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Posted by Implicit | Feb 18, 2014 @ 02:48 AM | 2,551 Views
Despite my best attempts to keep things straight, I still ended up with a twisted fuselage and I had cut up all the bottom seams and re-glue them .
This time I just glued the first inch of the rear fuse, making sure it was as straight as possible before gluing and then once that was dry, glued up to the canopy section. Re-checked the alignment and then glued the rest.

Next up was gluing in the main wing spar. I added pins down the center line and use that as a guide for the square. Cut out the insert, constantly checking the alignment, as I wanted as fairly tight, straight fit. Added glue, checked alignment and then secured a couple of strips of masking tape.

Also continues to glue up the wheel pants, which has to be done in several stages.

This reminds me that I really should put a link to the original plans:
Posted by Implicit | Feb 10, 2014 @ 12:27 AM | 1,911 Views
So after building, flying and the spectacularly crashing my first version of the Cassutt3D, I decided to build one more, with a couple of changes:
- Moving the wing forward 1inch, hoping to make a little less pitch sensitive. This will reduce the already narrow CoG range
- Tapering the leading edge of the wing
- Using 3mm depron aero for the 'skin' rather than DT foam. Formers, wings & control surfaces will still be DT foam.

I made some changes to the plans, making it easier to mount the horizontal and vertical stabilizer and designed a standoff plywood box for mounting the ESC, giving as much room as possible for the lipo.
As I would have access to a laser cutter, I added tabs for everything, in an attempt to make building as simple as possible.

Specs should roughly be the following:
Wingspan : 35"
AUW. 450-500grams

I'll be using my trusty NTM 2826 1200kv with a 1300 3S lipo, swinging a 10x4.7 prop and 9 gram servos.