
Mostly tackling the yard and garden- large rounds are from last big pine next to house (no more), garden partly planted (2" rain last night) and some equipment repair waiting for me.
May do the local rc flea market this sat.if they let me have a table.
Posted by jim e | Dec 31, 2011 @ 12:15 PM | 5,691 Views
Have not been flying much- except (it seems) to thin the herd. Have accomplished a couple of important home tasks. OVD on new boiler and a rigid 18v battery conversion (to 21v lipoly).

Looking for a 26cc/1.60 mild aerobatic airframe to put the e-flite 160-and have to finally send the castle 80HV esc recall(link coupon has expired.

Heli nearly done. Had to trim longer screws to mount servos and inrunner and modify tail mount.
Posted by jim e | Jun 27, 2011 @ 10:13 PM | 6,864 Views
Don't fly as much since i'm on my own again- mostly fly the slowflyer across the street or in the back yard. Got a bunch of good flying planes but seem to mostly do my 7:30-4:00 job, garden, cut down and chip up trees & work on house. Spitfire has wooden mount i made from yew wood, ready to maiden. Flash should finally have all bugs sorted out- last problem was loose solder joint on one noise capacitor. Last flight with 8x8 apc sport prop was very fast- number eight flight will be with 8x5 prop. 3 cell a123 packs work well. Was hoping to make the v-tail 100 inch glider into a warmliner- need advice on setting up kontronic gearbox (greasing and the correct loctite). The Tiger 60 build stalled last winter. Have not even flown the stick 40 once this year- the prodigy wing has been flown but did not like new prop. Got a lot of gear to trade eventually- or not. jim
Posted by jim e | Jan 15, 2011 @ 09:55 AM | 6,863 Views
Bought this neat charger on rcg and almost immediately killed it. Thanks to much help from seller i replaced the fuse on the board (next to toroid coil) with an easier to change inline fuse on charge cord (still have 2 more to make).
Applied 2 part foam to about half of the basement walls- that is all a 200 board feet set of tanks will do. Light coat 2 1/2 feet below grade- will add more foam board next. Really built up the band joist area/top of foundation wall. About five degrees warmer- outside 0* inside 55*F.
Some free bms's (2-new 28 volt, one 10s) and other free items. Haven't gotten a response yet on free blog items, maybe someday.
Posted by jim e | Dec 22, 2010 @ 06:25 AM | 7,349 Views
1. first successful plane- upstart launch and 049 power pod
2. Sterling Corsair (36") like the kit for sale. Not a good first kit.
3. Wing of corsair with working ailerons (airframe may still be in Oregon attic.
4. Flying poodle w/fuji 09.
5. For 15 years my road bike.
Posted by jim e | Nov 07, 2010 @ 01:47 PM | 6,924 Views
Today was clear skies (mostly) but with a gusty wind. Had one 7 minute flight with the quattro-really like this plane. With hacker A30-16M and 11x6 wood prop is takes in nearly 400 watts from 3s lipoly. Consecutive outside loops no problem. Still haven't gotten the axial rolls down- the nose really drops with left aileron input. Used up around 1600 of 3000mah battery in mostly half throttle 7 minute flight. Met up with the club president and we spent 1/2 hour hiking across the road to look for a fly away glider lost 3 weeks ago in contest. Then went home.
Too chicken (gusty winds) to maiden the flash. It could use a tiny amount of stabilizer alignment but still should fly ok. I measured the rpm of 12.5x6.5 aero-naut folder prop- over 6,000 rpm at about 25A current from 2 cell A123 pack -approx. 150 watts. Have saved almost 250 grams over "stock" setup: battery 150g vs. 327g, servos 32g vs 51, no l.g. 56g. Still using the futaba mrc-4a rx/esc and attack am radio.
Main garden planted in winter rye, got a 5 h.p. snowblower "gift" last saturday (8 hour drive) and tuned it up so we have a very slow idle, smooth transition and will switch to the appropriate synthetic oil.