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Falcon26's blog
Posted by Falcon26 | Jun 27, 2014 @ 11:00 AM | 1,635 Views
I have been building and flying since 1962 yes I built when there was no arf's or ready to fly just a box of wood and some tissue covering I have many Friends who still love building and flying
Recently 2 1/2 years ago I became intrigued by multicopters and aerial photography and fpv and started on a quest for learning Through the Internet and many forums to find what was the safe and dependable correct way to build and operate these vehicles
I am a member of the AMA for over forty years and a member of two RC Clubs and I pride my self in promoting the hobby to new members and training them how to start and succeed in a safe and fun way as well as promote the hobby Through there and my safe and responsible actions obeying and following Club, AMA ,and field safety rules and obey the laws that pertain to my hobby so that myself and all the others that find joy and pleasure pursing this great hobby and can coexist with the general public and government
I have found in the forums that I have joined there are many people in many country's that are very capable talented and giving and happy to help beginners to learn the how where and whys of this new and exciting facet of the hobby as well as the magnitude and details of safe and responsible operation and protecting the public and respecting the safety of others
unfortunately there is always the small amount of haters that are selfish and lawless and have no regard for the safety or Rights of others
I will start with asking...Continue Reading