SMALL - SMALL - Telemetry SMALL - Radio
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These are just foe display but I've never seen anyone add these to a Catalina
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This is going to be a build log for the Hobby People F600 Hex Build. This is intended for people building this hex that are having some troubles getting it up in the air. If you have any questions about the build and I did not go over it please send me a pm. Alright lets get started

First lets take a look at what is all needed to complete the F600

-Hobby People F600 Hex
-Blue Thread Locker
-Zip ties
-Velcro Wraps for Battery
-Soldering Iron and Solder
-Deans ultra plug (or what ever battery plug you want to use)
-12g wire. Red and Black. Only need about 6in of it

Inside the box you will see 6 arms, 6 motors, 6 esc, 6 props, 2 frame plates (one top and one bottom) and 1 flight controller

Now lets start the build.

First we will work on the motor and esc’s

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I spent some time fine tuning the EZ Taranis Speaker Mod. The V2 is a little less powerful than the V1, but is perfectly matched to the Taranis. Best of all, there is no soldering and no gluing on this version. The mod comes completely assembled and ready to plug in. Simply pop out the stock speaker and click this one in its place, it's that easy!

I've had a lot of fun customizing my Taranis with the huge collection of new sounds that I downloaded here. The sound pack has to be my favorite mod yet and it's 10x better with a speaker upgrade.

A lot of you may think that a speaker upgrade sounds like a silly thing to do, and to be honest, I thought the same thing. There were times that I thought about turning off the sound altogether. That tin can voice drove me nuts! I only did the upgrade in the first place because I like to mod things. I was surprised how much I enjoy this mod. The sound quality and volume are much better than stock. With the simplicity and quality of this kit, it's hard to call this a mod at all. I think calling it an upgrade defines it better.

I'll post this ad in the fs/w section when these kits are in stock. PM me if you want to check availability.
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If you've ever looked into upgrading from the stock antenna on your Taranis then you've probably noticed that it's a big job. All of the common mods require you to cut or drill the back housing. Most people will shy away from chopping into their brand new $200 investment, and if you've ever bought a "modded" toy off of the forums then you know why.

I took some time looking at the problem and figuring out the best solution. What I came up with is half 3d printed PLA and half CNC cut g10. It requires only 4 tools to install. A philips screwdriver, a tweezer , a needle nose plier and a soldering iron. This antenna comes fully assembled and just pops on place of the stock antenna. No cutting, no drilling, no gluing and no mess. This mod is 100% reversible.

What you will get:

-5dbi rp-sma antenna
-Antenna base assembly with rp-sma and U.FL* connectors
-U.FL surface mount connector*

*As of 11/17/2004 all kits are being shipped standard without the U.fl connector. It has been found to cause high SWR numbers in a few cases.
If you want to try it anyway, let me know and I'll include it with your shipment.

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I haven't been an avid user with RC Groups, I joined a while back when I was researching a topic about getting into R/C Motorcycles, but didn't really see a lot of content pertaining to R/C Cars so I mostly remained active with URC.

Late last week something happened with the URC Website and it's not clear if/when URC will be coming back. I've been spending a fair amount of my free time checking out various forums to help me decide which one is the closest to URC in terms of a friendly environment to share my thoughts on R/C in general.

I was particularly turned off by RC Tech after being insulted several times by one of their moderators on this thread here:

Of the remaining Forums that I've browsed (probably about a dozen so far), I get the feeling that RC Groups rises to the top in terms of friendly users and staff.

There wasn't a "Blog" feature over at URC, and I may experiment some more with this feature over here at RC Groups and see where it takes me.

Stay tuned for more updates!
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Settling into another cold bitter season of winter.
I'm upgrading the motor in my Airfield Extreme Surfer from Nitro planes, replacing the prop, getting rid of the small esc w/ bec, running separate batteries
for the motor and Rx. Dumping servo linkages for beefier ones, getting rid of the aileron
the Y connector on the ailerons, installing an electric air module from Graupner,Open Hobby.

And then!! My grown up kids got me an early Christmas present.
Putting together a ST DG1000 from Tower hobbies. Ordered a Rx. battery, Motor battery, and looking at how I can modify the motor and prop pod from failure. I read that was a weak point.
I need another Graupner receiver for this one, maybe find one on
the classifieds.
Well, that's it for now.
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In this blog entry, I am not instructing anyone to do this; nor is this a tutorial on how to go about it.

With the DJI Phantom 2 battery, you are left with two options: buy an AC charger from DJI, or buy their car charger. Both chargers cost a hundred dollars. They aren't really chargers; they are 12 volt power supplies.

The DJI Phantom 2 battery is a "smart battery." It has its own charger inside. It takes 12 volts DC and the internal charger does the rest.

The problem is finding a plug that fits the battery. Venom makes a set of plugs for Deans, EC3, and others. One side of the adapter plug has rounded nubs, so reversing the polarity is made that much more difficult, which is good.

I made this adapter, so that I can charge at the field. And at the end of the day, I use this adapter to discharge the battery to storage charge level.
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SANY0001 1 (0 min 40 sec)

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Made some progress on the Micro H recently.

I modeled and printed a 100mm frame with a superstructure laid out to contain the esc's and the afromini. I will probably revisit the design a bit as the arms can flex a bit too much and allow the props to contact the frame.

For this setup I fell back to a lemon satellite for convenience. Maiden flight went pretty well though the fc definitely needs more tuning,

100mm Brushless Micro H Maiden (1 min 57 sec)

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The X-Quad is a huge improvement over the original Sky Viper!

Skyrocket - Sky Viper X-Quad - Review and Flight (Indoors and Outdoors) (15 min 21 sec)

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Just finished all carbon wing and tail parts with hi-load foam and all cloth bias that go with are pushrod set, carbon throwing peg , carbon stab mount and four h ardly used servos, hyperion and dymond brands..also a very good used pod and boom..paypal please
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Ever since I picked up the FMS RocHobby P-51 Voodoo I knew it was only the beginning of the end! The whole RocHobby Reno Racer line was quickly adopted at my flying field and before we knew it we were holding regular races with them..

Some of you may have seen my scratch build .46 size Miss Foxy Lady. Yes she still lives and splits air molecules while that YS 115 thunders in the cool morning air.
That mean only one thing... It was time to build a Foxy Lady #2...

This started life as a Strega since it is mostly white. All decals were easily removed except for ones over the paint. Removing them also meant paint and the top layer of the foam.

Remember this is a Racer and that can mean a short life span.... So I wanted to build one that looked great but perfection was not my end game here. What I ended up with I believe is a great looking bird that is a blast to fly and does nothing but turn heads at the field. Just don't tell them that all that clear coat made me a little faster..

I can get video up if needed. I will get better pictures soon as sunshine emerges again. Enjoy!
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This video contains the Unboxing, Near Crash Maiden Flight, and Review of the E-flite UMX B-17G Flying Fortress WWII Bomber with AS3X Technology.

I literally open up the box and describe what I see, like, and dislike about the planes. I also demonstrate a number of things as well, but of course you have to watch the video to see and hear it all.

Not only that, I included an exciting Maiden Flight. I expected to fly a slow scale plane and have it be a relatively boring experience. Well, that wasn't the case at all! Right after take-off there was a near crash and I will let you watch the video to see the rest.

Here is a summary of the review notes from the video:

- Very thin rudder
- Brushed motors
- Not much power
- Very out of trim elevator
- Hard to install landing gear

- Nice details
- 4 motors with scale props
- Fits in box for easy storage and transport

This is the complete unboxing, maiden and review:
E-Flite UMX B-17 Flying Fortress WWII Bomber with AS3X Technology Unboxing, Maiden, and Review (16 min 11 sec)

This is just the maiden flight footage:
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Ce qui dit des jouets ne sont que pour les enfants n'a pas vu le DJ1 Inspire 1 Quadcopter. Des voitures RC, des camions RC et des hélicoptères RC étaient un souvenir douce d'enfance pour certains, mais maintenant avec le DJI Inspire 1, ces souvenirs peuvent renaître, et contrôlés par nos doigts.

Avancé, conception de prêt-à voler
Maintenant, imaginez l'avenir dans vos mains. Conçu pour être très puissant, léger, flexible tout en assurant la stabilité dont vous avez besoin, Inspire 1 est le paquet complet le plus avancé de DJI. Toutes les dernières technologies d'antenne est emballé dans un système simple, prêt-à-voler, vous mettant dans le ciel en quelques minutes.

L'inspire 1 est esthétiquement futuriste
Le fuselage a un profil optimisé pour une bonne pénétration dans l'air avec ses courbes aérodynamiques. Vous bénéficierez ainsi d'un meilleur contrôle de l'appareil dans les airs.

HD vue live
Une alimentation en temps réel pour la caméra de I nspire 1 est affiché en HD 720p sur votre téléphon e mobile, vous donnant une vue parfaite de ce que voit la 
caméra pour cadrer vos photos.
La technologie Lightbridge intégrée diffuse la vidéo au sol en temps réel et en HD 720p directement sur une tablette via l'application. La portée de la vidéo est de 1.7 km. Cette caméra est amovible pour sécuriser son transport et vous permettra de bénéficier de futures upgrades du matériel vidéo.

Créer ensemble
Pour un niveau plus haut et précis, utiliser...Continue Reading
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It was decided the trail was too rutted to get any training effect with the home made rover. After months of passively researching the problem, finally did a sort by price on Horizon, yielding the Tamiya Lunch Box, a 30 year old design. It was the largest thing for its price, big enough to navigate the rutted trail.

Tamiya Lunch Box $105
- working motor included
- plenty of room for gear
- endurance over 1 hour with 5Ah 12V battery
- obsolete 1987 design
- needs bearings

The cheapest hobbyking option was the Quanum Vandal.

Quanum Vandal $64
- modern design
- no motor included There is a 3700kV & 2200kV brushless motor in the apartment.
- probably too low to get up curbs
- unknown endurance
- 142x46x24mm battery

$64 for proportional steering was a lot better than 6 months ago, but the deciding factor was of course

Horizon - free shipping + $10 tax
Hobbyking - $52 shipping, cash only + no tax

The cheapest for the largest size was the lunch box, for all its horror stories. The mane horror stories are the inferior plastic bushings & the chassis bending. There wasn't enough money for any more than the very cheapest thing big enough to get over the curbs.

The funny thing about day jobs is when they're gone, you think you'll spend like no tomorrow when they come back. When they come back, you realize why you never spent like no tomorrow before they were gone. Inherit it, steal it, get lucky on kickstarter, or qualify for bigger loans, but no-one makes money from working.

Step 1 is to determine the current draw of the box & PWM range of the stock ESC.

Step 2 is convert the G-Buggy electronics to a power sensing throttle, outputting real PWM signals for the throttle & steering. The voltage regulator needs to be replaced with a shunt resistor calibrated for the current draw.

With the full headlights, it should be a rolling city on the trail.
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After flying the TH Vista EP, I saw a new brushless version being offered. Two friends immediately placed a combined order for three Vista BLs. As a result of this order, we got free shipping and three $10.00 certificates.

The BL's assembly is much like the EP's, with gluing the wing halves together first. The instructions are very clear and include photos.

The tail was then assembled. There is an addendum to the instructions where the pre-drilled holes in the horizontal stab need to be modified as the pins on the vertical stab do not line up.
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Dear RC hobbyist

Hope everything goes well with you.

We want to tell you that we are very cherish the relationship with you and you are great importance to us!

From the company's inception in 2012, HobbyWOW committed to all rc hobbyist to provide the newest, most competitive pries rc model, aerial fliming products and the best customer service.In the past two and a half year,we always try our best to serve you and our customer well, if you have any questions or hesitation, could you kindly let us know? Or do you have any suggestions to help us to improve? This allows you to get better products and services.

Please kindly accept our sincerely thanks, we look forward to your reply!

In order to express our sincerity, USD 5$ coupon special gift to you, please used it before Dec 5th,2014
coupon code: 55VALUE

You might like the product:

Here is a photo of all the staff of our company:

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Size: 107.1 KB
Wish you health and wealth

HuaJun Zeng
HobbyWOW CEO & Team
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I've since rebuilt this with the center cage slung underneath the arms, and the battery mounted below, centered in the cage. The CC3d is still on top though, and kind of more unprotected other than it's plastic case than I would like. Really the board is well protected by the case, it's the wiring that is vulnerable if i flip it over.

So far, In about 10 flights, 5 of which were just very short test flights, I've broken one prop, and crashed 3 times. Basically every landing has been a bit less than perfect though. I go easy with it, since I'm new at this, and so far I've found this little quad less punishing than my airplanes were. Like any flying model though, little mistakes are met with crashes, but at least this way I'm not up too high. I punch out quick, since it seems to me that multirotors like other helis are better to take off quickly, so as to get out of ground effect. Once I'm up at 3 or 4 meters, I don't go much higher though. Gets hard to see, since its a small model.

Since moving the cage underneath, and one round of slight reconfiguration, she flies pretty well in attitude mode. My one foray into rate mode was what resulted in one of the crashes! The other was an ill advised flight in a very small indoor space in my workshop, and a prop hit a 2x4 on my workbench.

I had a glitch with the new turnigy 9XR radio configuration, when i didn't realize the disarm function wasn't being triggered properly by the gear switch, and a prop bit my finger....Continue Reading
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Here below is few 180° & 360° Continuous Rotation servo motor or professional robotic needs.

-Name:6V20kg-cm Digital Servo XQ-RS420

Single output shaft, 180 degrees rotation,Robot servo
Size :40.2*20.1mm*38.8mm*48.0mm*10mm;
Weight:56g ±0.2(1.46oz)
Gear type:Titanium Gear
Speed:0.11sec/180º at (6V)
0.13 sec/180º at (4.8V)

-Name:6V13kg-cm Robot Servo XQ-RS313D

Both output shaft, 180 degrees rotation,Robot servo
Size :A:40.7mm B:19.8mm C:37.9mm D:30.5mm; Weight:52g ±0.2(1.84oz)
Gear type:Metal Gear
Speed:0.20sec/60º at (6V)
0.18sec/60º at (7.2V)

-Name:6V13kg-cm Robot Servo XQ-RS313R

Both output shaft, 360 degrees rotation,Robot servo
Size :A:40.7mm B:19.8mm C:37.9mm D:30.5mm; Weight:52g ±0.2(1.84oz)
Gear type:Metal Gear
Speed:0.20sec/60º at (6V)
0.18sec/60º at (7.2V)

-Name:6V15kg-cm Robot Servo XQ-RS315D

Both output shaft, 180 degrees rotation,Robot servo
Size :A:40.7mm B:19.8mm C:37.9mm D:30.5mm; Weight:52g ±0.2(1.84oz)
Gear type:Metal Gear
Speed:0.20sec/60º at (6V)
0.18sec/60º at (7.2V)

-Name:6V15kg-cm Robot Servo XQ-RS315R

Both output shaft, 360 degrees rotation,Robot servo
Size :A:40.7mm B:19.8mm C:37.9mm D:30.5mm; Weight:52g ±0.2(1.84oz)
Gear type:Metal Gear
Speed:0.20sec/60º at (6V)
0.18sec/60º at (7.2V)

XQ POWER Marketing Department