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Posted by 6KillaBC | Jul 31, 2015 @ 07:02 AM | 1,333 Views
After having fun with a small quadrotor, i'm looking forward to building my first fpv quadrotor for racing, etc.

Currently living in Melbourne, Victoria.

Made a small order for my Gemfan 6x4.5R props and front and rear LED's from, awesome website..but not sure if the Power Board will fit my KillerBee 6" quad. I'll be running 20A esc's for 4S power before going to 30A, just need to decide on motors, i have the FPV camera that i want sorted, radio controller, etc, but the motors and power board and flight control i'm yet to decide on.

Looking forward to doing an eventual build thread, i almost bought an RTF kit, but this is something special to me, and i would prefer to build it myself so i know everything about it.

I originally wanted an Avada, but has been out of stock so i opted for something else for i couldn't wait any longer.

I don't want to start a new thread, i've gathered as much intel as possible up to this point, so hopefully the rest falls into place. Not sure to get the CC3D with open pilot, Naze32, stuff like that, but have settled on a PZ0420M Flight Cam, Spironet Antenna, and Immersion 600mw and Lumenier 600mw.

Will update this blog once parts/frame, etc arrive, frame is on the way from Heres some details from another website about this awesome quad racer.
Killer Bee Carbon Fiber 6" Professional Quadcopter Frame
This is quite possibly the highest specification, most carefully designed...Continue Reading