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Posted by Liberty10 | Jul 09, 2013 @ 12:39 PM | 3,151 Views
This was given to me by a flying buddy after he crashed it in 1990. He told me he got it from an old timer (haha now I'm the oldtimer) that originally built it in the early 1970s. It was originally covered in fabric and dope then painted yellow. There is yellow paint on the inside and bits of fabric stuck to the innards so it sounded about right to me.
I had to rebuild about half the wing and half the horizontal stab. I had to fix the nose of the fuse and then recovered the whole plane. I'm pretty sure I covered it with oracover because it was cheaper than Monokote back then. I just copied the sheme that the guy I bought it from did. I put a Supertiger 61 ringed motor running a 12x6 master airscrew. (EDIT: Ok it looks like I was flying it with a 12x6 Zinger wood Prop. towards the end .) I never sealed up the hinge gaps so if I got a little too much speed up it would flutter something terrible. It was a ton of fun to play with the flaps and I had a setup on my old Futaba that when I flipped the switch it would deply full flaps and down elevator and it looked like I'd hit the brakes. It would roll and take off in about 5 feet. I could do a small oval and land exactly where I had taken off from in under 10 seconds. The covering is very brittle and I don't trust it but I do want to recover it and take fly it again for the nostalgia of it.
Oh and if you look close you can see where the wife's Cockatiels got some this one too.
Posted by Liberty10 | Nov 24, 2012 @ 10:56 AM | 3,388 Views
With an OS 32 and a tuned pipe was incredibly fast and tough as nails. I use to do blenders before they were called blenders. Dive full throttle snap roll chop throttle and slam into a flat spin. I was trying to break it the first time then it was so cool that I kept doing it. Not like it was as violent as doing it on the 64" MXS but it was cool that it held up to the abuse I put it through. Countless hard landings. I used to fly it in pretty high winds too. Right up to 20mph and gusting to 30mph. I remember cartwheeling it on a windy day once. I picked it up and only the plastic formed wing tips were damaged and a little tape fixed them. You can see in the pics that my wife's bird did a bit of chewing on the ailerons.