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Attendees & planes:

Bill: Fling 1.5m
Dan: Redback (RIP), Steigesen, Yellow Winged Lightweight
Ken: Libelle
Kirby: Gogi, Easy Glider
Matt: Hacker flying wing
Richard S: Weasel, RedPlane
Rocky: HalfBad, Combat XR, DIU
Skyler: Scout Bee

Winds were around 15, but sometimes dropped significantly for a bit as thermals blew through.

Bill and Skyler flew at La Bajada for the first time. Bill drove his compact passenger car out to the cliff, only bottoming out four times! It has about 5 inches of ground clearance. Dan had re-built the RedBack to try to eliminate its spontaneous tendency to enter an unrecoverable flat spin, but it flew horribly and he stripped and dumpstered it when he got home. Matt maidened his wing with a toss off the cliff. It flew with zero trim adjustments and was rock stable. He flew combat against Skyler's Scout Bee and Rocky's HalfBad, with Skyler scoring one point against the Hacker wing after what seemed to be hours of attempts to hit one another. Richard's Weasel was too light to penetrate and never really made it in front of the lip, but the RedPlane handled its maiden toss off the cliff like a true lady. Ken got lots of stick time on the Libelle, including continuing roll practice.

Horseman's Haven was wonderful, as usual.

We really missed LP and Olive.
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It certainly wasn't the biggest government bungle, but the giant welding machine began to tilt immediately after it was built. There were rumors that it was shedding bearings.

3 months after it was built, it was leaning .06 degrees or 1/4" out of alignment at its highest point. The whole thing was torn down with plans to rebuild it, someday. In typical government contractor fashion, the swedish contractor was supposed to reinforce the foundation & just simply didn't. Tough beans.

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This video features me flying my Parkzone Archer on a nice sunset flight. This is also my favorite place to fly it with my friend John on the camera.


Sunset Flight Fun with the Parkzone Archer BNF RC Plane (3 min 18 sec)

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This Saturday was Earth Day for Waste Management. This is a good thing for us. The site is open all day, which meant we weren’t required to leave before 2PM. Typical for us, we all left at about 2PM, because the lift was light and the heat/sun were brutal. Like last week, there were plenty of members flying, lots of RC traffic on the slope and strong thermals rolling through.
And, again, like last week, we all ended up at Le Pizzera for lunch.
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Working on a plank using 9mm epp foam laminated with copyshop laminate and it also has a carbon fiber pole frame and spar. Should be stout enough yet still plenty light. I tried to make it without the front middle section but just couldnt get enough weight forward to balance. Now have lots of space to play with cg. Also it is a prop in the slot configuration as if that is not obvious. Should be very noisy but I'm in china where it is already noisy.Going to add a vertical stab on this one. I love how planks fly.
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It is really spelled Bologna. Pretty much how quickly a blog can go there. I'm not talking about a curator blog because that is funded by multiple writers. This entire forum, and I call it a forum for a reason is a website run by the curator/curation model, We all add something.
I started building websites in 09 using the Wordpress platform. It was easy and very user friendly. Godaddy and Hostgator loved it. Google loved it. My firtst site was At that time it was easy to get ranked. Do most everything right, write articles,submit them,get links,.partners,know your sitemap and so on. Wordpress even has an SEO plugin. How cool is that.
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Almost there!

Coming soon... (0 min 10 sec)

Stay tuned for the complete model!
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traxxas rx
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Hey there everyone,!! better weather is finally here again ! so I'm gonna share some of my new toy learning trials vid with you!,..
Chaseing cats Ping pong balls/learning flight control (1 min 2 sec)
the boat is still progressing n have some interior parts fabricating now! (see my build thread) updates for these,....,...Tim
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Modified Phantom 1 Long Flight Times (7 min 56 sec)

I wanted to touch base on a few things with this video. First is the iPower motors from I believe after testing 4 different systems with these on that it is one of the best motors available. Don't let the price fool you, for under $60 you can get a full set that will fit the Phantom 1 or 2 Smoothness, Power, and how cool they run are just a few of the great aspects you will find. I also have similar motors from iFlight on my 250, and 450 all showing the same positive results. iFlight-rc now has an online store called there you can find not only the motors but many more high quality products. The support has been great and I highly recommend you check them out.

I have had this Phantom 1 sitting around for awhile and thought it would be fun to get it back into service. As you can see I removed the backside so a larger battery could be used. By doing this I took my flight times to 26 minutes stripped down with no equipment, and 16 minutes with everything which included a 3Drobotics Iris 5100 battery, 250mw FPV transmitter, Tarot-T2 gimbal, Gopro Hero 3+ Black camera, Trackimo GPS tracker, 2 24led lights, and a voltage buzzer. The total weight was 3 pounds. I was also using 9" phantom 2 blades.

I will be doing another video shortly showing 2 GPS trackers that I feel are the best for locating a lost Aircraft. I have had a long time to try many and hopefully now have some updates that will help everyone. I should have that up later this week.



Standard YouTube License

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Avistar RC model

As a newbe I would like to greet all fellow RC enthusiasts !!
Having noticed quite a few have expressed concerns about the Avistar
I am now setting it up, nice Plane.
I have been flying for over 30 yrs. an old 72 MHz guy !! Futaba T6EXAP latest.
Now have a Futaba 6 J , 6 channel 2-4-G. Got to go that way to-day or get shot
But the Avistar plans will not commit themselves to the orientation of antenna,s
Futaba guy will say 1 way & another differently.
So could somebody give this has been some advice please!! Thanks
sincerely Leonard
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I went to go charge my 2200mah 3s lips today and when I plugged my balance leads in to my accucel 6 for a balance charge it would beep and then display check battery high voltage any help or if anyone has any ideas on repairing it would be appreciated thanks
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Archaeopteryx Demo-Clip (7 min 38 sec)

really cool right?


Archaeopteryx crash COUBE ICARUS 2010 (2 min 0 sec)
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I have built several Alien aircraft kits, I would like to know who sale that quality of kits for trainers /ep and scale aircraft.
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Well, this should be interesting. Three weeks ago, I had little more than a passing interest in drones/quadcopters/multirotors — and, yet, five minutes ago I ordered a DJI Inspire 1 from Amazon, which should be here tomorrow.

Anyone who knows me knows that I have a tendency to fixate on some new hobby, and then jump in with both feet. Typically, this is ill-advised, and has resulted in a lot of wasted money when the hobby doesn't "stick." In all honesty, it may happen again, though (on paper) this seems like one that I should greatly enjoy:
  1. I absolutely love photography. Many hobbies have come and gone, but photography has persisted. And although it's a different animal, I'm going to include video with this.
  2. I've had an interest in RC craft since I was 12, though it's been primarily in off-road RC cars. But the marriage of photo/video + RC units is very appealing.
  3. I live in Denver, and there's a lot of spectacularly gorgeous scenery nearby, so I'll never have the excuse of "nothing good to shoot." Plus there's a lot of wide open space around my house.

In a further attempt to stick with this hobby beyond the honeymoon phase, I think I'll use RCG's handy blog feature to chronicle my experiences. I've no illusions that anyone else will find this useful or entertaining, but if it keeps me engaged, it's worth it for me to take the time.

So, how did I get to this point? Well, it started with the announcement of the DJI Phantom 3. The price point, though...Continue Reading
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Like most people, I was definitely hoping that OnePlus would be unveiling a larger quadcopter, preferably some sort of DJI competitor. When April Fools' day rolled around, they announced a nano quadcopter as a joke... but I ordered one anyway.

Here's my thoughts about it, after having spent a few days with it!

OnePlus DR-1 "Drone" (Quadcopter) Review and Flight Samples! (4 min 55 sec)

Note: I'm relatively new to RC flying, and completely new to this site, so hopefully this is the right place to post something like this.