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Posted by Magoo76 | Sep 19, 2014 @ 02:37 PM | 2,038 Views
Hello All, I'm needing a place to put my thoughts into words on my plans and idea's and to maybe get some feedback from any interested parties. First off let me introduce you to my Squadron
1. I have a fully operational Hubsan 107D
2. I have a Hubsan 107D minus the vtx/camera module
3. I have a Walkera QR W100S that I have never gotten to work on Android
But I do have a Devo 4 Tx. to fly it with.
4. I have a WL V959 that I'm wanting to convert to FPV.
Now my idea/plans are to be able to fly all of my Quads in True FPV mode and to do that I have a HK DIY FPV Goggle kit. Now the 107D Tx. has a video output on the Tx. so I'll be able to just plug the Goggles into the TX., shouldn't be a problem there just need to fabricate a cable to do so which I do have the parts to do it. To do the QR W100S I have a couple of 2.4 Ghz. vrx.'s one of which I plan on mounting to the Goggles and run the vrx. and the Goggles off of a single 2S 1000 mAh. battery so that should accomplish that part of the plan.

Now it starts to get a little more complicated for the V959 I have a couple 2.4 Ghz. vtx.'s that are really small so there shouldn't be a problem mounting that somewhere. Then comes the camera, the V959 does have a camera that comes with it but it only records, it doesn't have a live video output. I have heard that some people have thought of hacking into it to see if they could get live video out of it but haven't heard anything past that point. I...Continue Reading