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Posted by ghostwhiper | Feb 26, 2016 @ 07:55 AM | 1,274 Views
slowly all the parts are showing up for my first scale heli build but haven't got everyting yet.
decided to go with an Assault 450 dfc with a Agusta A109 fuselage from
I'ts going to be as scale as possible except from the CCW direction of the head because the hole for the tail is allready made in the fuselage and on the wrong side.

  • Assault 450 dfc belt.
  • 4 blade head.
  • frsky x8r rx (sbus vbar and ch7&8 pwm for gear and lights)
  • kbar blue with gov and bluetooth.
  • Orangerx RPM sensor for gov.
  • 40 amp rotorstar esc (disabled governor)
  • 306 on swash.
  • 616mg on tail. (maybe with 68mm tailblades depending on the looks)
  • typhoon 3450kv
  • TGS-9s gear servos for gear.
  • couple of different light kits to make it as scale as possible.
  • looks like perfect landinglights

started with the first parts today.
modified the Orangerx rpm sensor for Kbar use by splitting the grey signal wire and crimp a servoplug to it.
also put a tiny bit of solder on the wire before crimping it and let the solder melt again after crimping. because of the thin gauge.
Left the shrinktube on the cables loose so i can crimp it when it's connected.

Also soldered the plugs in the motor including the 2 sensor cables and crimped a plug to that aswell.
going to run a 11T pinion because of the 4 blade head i am planing to use that doesn't need a high headspeed.

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