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I may branch out to some of the really great modern airframes but for now I pretty much build from a handful of war era drawings of the first jet aircraft. Most all my scratch builds are depictions of FWJP 45 - 47 that can be found at, and everything I've learned about electric flight I learned here at rcgroups.
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I received the ESS ONE+ sound system so you can do on board audio in your RC car or truck. It's pretty cool. So I decided to make a Howto video to show how installation is done and demo the sounds it makes. Video has 2 sections 1) is installation and 2) calibrating the radio to the unit and sound demo

ESS ONE+ DEMO VIDEO (Product Courtesy of EP#191 (9 min 37 sec)

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5.8ghz FPV quadcopter with audio transmission.

Xinlin Shiye - X118 FPV - Review and Flight (14 min 6 sec)

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Boeing brings electronic log book on line. Air New Zealand is one of the first airlines to gain operational approval for the app, which is designed to improve the speed, accuracy, and efficiency of aircraft maintenance operations.
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Good day:
I'm currently scratch building an all balsa plane. Right now, I have the wing assembled however there's quite a warp of at least a 1 1/2 inch warp from one wing tip to the other. What would be the best way to straighten the wing? Thanks all for any advice on this problem.
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We are the EARC, Nairobi's first RC track facility for cars from 10th scale to 5th scale.

Everyone is welcome to use the track from beginners to experts. We have some cars available for hire too.
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Just joined the forum and done a lot of reading..

Need confirmed \ working brushless tail setup for the v912 helicopter
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Hi Guys

Found an error in my plans in the tail area. I have recreated the affected roll and tile pdf's.

Sorry about that.

Vincent Unrau
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I recently bought the Kinexsis KX80 Lipo Battery Charger and did a video review for it below. It features an Unboxing, Charge Tests, and a Review to wrap things up at the end of the video.

This is my first Hobby Grade charger and I am excited about that. It is multi-chemistry and is an AC/DC Charger. I probably won't use it at the field or with anything but LiPo Batteries, but it is nice to know that I have options with this cool little charger.

Review Notes:

- Battery storage discharge setting with Automatic Shut-Off
- Charges 1S-6S batteries
- Nice digital display
- Easy to use interface
- Efficient fan system to keep it cool
- Great value!

- You have to buy accessories to utilize its 1S charging capability

Kinexsis KX80 Lipo Battery Charger Unboxing, Charge Tests, and Review (13 min 40 sec)

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FPV - Islander Memoirs (6 min 54 sec)

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A few of years ago, when I was surfing the net looking for some RC model airplane parts in an online sales website, I noticed that someone was selling a Seagull Models Turbo Raven (equipped with an electric motor and servos) for around 350 €. When I first saw this airplane, I was fascinated by its shape and strange livery featuring a raven. I started searching for this airplane kit in the internet and I came across a hobbies website that was selling this ARF kit for only 115 € while the other dedicated stores were selling it at 230 € on average. With only 2 kits in stock, I immediately purchased the plane (my first ARF kit, and a big one! - length: 130 cm, wingspan: 152 cm).
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I received the plane a few days later and I was really pleased with the quality of this Vietnamese kit. The airplane is very well built, covered, and painted and comes with almost all the necessary stuff (pilot figure, spinner, fuel tank, hardware, wheels, etc.) ; you only need to install the radio control system and the propulsion system (although the Turbo Raven is to be equipped with an internal combustion (IC) engine, the kit comes with an electric motor conversion pack).
As it is usual with all my RC model airplanes, I introduced several modifications to my Turbo Raven. In particular, since I wanted to install an IC engine (the OS MAX .55AX), I reinforced the plywood firewall frame by adding a 5 mm thick plywood sheet (see the pictures below). The firewall frame strength was certainly multiplied...Continue Reading
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I am building a self designed RC sailboat, 36''L, 7'' W, and 2 1/2'' D. The sail area will be about 1,000 square inches. My question: how do I choose correct servos?
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I have found several good deals on eBay in the last month, I really don't even shop the classifieds here anymore. Plus I like to do rebuilds and eBay is full of those type engines. The balancing act is if I plan on reselling, I have to get the engine at the right price to buy the parts it needs and still at least break even.

The engine featured here is NOT one that I can flip and make money on, but I will fly the crap out of. As with so many engines on eBay, no one can really trust the seller to know what they have or are talking about. Thus these are higher risk buys.

My latest is an Enya 46-4C. The box and paperwork say it is a MKII. It is in decent shape overall. It does have a broken fin on the head and the throttle arm is broken off. One of the reasons I took a chance on this engine is that I have some spare parts for it since I have had several of these.

I estimate about 1 gallon of fuel through it based on the carbon build up on the exhaust stem and piston. The bearings could still be used once oiled up but could be replaced now too. the truly unfortunate thing is the crankcase has some strange damage on the housing where the timing gear shaft bearing fits. I am not sure if it lost a bearing or if someone really damaged it trying to get this bearing out. Either way the bearing came out on the shaft. I am not sure if I can get anything in there to dress that area up or not. If I have to buy a new crankcase all bets are off of ever reselling this...Continue Reading
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The last days I've been down with the flu. Between attacks of fever and headaches I spent time on the sim. I run something called MultiFlight by Multiplex. I assume it is a version of or uses the "engine" of Reflex XTR.

I was using a bit of thermal - updraft - to home my turning skills with the gliders, then mixing it up with other aircraft. Thing is, I tried the little Depron profile model "Mad Flight" and just could not get a decent hover. Eureka! Thermal is on. But maybe... Add some sink instead.

-1 m/s and immediately it was better. At -5m/s I could hover and do fast torque rolls easily, the rest needs practice. But in all, it should really help. The problem with hovering is to get into the hover and try to stay there long enough to learn anything.

This "add sink" is the same trick as going slightly upwards while hovering, but that does not really work out for me since the plane gets too far away too fast. Here you get the stability from a little forward flight but the plane is standing still and giving me time to get my stick-act together!
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Hello you guys tried adding aftermarket cheap gimbal connected to FUAV quad and used yellow as signal wire and everything worked minus the quad running out of battery much much faster about 4 to 5 min flight. Then decided to add external power source to gimbal and when i connected signal wire something happened no burn marks or white smoke no smell. The quad now does not turn on lights come on but no beeps and no green indicater light for gps lighting up. Any ideas what it might be? Or what i need to replace?
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Here's my Heax 550 with FPV system,Took this few months ago of Ceader creek Lake area where i live at 150 to 200 ft. The first start of the viedo had Battry connection probles i think its about 1 min 57sec it leftoff.
Hexacopter 2nd Flight Cedar Creek Lake Area (6 min 11 sec)

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Here;s my Hexa from a few months ago maiden Flight
Ghost Hexacopter 550 (3 min 44 sec)

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To continue from the last blog post - the Learning the Hard Way thing? I wrote the book.

I broke the swash and connecting bits (still not au-fait with the heli terminology yet..) of my new V913 the day after I received it. Replacements came soon after, but I've not been able to let her soar because of the wind, rain and getting home from work in the dark. Until today, that is.

I pulled up outside my house, ran inside, gave the missus a swift peck and ran outside with my lovely bird. I should say at this point that I've been flying my two V911s in the house and actually become quite proficient at buzzing pets, annoying spouses and generally not smacking furniture as hard any more. Those little birds are brilliant. Flying the V913 must be just like that, but on a bigger scale, right?

So, armed with juvenile excitement, I jogged the five hundred yards to the football pitches and launched the heli skywards. Straight up, then straight down on her nose. I ran to inspect the damage and there appeared to be none. Bolstered by this, I gave her full throttle again, but this time she rose up with her nose pointing down and started circling and spinning on the spot. A gust of wind from nowhere swept the heli 30 odd feet away from me and I cut the throttle. She came down heavily again, this time snapping the flybar in two.

If I'd had a tail, it woud've been wedged firmly between my legs as I trudged wearily back to the house.

I was cleaning the mud from the canopy later...Continue Reading