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Posted by dteel | Jul 30, 2014 @ 08:25 PM | 1,991 Views
I have looked and looked but cannot find a set of ball link pliers that I can use on my micro helicopters. The problem came to a head when I was trying to pry the servo link off of the swash plate on my HiSky HFP100 and I snapped off a ball. Man those balls are little (2mm). I donít think it was a problem with the swash, I donít blame it for breaking, it took an incredible amount of force to get these ball links to pop off. I believe the links are bad way too tight on the ball. That would help to explain my poor experience with flying this particular heli too.

So I took matters into my own hands and had an idea. I have a pair of tweezers that had an alignment pin. I was thinking that with a little modification I could turn them into a tool that will work. Knowing better than to risk my wifeís ire I searched for a pair I could buy online that wasnít too expensive. I found a pair at Amazon that would work just fine the Aven 18403 for $5.04.

The rest is told in the pictures....Continue Reading
Posted by dteel | Apr 17, 2014 @ 04:10 PM | 1,914 Views
Thought that I would start a flight log to track how much I fly or perform maintenance on my helicopters or helicopter maintenance area. I don’t know if this flight log is something that I’ll maintain over the long run but I’m already several months late getting started. UPDATE: I can't change the name of this thread but I'm not going to keep a log.. LOL

My first helicopter was the MJX T-23, I don’t remember the purchase date. I flew this helicopter around my back yard until I destroyed the flight blades and smoked one of the two motors. Ordered new blades and a new motor; after installing the new parts the bird still didn’t fly very well. Essentially as soon as I received the V911 I was done flying this helicopter.

Here's a list of the gear that I own.

MJX T-23 (mistake, I think I'm going to disassemble it for parts)
WL Toys V911 - 6 (three lost in the wind, 3 remain) BNF (all but the 1st one)
WL Toys V912 BNF
WL Toys V913 (w/Tx)
Blade SR (w/Tx)
WL Toys V977 (w/Tx)
HeliMax Axe 100 BNF
HiSky HFP 80 V1 & V2
HiSky HFP 100FS

Hubsan X4 (w/Tx)
WL Toys V959 (w/Tx)
WL Toys V262 (w/Tx)

Hisky X-6S Transmitter
Spectrum DX6i Transmitter
HiSky HT-8 Transmitter Module
Tactic AnyLink Transmitter Module
Posted by dteel | Apr 14, 2014 @ 06:18 PM | 2,529 Views
12/27/2013 V911 RTF Amazon $41.29
03/01/2014 V911 BNF New Egg $22.36
03/01/2014 V913 RTF Amazon $85.80
03/09/2014 V912 BNF Amazon $49.99
03/10/2014 V911 BNF w/parts New Egg 25.78
03/17/2014 V911 BNF New Egg $22.36
03/20/2014 Blade SR Amazon $139.74
03/21/2014 V911 BNF $25.78
04/11/2014 V911 BNF Banggood $18
04/11/2014 V977 RTF Banggood $99.99
04/11/2014 Helimax Axe-100 FP BNF Amazon $49.99
04/16/2014 HiSKY HFP80 V1 BNF TMart $41.47
04/16/2014 HiSKY HFP100FS (V1) BNF TMart $43.77
04/27/2014 Hubsan X4 RTF Quad Copter Amazon $47.79
06/11/2014 HISKY HFP80 (V2) Banggood $36.99
07/16/2014 Hisky HFP100 (V2) TMart $38.99
07/28/2014 Hisky HFP100 (V2) BNF Banggood $39.99
08/01/2014 Hisky HCP100 BNF Banggood $39.99
08/07/2014 HISKY HFP80 (V2) Banggood $36.99
08/20/2014 Walkera Master CP Banggood $141.99
11/19/2014 HiSky HCP100 Banggood $55.49
11/19/2014 Walkera Mini CP Banggood $79.88