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Posted by mihcmac | Jan 17, 2014 @ 03:39 PM | 2,125 Views
i am currently flying no# 2 and 3 of my v912's.. no# 1, which i learned on crashed and rebuilt many times, its 3rd tail motor was bad and it went down in a controlled spin into the jungle never to be seen again... i spent many days looking for it blazing a trail with a machete, but no# 1 taught me alot before i got to no# 2 and 3.... they have never crashed...

things you need to know about the v912...

1.... the nose needs to be weighted so you can level the swash plate.. out of the box the elevator control rod is adjusted to compensate for being tail heavy.. which limits the swash plate travel for forward flight, limiting forward speed.. since I use different batteries at times, I add weight to the batteries in the form of coins and mark the batteries for position.. (about 12 grams to the front edge of a stock 850mAh battery)..

2... if the swash plate is not level control will be squirly and the tail rotor will hit the dirt a lot stripping out the gears.. taking off from grass can be deadly to the tail rotor, use a flat surface or even a piece of cardboard.. never let anything obstruct the tail rotor.. user orangebird tail rotor mod is of kind cool..

3... i ran mine with 1200 mah batteries until i noticed that the tail rotor started pulsating, then i put in the stock 850 mah battery and everything was normal... (i didn't learn this till no# 2, I saw this pulsing happen to no#1 but thought it was from being crashed so much).. so basically the higher mah batteries can...Continue Reading