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lukes221's blog
Posted by lukes221 | Jul 25, 2014 @ 01:04 AM | 2,012 Views
I was in the LHS with my friend today and I was talking to the store owner about general RC plane stuff, when my friend, as a joke went : look at this. So me and the owner both look and he is holding one of those little guillows stick rubber glider kit things. And at the SAME instance, myself and the owner both has EXACTLY the same idea at the same time. RC TIME!! so my friend completely taken aback that we had turned his seemingly innocent fun poking of a simple balsa glider into an ACTUAL idea for an rc plane bought the plane because the idea composed of myself and him building it using the electronics of a Mini Vapor he had, uhm, written off, and it was not coming back.

So it went as follows, we mounted the reciver brick on top of the plane, it doesnt look too bad. He made up the control surfaces while i mounted the electronics. The motor we used was the original mini vapor motor in the beginning and i will say now, it will NOT power the plane. It just doesnt have it in it.

We ended up switching to a motor from a Litehawk ZOOM (or a micro parkzone J-3, they are the same power, i have flown both, they are the same plane other than binding.). It had the same diameter but was a bit longer using the mini vapor gearing (which is the same as vapor gearing, and is a lot more geared down than the zoom/j-3 gearbox). It had a lot more power however using a (night) vapor prop it still didnt have it. So. going a little crazy, but the parts were all throwaway anyways so what...Continue Reading