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Posted by kiwi_craig | Sep 26, 2015 @ 07:04 PM | 1,319 Views
the 067 brushless - version 2, to replace version 1 - now a U boat in the duck pond at the end of the flying park.......

067 chassis.
longer CF boom,
071 tail unit, V913 tail balde
071 PCB, tunrigy plush esc, xtreme converter
FF200 5000kv brushless / 9t pinion
070 main blades with extreme trim
reversed servos to suit 071 pcbs.
Devo 10 Tx

flies GREAT

more tuning - ongoing but a great platform

FX067V2 brushless (5 min 24 sec)

Posted by kiwi_craig | Sep 26, 2015 @ 06:14 PM | 1,363 Views
my extensively modded V915. got sick of the flyer tying it into a wad and crashing with aggressive outdoor flying..... converted to FBL call this a triumph of determination ! finally..... been allot of permeations along the way.......

FX078 driveshaft (shortened)
FX078/071 drive gear
FX071 head assembly
912 lower blade grip modded to fit and suit the extreme blades
Xtreme 200srx 8 degree CF blades
WL v912 brushless main, 10t pinion, wl brushless engine mount, turnigy plush esc and xtreme converter
FX tail motor
modded lower fuselage to fit larger 1300 ma batteries
red LED lighting in turbine, blue in canopy, stock nose light (more lighting mods to come)

gotta change out those useless JST plugs, they over heat and trigger LV early every time.......

my favourite flier.
V915 xtreme (5 min 47 sec)

Posted by kiwi_craig | Jul 18, 2015 @ 02:49 AM | 1,823 Views
Decided to add the CF driveshaft offered for the V977

Shaft weighs in at 0.47 grams vs the stocker at a porky 1.32 grams.

Fit up was simple, plastic green top retainer is a tight fit

Simple mod and should help with driveline shock loads, quick retrim of the servo links and fly time!
Posted by kiwi_craig | Feb 11, 2015 @ 01:59 AM | 4,188 Views
Ok guys first batch of numbers and a real eye opener...

Secs for 60 deg at 5v

Stock FX070. This is super fast 0.001 secs 60 deg 5v. Tested this at least 20 times.... Wow. Need to test in the airframe

FX067. Bare servo 0.002. wow, In chassis connected up 0.011. Suggests a weak servo.....

FX071. 0.018

Updated FX071 0.104

WL 912 / 915 0.124


TGY 50090. 0.07. Connected up in airframe ! Fast

HXT 900. 0.123

HK scm9. 0.115. Rated at 0.09

HK scm12. 0.145. Rated At 0.18

Arrow sm841. 0.160. Rated at 0.12 to 0.14.
Posted by kiwi_craig | Jan 08, 2015 @ 11:05 PM | 3,441 Views
My two spare 067 pcbs arrived yesterday, hmmmmm..... decided to build another 067 out of my spares parts pile !

MJX F45 tail boom, v913 skids, 071 kicked tail unit and 052 tail blade, turnigy brushless main

Got the red canopy and red main blades coming.

070 servo links are to long, bugger so a 067 set on the way. Gonna swap in a 067 tail motor. I think the N40 will struggle with that big 052 blade.... Will trim that to fine tune it i think.

BL main going to run with the turnigy 2627 / 10t and see how it goes. If it needs more then the 2830 will get plugged in.......

Kicked up tail looks killer ! feilun should have done that from the factory...... MJX tail boom is a nice match and the MJX tail fins allot nicer finished parts.

Last picture Comparison of N50 and N40 tail...Continue Reading
Posted by kiwi_craig | Dec 13, 2014 @ 03:12 AM | 4,133 Views
this is a great heli, easy to fly, stable, fun.............

FX067Cv2 (7 min 49 sec)

Posted by kiwi_craig | Nov 22, 2014 @ 10:27 PM | 4,081 Views
Tested the FF200 / EH 200 brushless motors using the hobbyking power draw meter.


1/. V915. EH200. 4100kv. 10t pinion.
2/. V912. FF200. 5000kv. 9t pinion.
3/. FX071. FF200. 5000kv. 9t pinion.

Identical 1000mah batteries used

1/ Constant Watts 83. Amps 11.4
2/. Constant Watts 87, Burst 96 W.
3/. Burst watts 125! Could have been a bit of a one off couldn't get it to read that again, burst amps 15.7. Constant watts 87 at max steady rpm.

Seems max constant load is around 12 amps 85 - 87 watts, But hard throttle burst can see 15 - 16 amps and maybe ? 120 watts burst power. All machines pulling similar head speed rpm.

More testing needed but a neat device.

Toggle between volts , amps and watts, both current reading and peak. Peak values stored in the memory and can be toggled back through. Tad tricky holding the heli, setting max power and toggling through the modes. Light enough to attach and fly it.

Turnigy esc setup tool, super easy to use, makes esc setup a breeze.....
Posted by kiwi_craig | Nov 21, 2014 @ 03:32 PM | 3,372 Views
Parts list

FF200. 5000kv brushless main motor
Turnigy plush 18A esc
Xtreme brushed to brushless converter
9t. 2.13mm pinion
2.5mm soldered push plugs
M2.5 x 12mm button head motpr screws
Shrink wrap
Cable ties

Brushless pics.

Esc is out back in the lower chassis section behind the drive gear. Simply not enough room to fit it under the canopy.

Wiring all runs along the rhs up to the board. Canopy covers the main motor wiring nicely. I use 2.5mm soldered plugs on each part for ease of assembly and servicing. converter sits on top of the main board along with the 5v to 3.3v converter for the leds. Bit more of a tidy up needed here.

Trimmed the chassis plate side cheeks off to improve clearance to the brushless main.

Used the wl brushless plastic motor mount this allows the motor to move forward to get pinion clearance with the 9t pinion. And allows the motor wiring to clear the lower chassis plate. 12mmm long M2.5 mm cap screws to secure the FF200 motor. Stock WL brushless uses M3's

WL plastic mount has two internal ribs on one side that need to be trimmed by around 1mm to get the motor to sit square in the adapter. Trim the curved rib off the underside as well so the mount sits flat on the chassis plate.

9t pinion fixed with loctite bearing retainer compound, it was a tight fit anyway so need to worry with the locking grub screw....... Had to elongate the chassis plate screw mount holes to get the pinion mesh right.

As reported head speed increased by 350 plus rpm which is gonna addd allot of FFF capability......

The brushless mains run allot smoother than the the brushed motors, noticeable reduction in vibration levels through the airframe.

About $40 for everything. Job done
Posted by kiwi_craig | Nov 17, 2014 @ 02:01 AM | 3,800 Views
starting work on the FX071 PCB / FBL rotor head conversion.......... Complete bodies are so cheap on these, and BG has the FX parts super cheap as well so why not, get rid of the flybar and gain agility and speed.....

Chassis now sorted for the FX rotor head, biggest headache was the swash is longer at the pin guide so refabed all that to suit.

Going to test a variety of brushless mains EH200 / FH200 & WL's 912 unit. Main motor is allot easier to change out than the pod n boom birds......... got a amps / volts meter coming to measure power draws

WL brushless plastic motor mount is a tight fit on the FH200 / 5000kv main, its 1mm larger in dia, hot water and persistence and it fitted.

Servo arms wire rods. Short to long. 912. 913. 915. Add the longer 913 top section to the 915 wire rods = perfect length to reach the taller FX swash. 913 link ends are to tight on the 912 ball end but perfect on the FX swash ball heads. Note how the FX swash has all the ball ends running on the same plane = smoother operation.

Just waiting on esc and converter and in it goes, gonna hate using that rubbish FX tx though.....
Posted by kiwi_craig | Nov 07, 2014 @ 05:39 PM | 3,837 Views
Alrighty, picked up a turnigy HS2213 2640kv on amazon dirt cheap, normally these motors are $$$$.

These are rated at 26 amps 280 watts max continous, and 380 watts max burst at 3S.

My rough calcs indicate the stock 390 bruhed main pulls around 170 watts continuous over a 6 1/2 minute flight, this motor will be well enough imo. going to run a 10t pinion to start with, stock is 9t, and maybe try an 11t if it pulls the 10 easy enough. Brushless motors are most efficent at cruise rather than revving hard so will be trial and error re gearing vs response and power consumption.

Decided to in the motor 180 degrees and have the wires exiting to the rear and flopped the esc over, see last two pictures. Esc will need to move back a fraction more i think to clear the front fire wall in the heli shell.
Posted by kiwi_craig | Oct 28, 2014 @ 02:19 AM | 3,738 Views

Heli factor goodies arrived, very nicely made..... First details noted

Swash has cut outs for maximum angle on the pivot ball, will measure ball offsets but looks way more aggressive. No more flexi flier here......

Blade grip. Lots of clearance to the tree section, lotsa angle capability... Cunning design on how the two halves split, only has fixing screws at the blade grips. Nice.....

Tree unit, wow this is super nice......... Lock screws to hold the flybar pin in place same for the driveshaft; set screw.

Works of art thats for sure.......... No more flogged out plastic and flexy rubber band swash plates.......

Nice instruction sheets.

Weights for each part...Continue Reading
Posted by kiwi_craig | Oct 14, 2014 @ 03:05 AM | 4,024 Views
Further to the highly successful NE228 mixer arms i decided to take a punt on the matching linkage arms. They fit perfectly and are fully adjustable, there is no loose - tight side so 1/2 turn adjustable as well

Once the swash to mixer linkage length is set correct I recommend adding shrink wrap to cover the steel threaded rod and bring it up to the diameter of the end ball links, that way it slides allot nicer through the anti rotation guide forks on the head tree and achieves maximum travel,otherwise it tends to catch on the step from the threaded rod to the larger plastic head diameter in the guide fork limited travel.

The long links will be a perfect fit onto the turnigy servo arms, just need to source two more steel ball ends. 913 linkage arms are an option, a tad tight on the the swash balls but nothing a quick wet n dry won't cure. Slop free top end ........ Precision control!

Tail blade balance, well out as delivered....... scotch tape to the rescue
Posted by kiwi_craig | Sep 28, 2014 @ 04:13 AM | 4,383 Views
Had a fantastic flight session with the v915, flew brillantly. Conditions where far from perrfect with strong wind gusts up to 10 to 15 mph. Strong enough that my modded v912 was in the deck repeatedly. Ive fitted a set of Nine Eagles 228 mixers, these work fantastically when combined with the stock flybar weight (with ends tweaked up for clearance). Heli responds nicely and remains composed even in head winds able to blow it backwards it remained level and in control, normally with a WL thats instant crash territory...... When the gusts dropped it flew stunningly well

Fitment; have to trim off the original mixer arm pivot pins, drill a very small hole right through the blade grip so the mounting screw threads through nicely. I drilled the brass bush from 1.5 mm to 1.65mm to suit the screws i had to hand. Dab of epoxy on the screws to make sure they dont lossen .

The mixer arm is adjustable with three different ratios i found the stock 228 setting in the middle hole works nicely. The NE mixers reduces the flybar inputs into the blade grip allowing better servo response and a significant improvement to the overall flight envelope and smoothness best this bird has ever flown by miles.

Superb improvement to the overall flight characteristics. Going to change the 912 over, the difference is an eye opener ! Normally my 912 will handle a decent head wind where as the 915 was pretty hopeless....... Total reversal in very trying conditions........

Reliable vendor on eBay, from china, around $5 delivered. Best $5 investment you can make on this bird.

Next project for the 915 is the Fx 78 drive shaft with FX 071 flybarless rotor head and FX 071 flybarless PCB. Drive line nearly done just got to fab an offset swash pivot guide. PCB is easy. Not so keen on the el cheapo Fx tx units after running a 9x though......
Posted by kiwi_craig | Sep 25, 2014 @ 04:13 PM | 7,113 Views
WL have come out with what looks like a Mobius clone (or maybe a Mobius contracted design) for a new 720/1080 cam for their V262/353 etc quads.

This is uses the same clip mounts as on the V912 camera heli version and looks like the same connection control wiring so it runs off the WL remotes with the camera / video functions.

Front lens pivots which is a good feature. 720 / 1080 P; if the video quality is as good as a mobius then this is a good buy !

The WL anti jello mount, at $4 seems like a good buy as well

the camera clips onto the V262 etc battery mount which fits into the anti vibe mount above

this same anti vibe mount is appearing on the new V666, in black, with WL's FPV system attached

thumbs up to WL for bringing usable accessory products to the market at a sharp price
Posted by kiwi_craig | Sep 16, 2014 @ 04:35 AM | 5,715 Views
Finally got the MJX brushless esc sorted and wired onto the 912 pcb. Responds to gyro just fine on the bench test it seems

Trying to figure what props are best suited so setup the scales with stock tail then the MJX brushless using the 1804 brushless motor and a variety of props. The MJX kit prop is Huge.....

Stock prop brushed motor. Around 81 grams thrust

Brushless with FX 071 prop. 86 - 90 grams. Motor screams

Brushless with 912 prop. 106 grams. Lots of RPM

Brushless with 913 prop. 119 grams , still revving hard big thrust numbers

Brushless with MJX brushless prop stonks out 124 grams but rpm is pegged back

Other observations MJX prop tends to surge allot hard to get a nice steady rpm. 913 prop very smooth in comparision. MJX brushless kit prop is probably miles to much thrust. 071 or the 912 props would seem to be a more realistic starting point and the 913 really belts out smooth grunt. MJX prop very surge prone and noticably more load on the motor.

1804 motor has a low 1800 kv rating where as most 1804 units for quad use are in the 2400 kv range, suspect anything over 2000 kv is going to be a hand full

MJX kit motor has a hex drive and allow the use of a wide range of stock props is a good feature imo.

Time to get all this stuff loaded into the 912 chassis.
Posted by kiwi_craig | Sep 03, 2014 @ 08:38 AM | 4,178 Views
Got a bit of a fleet of WL quads, V959, flies great hard to fault but to big to really fly indoors. V262, the 6 axis setup was an eye opener, super easy to fly, but chews through the motors, but is a great platform to carry the mobius for bugger all dollars, outdoors only with that one !

Enter the 252, this is the upgraded version from what i can tell, the lower body is translucent plastic and very flexible (first version had clear plastic that was reportedly very brittle).

This is stunning, great indoor flier and rips outside. This is a bundle of fun all round.

The remote has a 20% setting ,making it fun for the kids to get a handle on it. The prop protectors are a must for indoors. Several different types, the purple one was very light and broke easy, got to pull the props to change. gone to the clip on style, they push on around the motors, got a three pack including the glow in the dark version. Way more durable.

Bought it from TMart, got the 5 pack of up rated batteries, they are a tight fit but work great.

Does pick up carpet thread on the prop shafts after numerous crashes and bangs; it starts drifting off in one direction pop the blades and clean the shafts, the build up of carpet thread creates drag that slows a motor and it starts drifting off from a stable hover.

This is a bundle of fun and a total blast to fly. Super agile, 100% rate inside is insane, auto flips inside with ease on the flip button. FUN FUN FUN. Thats what it is all about right.

Totally recommend this unit.
Posted by kiwi_craig | Aug 25, 2014 @ 04:20 AM | 4,296 Views

update from Matelec with his parts install

Hi Craig
Had a little spare time today in between jobs.
Here is a couple of pix of head ready to fit you can see the offset of the pin on the swash plate & all fitted up including new servo with extended limits.
Original Elev servo locked up solid and wouldn't move when I was having a fly before changing the head over.
Now have full movement without any binding, just waiting on wind to drop. Looks very impressive and smooth movement.
Fitted a shim top and bottom on rotor blade pivot points as there seemed to be to much slop there.

and his initial flights - results:

Flew for about 5 min before dark and first impressions are I have control like never before.
Posted by kiwi_craig | Aug 20, 2014 @ 05:33 AM | 4,940 Views
Ditched the MJX motor gutless wonder........

Fitted up an EH200 4100kv from hobby king, big improvement. Allot more throttle response and faster head speed as well good 10 plus % gain

Mjx was pulling a rotor speed of 2420rpm full throttle, EH200 was pulling 2710 initially then as the batt ran back dropped back to 2640 for extended duration.

Runs allot smoother as well as nice response on the throttle. MJX motor was pretty flat after 1/2 throttle

The motor is 2mm smaller in dia the mjx was rubbing the servo arms which wasn't helping the handling at times....

Test flights this weekend, bottomline EH 200 is a way nicer motor........
Posted by kiwi_craig | Aug 15, 2014 @ 04:54 PM | 4,020 Views

Parts in, the workmanship is superb

More pictures to follow once opened / unpacked
Posted by kiwi_craig | Aug 04, 2014 @ 05:30 AM | 4,408 Views

good news, Turnigy TGY-50090M servo arms are a PERFECT fit on the V915 servos, these have a larger arm mounting hub than the V912 servo.

and for the V912 crew, the V915 PCB has 50% MORE travel on the servo channels.

Measured 7mm with the Turnigy TGY-50090M long arms, V912 PCB, Tx H setting with the turbo switch mod - on.

Same remote control, V915 PCB, Tx H setting, Turbo switch on, 11.5mm ! this backs up my visual assessment that the V912 servos have the swash close to maximum angular travel with the Tx on H + turbo mod ON.

Final item, after some comparative C of G calcs sorted, another 12 grams of nose weight is being added to counter the reduce weight of the brushless main motor, 38g vs 58 grms - F45 main with heat sink. Placing the weight forward provides more lever arm effect so less total weight needed.